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Burke Five Steps Ahead Of Walker In The Battle For The Wisconsin Governorship

Democrats in Wisconsin are picking up steam as Burke takes a 5-point lead in a new poll leaving Walker behind in a tight race.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 30, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, the Democrats in Wisconsin spread word that their candidate for Governor Mary Burke has gained a 5-point lead over Republican incumbent Governor Scott Walker, according to a recent poll. Both Burke and Walker have been in a tight race for the governorship and on Monday, the First Lady Michelle Obama was in Milwaukee to campaign for Burke.
Thousands of Burke’s supporters showed at the Wisconsin Center to hear Mrs. Obama speak in support of Burke. She believes that Burke can be elected and will most likely become the next governor of Wisconsin come November. Obama said, “I know we can elect Mary Burke as Governor!” She is expected to return to Wisconsin on October 7 to once again campaign for Burke.
The Republican party of Wisconsin has become worried that Burke will actually defeat Walker in November and have accused her of plagiarism, but Burke fired back and admitted that her campaign has incorporated other ideas from Democrats that haven’t been put to work. Compared to Burke’s incorporated economic development ideas for the state, the Walker administration is facing a $115M budget deficit this year for the state and a $1.7B structural deficit going into 2015.
The Right Wisconsin reported that reporters attending the Burke campaign visit of Mrs. Obama were prohibited by Burke’s aides from speaking to attendees and that the elderly and the disabled were kept on the side or behind allowing only VIP’s to get a closer glimpse of Mrs. Obama. “Mary Burke’s headline event with the First Lady Michelle Obama Monday sparked outrage and controversy after reporters were told not to talk to the crowd and VIPs were given priority seating over attendees in wheelchairs,” the Right Wisconsin posted on its website.
Mrs. Obama did attract a full house in which attendees could be heard chanting, “Mary, Mary, Mary,” which filled the Wisconsin Center campaign event.
In late August, the Legislative Physical Bureau reported that revenue collections fell by 2.0% ($281M) during the fiscal year that ended in June. Tax collections fell by 1.0% instead of the projected rise of 1.0% the Walker administration had anticipated. The 2013-2014 revenue shortfall is blamed on Walker’s tax breaks for wealthy employers.
Wisconsin is facing a $1.7B projected structural deficit for the next budget and a $115M deficit for this budget.

Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created 4,796 jobs within 2 years and spent $203M in taxpayer monies for those jobs, the Capitol Times reported.
Walker also wants to drug test all recipients collecting unemployment benefits insurance and FoodShare (food stamps) aid to get drug tested. The feds have previously stopped Wisconsin from conducting drug tests on FoodShare recipients because it’s unconstitutional. Several states have tried to drug test, but spent millions to gain few results and none provided rehabilitation treatment for those who were found addicted to prescription and other drugs in order to continue receiving aid.


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22 Iguala Municipal Police Officers Arrested In Connection With Murdering Four Students In Guerrero

More than 2,000 Mexican Federal Police, marines and Guerrero State Police have been deployed to the municipality of Iguala over the weekend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 30, 2014

Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico – Over the weekend, 22 of 280 Iguala municipal police officers have been arrested in connection with three major armed attacks on buses carrying students from an adjacent municipality. Four students have been reported killed, a woman passenger in a taxi, a faculty member and one of the bus drivers. The victims were identified as, Daniel Solis Gallardo; Yosivani Guerrero; Aldo Gutiérrez Solano was declared brain dead; David Josué García Evangelista, 15; Pedro Rentería, the technical director for the Avispones soccer team from Chilpancingo; Victor Manuel Lugo Ortiz, a bus driver and Blanca Montiel Sánchez. Evangelista, Rentería and Ortiz were in a soccer bus team called the Avispones (Bees) from Chilpancingo, the capital city of Guerrero and were shot by the suspects by mistake thinking they were from the Raul Isidro Burgos school the intended target by corrupt police officers from Iguala. Los Avispones had played a soccer team from Iguala and had won the game earlier. They were headed back home in their bus and two taxi cabs when they were intercepted and ambushed by police.
The corrupt police officers had clashed with a group of students from the Raul Isidro Burgos school after police ambused three buses from their school, two vans, two cars and a motorcycle driver. The students through rocks at the municipal police officers and they returned fire.
A student was able to recognize the following Iguala municipal police vehicle numbers, 080, 022, 027, 028 and 302 involved in the shootings. More than 500 cartridges from various calibers, including 9MM and AK-15’s were recovered at the crime scenes.
At least 17 people, including students have been reported injured after the buses were riddled with bullets on Friday night and early Saturday.
The students were out collecting donations to fund their school activities when they were suddenly ambushed and fired upon by Iguala municipal police officers. The first shooting incident occurred on Friday night around 9:00 p.m. and the second incident happened on early Saturday when some students were talking to media. The student victims were from the Raul Isidro Burgos school in Ayotzinapa in the municipality of Tixtla.
Iñky Blanco Carrera, the Guerrero State Attorney General on Sunday reported that the 22 Iguala municipal police officers (21 men and one woman) were arrested on Saturday. The suspects were taken to an Acapulco jail on Sunday to face charges for the murder of four students, a woman, a faculty director and a bus driver, including additional charges for shooting and injuring at least 17 other students and adults.
The Guerrero State Police had learned that family members and members of a criminal organization were planning to rescued the detained officers, so the suspects were transferred to Acapulco.
Also, about 42 students have disappeared or reported missing after the police attack on three buses carrying more than 105 students from Ayotzinapa and school faculty.
The suspects arrested are also accused of having connections with organized crime and that the students were targeted because of a losing bet on a soccer game.
On Sunday, hundreds of family members of those students that have disappeared or murdered after the shooting held a major protest in Iguala. Some of the protesters are alleging that the Governor of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre Rivero and the Iguala Mayor, José Luis Abarca Velásquez are responsible for the killings.
Last reports from the area indicated that about ten bodies were found believed to be some of the students missing, but the report has not been confirmed by Mexican government officials.

Missing students

(Click to enlarge)

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Telemundo’s José Diaz-Balart Responds To Laura Ing raham’s Tasteless Mocking Of His English Translation

Diaz-Balart tells Ingraham, “We are bilingual and we are not leaving!”

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 29, 2014

Miami, FL – On Thursday, Telemundo’s host José Diaz-Balart fired back and responded to ABC’s news and radio host Laura Ingraham who criticized and made fun of his translation from Spanish to English in an interview. Diaz-Balart was interpreting for undocumented Maria Cruz Ramirez during a bilingual interview dealing with immigration on his MSNBC show. When he was asked about the portrayed mockery and bullying by Ingraham on Telemundo’s September 26 Un Nuevo Día show, Diaz-Balart responded.
Diaz-Balart stated, that “We are bilingual.. we are not leaving!” Diaz-Balart also said, “It happens to many people everyday, all the time. But you know what? We are here to contribute, to help move our families forward, to contribute to the country. And to people who are bothered by the fact that in this country there are 53M Hispanics contributing to the economy, to the culture and to this country’s infrastructure, if our names bothers them, what we all have to tell them is, “I’m bilingual, ” and you know what? We are not leaving!”
On September 23, Ingraham said during her show, “I can’t even follow what he is saying because it’s so kerky-jerky. Are we sure he is a native Spanish speaker?” She did admit on her program that it’s difficult to simultaneously translate at the same time, but that she was having fun mocking Diaz-Balart and Ramírez during her interview about immigration reform, President Obama’s broken promises for reform and DREAMers.
At one point Ingraham attempted to pronounce Ramírez’s full name in Spanish, but couldn’t because she referred to her self as a Gringa. She said, if you can’t pronounce her name in Spanish, you are such a gringo.
Ingraham proved one point, she is in the minority who can only speak English and is not like most Americans today that can speak two or more languages.
To Un Nuevo Día hosts, Ingraham was bullying Diaz-Balart, but to Hispanics in the U.S., Ingraham is just another bigot with no taste to host a national ABC program, which attempts to mock and make fun of ethnic people to get high ratings from other bigots and racists.
Bigotism and racism is still strongly embedded in a minority U.S. population today, but is gradually phasing out as people interracially coexist by marriage or share a home.

José Díaz-Balart Responds To Laura Ingraham video:

Laura Ingraham’s September 23 radio show criticizing José Diaz-Balart’s translation (mocking starts 4 minutes into program) at link:

María Cruz Ramírez MSNBC full interview with José Diaz-Balart

José Diaz-Balart and Laura Ingraham

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Michael Richard Van Deurzen Jr. Passed Away After A Long Battle With Cystic Fibrosis

Van Deurzen Jr. touched many lives while battling Cystic Fibrosis for most of his life.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 28, 2014

Fond du Lac, WI – On Sunday, Michael “Mike” Richard Van Deurzen Jr., 32, passed away peacefully at home after a long battle with Cystic Fibrosis surrounded by family members and loving friends. Van Deurzen Jr. was a popular dance instructor, guitarist and enjoyed motorcycle riding, despite suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. He touched so many lives that a Flash Mob dance tribute was dedicated to him by friends and people who came together to celebrate his life.
Last Tuesday, dozens of friends and people gathered at the Fond du Lac High School football field to do a Flash Mob dance in tribute to Van Deurzen Jr. who was battling Cystic Fibrosis and was going through his last stages of life. Julie M. Wilson, a popular Ballroom and Salsa/Bachata instructor in Fond du Lac organized a Flash Mob dance with family members and friends in tribute to the life of Van Deurzen Jr. Van Deurzen Jr. was able to see his Flash Mob dance tribute last week. He was also a well known dance instructor and dance performer along with Wilson, a motorcycle enthusiast and a member of the Top Hats Motorcycle Club in Wisconsin.
Van Deurzen Jr. touched many lives and will be greatly missed, hundreds of Facebook comments on Sunday indicate.

Funeral services for Michael “Mike” Richard Van Deurzen:

Visitation on Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 855 Martin Ave., Fond du Lac, WI

Funeral service on Friday at 11:00 a.m. at Faith Lutheran Church, 55 Prairie Road, Fond du Lac, WI

Visitation: 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Internment at St. John Cemetery, E. Main Street, Little Chute, WI

The Flash Mob video was uploaded in YouTube in tribute to his life and has received more than 1,908 views.

Michael “Mike” Richard Van Deurzen Jr.’s Flash Mob video tribute and remembrance:

Michael “Mike” Richard Van Deurzen Jr.

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One Male Victim Reported Shot At A Southside Milwaukee Alley

Police investigating multiple shots fired at a Southside alley and one White male reported injured.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 27, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, a man was reported shot in the lower body around 12:20 p.m. in an alley between the 2500 block of S. 14th Street and S. 15th Street. Some neighbors heard between five to six shots fired.
Rebecca, 31, said she scolded the victim and other men after the shooting who apparently showed up after the victim was shot because children could have been hurt. She said, that children were in the vicinity where the shots were fired and struck a male victim.
She took a photo of the victim, who was wearing a red top and white shorts seating on the ground after getting shot. Another man who arrived shortly afterwards in a vehicle took the victim to a local hospital for treatment.
She wants people to know that she is vigilant and will take photos of those coming into the neighborhood to start problems. Rebecca warned would be trouble makers to stay out of her neighborhood. She released the photos to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) and police investigators at the scene.
Police investigators continue with the shooting investigation to determine, if it was drug related or a drug deal gone bad.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

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Protest Held In Front Of TKE Frat House Near UWM

Protesters on Thursday want for the TKE frat house members to be prosecuted for allegedly drugging women at parties.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, more than 100 people, including University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) students demanded for authorities to prosecute members of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity house for allegedly drugging women during parties. The protesters believe the drug used on some women were date rape drugs, because some women claimed that they don’t remember what had happened to them after taking a drink at the frat on Oakland Ave.
The TKE frat house members held a party on September 13, when police raided the party 3321 N. Oakland Ave., they found at least 41 under age teens in the basement where beer and alcohol was present and available to them for consumption, according to police. Several women were hospitalized after drinking and believed they were given a date rape drug. Police continue to investigate the date rape drugging allegation on some women at the TKE frat house.
The TKE frat house president, Thomas L. Kreinbring, 28, was taken into custody and charged with two felonies, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance (200-grams of THC), maintaining a drug trafficking place (grug house) and a misdemeanor charge for possession of a presicription drug (Aderrall) without a prescription. He posted $5,000 signature bond and is expected back in court on October 4 for a preliminary hearing.
Police on September 16 executed a warrant and found two bags of marijuana, Aderrall pills, pipes, a digital scale with THC residue and sandwich bags at Kreinbring’s room. Aderrall is a prescribed drug, which he had in his room, but had obtained it without a prescription.
Kreinbring confessed to police that the marijuana was for his personal use, but if a frat member wanted to buy some he would sell it to them.
The TKE frat house was investigated in April after three women alleged that they were sexually assaulted while attending a party. Shorewood police investigated the allegations and no charges against any member of the TKE frat house was charged.
The national TKE stripped the the TKE in Milwaukee of its membership charter and the UWM administration also suspended its charter.
According to Sunshine Alliades who posted on Facebook ‘Take the Night Back UWM’, “The Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity of UW-Milwaukee is responsible for drugging unsuspecting females at their parties. This is just a sick perpetuation of the rape culture we live in. The members of that fraternity deserve more than just a suspension of affiliation from the university and an “investigation” conducted by UWM police. This kind of response does nothing to end the disease that is rape culture. We need to let these destructive individuals know that this kind of behavior is not tolerated at all. No more turning a blind eye. Time to send a clear message and warning to the rapists at Tau Kappa Epsilon, and everywhere else.”
The protest was organized and hosted by End Rape-Culture at UWM.

Thomas L. Kreinbring

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Josef And Stacie Leutner To Talk About Payton Isabella’s Slenderman Stabbing Incident

Parents of Slenderman stabbing 12-year-old victim to appear and speak about incident on ABC’s 20/20 with David Muir.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2014

Waukesha, WI – On Friday, both Josef and Stacie Leutner, the parents of Payton Isabella Leutner, 12, will appear and speak about their daughter’s ordeal during and after she was stabbed 19 times by two 12-year-old friends in a park wooded area in the City of Waukesha. The family attempted to keep their daughter’s name from the public, but Facebook postings and comments made that impossible. Apparently, Payton will also appear on ABC’s 20/20 segment with David Muir on Friday night, according to a promotional video announcement by ABC.
This month, Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael O. Bohren ordered Anissa E. Weier, 12, for a mental evaluation to see if she is competent to stand trial. She is charged as an adult for stabbing Leutner at least 19 times on May 31. Weier is charged with first-degree intentional homicide. Her court proceedings for a probable cause hearing has been rescheduled for October 22.
In early August, the second suspect Morgan E. Geyser, 12, was found to be incompetent to stand trial for first-degree intentional homicide in Leutner’s stabbing. A hearing date on Geyser’s competency report was set for November 12 to continue with the case. Leutner was not present at both Weier and Geyser’s competency request hearings.
The Geyser’s ruling in court also indicated that Geyser could become competent within a year with treatment and might stand trial. Geyser remained in custody in the care of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WDHS) and is housed at the Washington County Juvenile Center in West Bend.
Both Geyser and Weier, had planned her murder for months. Leutner was invited to a birthday slumber party by Geyser. They lured Leutner to Davids Park and committed the horrific act and then left their best friend to die as a sacrificed murder to Slenderman. Leutner crawled out of the wooded area and was found by a bicyclist who called 911. Geyser and Weier later confessed to police that they wanted Leutner dead because they were influence by Slenderman, a fictional character. They told police, that they wanted people to believe in the fictional character.
Both Geyser and Weier were charged with one felony count each for first-degree attempted intentional homicide, party to a crime and use of a dangerous weapon.
If convicted, both Geyser and Weier are facing up to 65-years in prison each and are being held each on a $500,000 cash bond at a Washington County Juvenile Detention Center.

Morgan E. Geyser, Anissa E. Weier and Payton Isabella Leutner

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