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Jenni Rivera’s Senior Pilot Didn’t Die In Crash, He’s Alive!

Jenni Rivera’s senior pilot who was also reported deceased in last December’s deadly plane crash along with Jenni Rivera and members of her staff is alive, according to Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 30, 2013

Florida – On Thursday, Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo began running a promotional ad announcing that Jere Cobb, 79, who was identified as Miguel Pérez Soto, Jenni Rivera’s senior pilot who was reported deceased last December 9, along with Rivera and four of her staff members is alive. Soto actually died in the crash, but media and Mexican authorities believed it was Cobbs.
Cobb never boarded the plane. Al Rojo Vivo will air an exclusive interview on Monday with Cobb. Cobb was believed to have flown Rivera’s plane before it lost control and crashed into a mountain region in Mexico.
Soto’s DNA was matched to family members and his belongings were identified by his family. Mexican authorities claimed he had also died in the crash. With Cobb’s coming out in public after nearly a year of the crash is drawing questions about Rivera’s reported death.
Some fans have even raised speculation that Jenni Rivera is alive and hiding in Monterey. Did Rivera faked her death to escape death threats from a drug cartel, as previously alleged? Other fans posted on the Al Rojo Vivo Facebook account that Rivera will finally come out of hiding and make her public appearance as news continues to focus on Cobb’s deceit that led for everyone to believe he was actually dead.
How has Cobb managed to stay under the radar and continued to live without his family’s knowledge for nearly a year?

Jere Cobb was mistakenly identified as Miguel Pérez Soto


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Wood Criticized MPAA For Cutting Oral Sex Scene From The Charlie Countryman Film

Oral sex scene cut from “Charlie Countryman” film by MPAA.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 29, 2013

Hollywood, CA – On Wednesday, Evan Rachel Wood, who stars in the upcoming new film “Charlie Countryman” posted on Twitter, her disappointment that a scene from the movie to be release later this month was censored. The scene shows Wood getting oral sex from co-star Shia LaBeouf, which the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) decided that the intimacy sex scene of a woman enjoy sex was to explicit for moviegoers, according to Wood. MPAA is a movie rating organization made of parents who decide, if certain scenes of a newly to be release film are censored. The organization looks at violence, sex scenes, language and drug use and then gives a rating they believe a majority of parents would give it.
The MPAA has been known to allow compatible scenes depicting sexual scenes, violence and beheadings on other films when rating movies.
Wood on November posted on her Twitter account, that “After seeing the new cut of#CharlieCountryman I would like 2 share my disappointment with the MPAA, who thought it was necessary to…censor a womans sexuality once again. The scene where the two main characters make “love” was altered because someone felt that seeing…a man give a woman oral sex made people “uncomfortable” but the scenes in which people are murdered by having their heads blown off…remained intact and unaltered. This is a symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for enjoying sex, especially…when (gasp) the man isn’t getting off as well! Its hard for me to believe that had the roles been reversed it still would have been cut…OR had the female character been raped it would have been cut. Its time for people to GROW UP. Accept that women are sexual beings…Accept that some men like pleasuring women. Accept that women don’t have to just be fucked and say thank you…We are allowed and entitled to enjoy ourselves. Its time we put our foot down,” Wood twitted.

Evan Rachel Wood

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Miami Gardens Police Ordered To Target Black Males In Stop And Frisk Internal Policy

A Florida police department investigated by media outlets for blatant civil rights violations of black males.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 29, 2013

Miami Gardens, Florida – MiamiCBS 4 News reported, an unidentified police officer in Miami Gardens has alleged that “city and police department leaders instructed officers to profile base on race…focus to black males between the ages 15-30.” The officer said, it amounts to civil rights violations.
The latest information released by the officer comes days after Earl Tyree Sampson, 28, a convenience store clerk accused officers from the Miami Gardens Police Department of racial profiling and illegally stopping him and citing him 62 times. Most of the citations were for repeated trespassing at his place of employment, the 207 Quickstop. Sampson has been stopped and questioned 258 times within four years, has been searched 100 times and arrested and jailed 56 times on false criminal allegations.
In one video, Sampson goes out to discard garbage and returns inside. An officers follows Sampson inside the convenience store and arrested Sampson on a false charged. In an other store video, an officer goes inside to use the bathroom, but begins to snoop around in the back of the store without permission or a search warrant.
All, but one of the cases have been dismissed. He was arrested once for drug possession and was convicted for a minor marijuana charged.
Police officers have been caught on video surveillance camera at the convenience store stopping Sampson and searching him and even arresting him for bogus allegations. Its store owner, Alex Saleh, 36, installed 15 cameras after he got tired of officers coming into the store to harass Sampson and other customers who are black.
The video surveillance footage of officers harassing Sampson had been shown on national news outlets.
Saleh and Sampson in a joint federal lawsuit filing are suing Miami Gardens Police Chief Matthew Boyd, other officers including former officers, Mayor Oliver Gilbert and the city of Miami Gardens for engaging in racial profiling, harassment, illegal stops and searches.

Earl Tyree Sampson’s multiple arrest record at following link (PDF):

Earl Tyree Sampson

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SAPD Officer Neal Charged For Sexual Assault Of A 19-year-old Woman During A Stop

Officer Neal placed on administrative leave with pay after being charged with sexual assault.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 28, 2013

San Antonio, Texas – On Saturday, 11-year veteran San Antonio Police Officer Jackie Len Neal, 40, was charged with one felony count for sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman on early Friday. The criminal complaint affidavit states, that Officer Neal stopped the woman for allegedly driving a stolen vehicle. He made her exit the vehicle and handcuffed her. He then proceeded to search the woman, but she requested for a female officer to search her. Neal denied her request and grabbed her breasts over her shirt. He then place her in his squad car and forced the woman to have unconsensual sex with him.
Neal remained at the scene with the victim for 18-minutes, according to a GPS police review of the vehicle.
Afterwards, the woman called 911 and claimed she was assaulted by a woman. When an officer responded to the call, she told the officer that she had lied and that an officer wearing a badge with the name Neal had raped her during a traffic stop.
The San Antonio Police Department confirmed that the video surveillance camera in the squad car was not functioning at the time of the alleged sexual assault.
When Neal was taken into custody on Saturday, he was looking for the victim, according to the complaint. A $20,000 bail bond was set for Neal and released.
Neal has been placed on paid administrative leave until the outcome of the case.

Jackie Len Neal

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Mexican Nationals Attempted To Rush Into U.S. At Tijuana River Channel

More than 150 Mexican nationals who attempted to rush through the Mexico-U.S. border from Tijuana had an altercation with U.S. Border Patrol agents near the San Ysidro port of entry.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 27, 2013

San Ysidro, CA – On Sunday, more then 150 Mexican nationals began to throw rocks and bottles at U.S. Border Patrol agents when they illegally crossed into the U.S. through the Tijuana river channel. The altercation occurred near the San Ysidro port of entry.
The border agents used pepper spray, tasers, rubber bullets and tear gas to turn back the crowd and didn’t fatally shoot anyone throwing rocks at them and attempting to cross over to the U.S.
Several agents were reported hit in the arms and legs with rocks. Another agent was hit in the head with a full water bottle.
Three Mexican nationals were seriously injured when they were tased, dozens were treated for tear gas contamination and several others suffered injuries from rubber bullets. Between 200 to 300 Mexican nationals attempted to rush through the border into the U.S. Two men involved in the melee were arrested by Tijuana municipal police, but were later set free by a judge before any charges were actually filed, the Milenio dot com reported.
The crowd dispersed afterwards and no one was taken into custody, according to Mary Beth Caston, spokesperson for the U.S. Border Patrol.
Mexican authorities were notified of the altercation, but they didn’t intervene.
Some agents believed the altercation and an attempt to rush across the border was organized. No confirmation has been made, if anyone organized the border melee on Sunday at noon.
Univision reported that some of those involved on Sunday’s incident say, that they were asked to participate and they were told that they would be able to cross into the U.S. But at the incident, they learned that they were being used to make a movie and people were filming them. They saw al least a three camera crew and a man in a blue shirt was giving orders to the crowd.
If in fact, the people were used to make a film and not told about the intend, they were placed in danger when the U.S. Border Patrol responded to the area and engaged in repelling those intending to illegally cross into to U.S.
The U.S. Border Patrol said, that next time agents would consider of using deadly force upon the Mexican nationals in order to protect their lives.

Release of video about border incident.

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Reported Missing Wisconsin Woman LaFave Back In Court For Drug Charge

25-year-old woman reported missing last week appeared in a Milwaukee County court to face a continuing case for misdemeanor cocaine possession charge.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 27, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, Cassandra Eliane LaFave, 25, of Crafton who was reported missing last week by her family and had the West Allis Police Department issue an endangered person with foul play missing person alert appeared in a Milwaukee County court on a drug charge. A Milwaukee County bench warrant was issued on September 5, for LaFave after she failed to appear in court for a misdemeanor charge for possession of cocaine. She forfeited a $250.00 cash bond. LaFave’s warrant was canceled and a new $500.00 cash bond was set. She is scheduled for a conference hearing on December 11.
LaFave also has a open warrant, since September 11, in Washington County for three misdemeanor counts for retail theft of $500 each and one misdemeanor count for resisting or obstructing an officer. She forfeited a $500 signature bond.
West Allis Police were investigating her disappearance, since last week Monday. She was last seen on N. 60 St. and N. Hampton at a gas station on November 18. Family members reported her missing on November 20, according to police.
Her family believed that LaFave was abducted and could have been taken to St. Louis or Kansas and sold for sex in human trafficking. Family reported that she had a drug addiction.
Police had reported that LaFave was endangered and foul play was considered in her disappearance.

Cassandra Eliane LaFave

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El Ponchis, Juvenile SPC Cartel Killer Released From Mexican Detention Facility

Lugo will be extradited to Texas and the U.S. has no pending cases against the convicted teen killer who was set free just seven days short of his three year sentence for four brutal homicides.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 27, 2013

Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico – On Tuesday, Edgar N. Jiménez Lugo, 17, aka, “El Ponchis” was released and taken to Mexico City to be extradited to the U.S., according to Jorge Messeguer Guillen, the Secretary of Morelos Governance. Lugo was released just seven days short of his three year sentence for four homicides. Another 300 homicides were associated to Lugo, but was never convicted for those homicides. He was just 14 years of age when he was taken into custody and was convicted as a juvenile.
Lugo confessed to killing at least four victims by beating, cutting their throats ending in decapitations, while he was on drugs. He admitted to being a member of the South Pacific Cartel (SPC) since he was 11-years-old.
Under Mexican law, a juvenile can only be sentenced up to three years to a juvenile detention center regardless of the multiple homicides.
Lugo was recruited by the Beltran Leyva Cartel, which was associated with the SPC. He was taken into custody on December 2, 2010 at the Cuernavaca Airport as he and one of his sisters tried to flee from Morelos after authorities had placed a dragnet for his arrest. Mexican military arrested Lugo and discovered a weapon and drugs in his baggage at the airport. They also found several cellphones with pictures of his victims and Lugo posing with the victims as he eventually tortured, killed and dismembered their bodies.
Several of his sisters were also involved in disposing of the victims bodies.
Lugo and one of his sisters, Elizabeth were attempting to board a plane to San Diego where his mother was living at the time. Lugo’s mother was deported once and later reentered the U.S. He was born in San Diego, but was raised by his grandmother in Mexico.
Lugo became infamous after he posted multiple videos of his homicides on the Internet. In 2010, Lugo gain notoriety for being such a young child involved in drugs, drug cartel homicides and headed a group of young thugs who worked for the Beltran Leyva’s.
Lugo and his sisters resided in Tejalpa, within the municipality of Jiutepec. He worked under Jusús Radilla Hernández or Julio Jesús Padilla Hernández, aka, “El Negro,” leader of the SPC who was sought by the Mexican government. One of Lugo’s sister had a child from El Negro.

Edgar N. Jiménez Lugo

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