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Two Undocumented Women From Honduras Fatally Shot By Gunmen For Not Paying $100 Quota To Ride Freight Train

    The two women from Honduras were riding in freight train when they were killed, then their bodies were thrown off the moving train.

    By H. Nelson Goodson
    May 31, 2013

    Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico – On Friday, the Chiapas state attorney’s office (PGJE) in a news release reported that the bodies of two women, Cynthia Carolina Cruz Bonilla, 19 and Suleida Raudales Flores, 24, from Honduras had been recovered along the freight train route (La Bestia). The women were shot around 3:30 p.m. by gunmen on Thursday after they failed to pay a quota of $100 to ride the train on their way to the U.S. border.
    The victims were traveling with a group of undocumented immigrants in a train near the municipality of Palenque in Chiapas, Mexico close from the Guatemala border when they were killed, according to the PGJE.
    No one has been arrested for the double homicide. The Palenque, Chiapas to Tenosique, Tabasco train route is the most dangerous route for immigrants.
    More than 140,000 of undocumented immigrants from South and Central America illegally travel through Mexico on their way to the U.S.
    Los Zetas and affiliated criminal organizations control the train routes that undocumented immigrants travel through the states of Chiapas, Tabasco and Tamaulipas. The Mexican federal government has failed to secure its border crossing with Guatemala and don’t provided sufficient manpower to provide security in those clandestine routes.
    Most immigrants fall into extortions, armed robberies, prostitution, kidnappings for ransom, human organ thefts, drug trafficking and other crimes. The exploitation of immigrants has become a multi-million dollar criminal underground market that both the Zetas, affiliated criminal organizations, corrupt state and federal government officials have profited for the last decade. The profits generated by crimes on immigrants has become one of the main reasons that the lack of criminal investigations and border security between the Mexico-Guatemala has prevailed.
    More than 70,000 immigrants have been reported missing in Mexico for the last six years. Only 80 of those missing have been located alive.

    Photo courtesy of Tabasco Hoy/Genaro Sánchez


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Maldonado Released From Jail After Mexican Judge Found No Clear Evidence Of Drug Smuggling

A Mexican judge freed Maldonado after video surveillance indicated she was not carrying 12 pounds of Marijuana into a bus heading to the U.S. from Mexico.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 31, 2013

Nogales, Sonora, Mexico – On Thursday, a Mexican judge after reviewing the alleged drug trafficking case against Yanira Maldonado, 42, of Goodyear, Arizona for nine hours decided to release her from custody around 11:23 p.m. Maldonado was held in jail for nine days and after surveillance video indicated earlier in the day that she couldn’t have attempted to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana into a bus headed to the U.S., the judge finally released her from custody.
Maldonado was detained on May 22, after Mexican military police at a Benjamin Hill checkpoint discovered several packages of marijuana under her seat in a bus during a routine search for drugs or contraband. Even several bus passengers had testified that Maldonado and her husband weren’t carrying any packages large enough to contain marijuana on the bus.
Maldonado and her husband Gary boarded a Tufesa passenger bus in Mochis, Sinaloa and were heading back to the U.S.
She called for authorities to check for fingerprints on the packages and to review surveillance video while boarding the bus to confirm that she in no way was trying to smuggle drugs. Video surveillance presented in a court hearing on Thursday by her attorney that was reviewed, indicated that neither Maldonado or her husband had the packages of marijuana on them while boarding the bus to get back to the U.S. after attending a funeral for one of her aunts in Mexico. The Maldonado’s in the video were seen with two blankets, a water bottle and she was only carrying a purse, which was not big enough to carry large packages of marijuana. The blankets were folded in such a way they could not be used to hide the packages.
She and her huband are Mormons and have seven children and two grandchildren. Maldonado earns about $20,000 per month as a disability care provider. Her husband also earns about $36,000 per month in salary, indicating that they don’t need to smuggle drugs to make money, according to her attorney.
Maldonado’s attorney José Francisco Benitez Paz told the media that she had lived a nightmare for nine days, but is happy to leave Mexico. Maldonado a Mexican national became a U.S. citizen and is living in Arizona.
The federal Mexican prosecutor plans to appeal the decision to release Maldonado and the case could drag on for several months, despite clear evidence that Maldonado couldn’t have been smuggling marijuana. Maldonado’s attorney will handle the case in Mexico in her absence. She can’t return to Mexico to visit her family until the case is cleared up and close.
The Maldonado’s believe that they were framed and the Mexican military police and authorities just wanted a bribe to let them go without charges.

Yanira Maldonado

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Gardland Charged With Two Counts Of Sexual Assault Of A Child

Garland, a science and biology teacher at Messmer High School has been charged with two counts of 2nd-degree sexual assault of a 14 and 15-year-old male students from Messmer.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 31, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Friday, Megan Garland, 28, of Waukesha was charged with two felony counts for 2nd-degree sexual assault of a 14 and 15-year-old male students from Messmer High School. Police continue to investigate, if Gardland sexually assaulted more students.
On May 23, police were called to investigate a woman and child having sex around 6:30 p.m. at the Destiny High School parking lot at the 7200 block of N. 76 St.
A witness at the scene told police, that Garland and the 14-year-old boy had been discovered having oral sex inside a parked vehicle after the witness noticed the vehicle rocking and had steam in the windows. When the witness opened the door to investigate, Garland was caught performing oral sex on the boy. The boy had his pants down and Garland was just giving him oral sex, according to the witness.
The boy later admitted to police that Garland had indeed performed oral sex on him and that another 15-year-old boy had sexual contact with Gardland as well. Gardland allegedly had sexual contact with both boys in mid May, according to the criminal complaint.
Garland was recently hired as a science and biology teacher at Messmer, but has been suspended pending the outcome of the case.
If convicted, Garland is facing up to 80 years in prison and $200,000 in fines.

Megan Garland

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Banda Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Child Neglect Resulting In Death

Banda gets three years in prison and three years supervision in the death of her 5-year-old son.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 31, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Friday, Alyssa Marie Banda, 21, was sentenced to three years in prison and three hears supervision for one felony count for neglecting a child resulting in death. She pled guilty last month.Also several weeks ago, Marcos A. Colin, 24, was sentenced to 19 years in prison and 14 years of extended supervision for the October 18, 2012, death of Jayden Banda, 5. Colin pleaded guilty to two felony counts of 2nd-degree reckless homicide and child neglect resulting in great bodily harm for punching Jayden and causing his death.
Doctors reported to police that Jayden had suffered a blown pupil, a baseball-size bruise to the head, a scrape to the chin and at least 20 bruises to his body, according to the criminal complaint.
Last year, Banda told police that Colin was “toughening him up” by jabbing him back handed with boxing gloves. But a doctor claimed, Jayden was punched multiple times with abusive and aggressive force causing severe injuries resulting in his death.

Marcos A. Colin, Alyssa Marie Banda and Jayden Banda

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No Arrests Made During Sit-in To Block Wisconsin Avenue During Immigration Rally

More than one hundred supporters and family members of immigrants stage rally and sit-in in front of Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s Milwaukee office.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 30, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, more than 100 supporters and family members of undocumented immigrants staged a rally and a 20 minute sit-in at the 500 block of East Wisconsin Ave. in front of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s (R) Milwaukee office. A group of 18 people sat on Wisconsin Ave. and temporarily blocked traffic.
Police warned the group to move from the street or they would get arrested. The group complied and no one was detained or cited, according to police.
The rally was staged by Voces de la Frontera (VDLF) in front of Sen. Johnson’s office in an attempt to halt deportations and for Johnson to support a Senate immigration bill to be debated in June.
Sen. Johnson supports an immigration bill, but the current bill needs to be amended for him to fully support it. Johnson wants a secure border, immigration reform system and a path to citizenship for those whose only federal civil immigration violation was to overstay their visas or crossed into the U.S. illegally to work and provide a future for their children and families.
Sen. Johnson was conducting immigration hearings and was not in Milwaukee during the rally, according to his staff.

Photo: VDLF

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FBI Accused Of Coverup In Alleged Todashev Murder By Agents

Todashev who was unarmed had been shot six times by federal agents during an interview about the Boston bombings and a triple murder.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 30, 2013

Orlando, Florida – On Thursday, family members alleged that Ibragrim Todashev, 27, had been executed and murdered by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents at his Orlando home. The FBI was questioning Todashev about his link to one of the Boston bombers and the murder of three men when Todashev was fatally shot inside his residence.
FBI agents and law enforcement officials had first reported that Todashev armed himself with knife and agents had fatally shot him. Multiple federal and law enforcement sources are now confirming that Todashev was never armed as previoisly reported by the FBI.
Since, the investigation is being handled as a national security incident, the truth will probably never be revealed. Most likely no federal agent will ever be prosecuted for Todashev’s homicide.

Ibragrim Todashev

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54-year-old Motorcyclist Injuried While Trying To Avoid City Garbage Truck

Motorcyclist hurt after dumping bike to avoid hitting City of Milwaukee garbage truck.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 29, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, Jesus “Chuy” Atilano, 54, was driving westbound at the 2000 block of W. Morgan when he was injured around 1:40 p.m. after he dumped his motorcycle to avoid hitting a City of Milwaukee garbage truck that was making a wide right turn into an alley. Police at the scene said, the motorcyclist was injured after he jumped off and dumped his bike to avoid hitting the city truck. The city garbage truck was also heading westbound on the right lane and then change to the far left lane to make a wide right turn into an alley apparently blocking the biker’s right of way.
Atilano was behind the city truck on the right lane when he notice that the truck changed to the left lane. Atilano kept going on the right lane and when he was about half way of the right side of the truck, he noticed that the truck driver decided to make a right turn while Atilano was still between the right side of the truck and the right lane near the side curb. Atilano reacted by attempting to slow down, then jumped off and dumped his 1800 Honda bike to avoid a collision. The motorcycle slid multiple feet and ended up on the front right of the city truck. The truck still had its right signal on after hitting the bike, but Atilano was driving on the trucks blind spot and the driver might have not noticed him before making the right turn.
The motorcycle sustained minor damaged and a friend later drove it home from the accident.
The motorcycle driver was taken to Froedtert Hospital for treatment.
A police sergeant at the scene said, the driver will probably feel his injuries for several months, but is expected to recover.
Also, an officer directing traffic at the corner of S. 20th St. and W. Morgan was slightly hit by a woman driving southbound on S. 20th, who tried to turn East on Morgan. The officer forced the woman to pull over and gave her a warning, but was not cited, according Jose Correa, 60, and Carmelo Correa, 49, who witnessed the incident.


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