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56-year-old Man Held On $1M Bond For Sexually Assaulting 9-month-old Baby In North Carolina

Gaston County police arrested a 56-year-old man for sexually assaulting a baby and assaulting several women at a party.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 30, 2014

Gastonia, North Carolina – On Sunday, Gaston County police took Michael McCord Crowder, 56, of Gastonia into custody after allegedly assaulting a 30-year-old woman and second woman, including sexual assault of a 9-month-old baby. The 30-year-old woman told police that Crowder had to much to drink and had attempted to pull her pants down multiple times at a birthday party. She told him to quit, but he finally managed to pulled her pants down in front of those attending the party.
She then noticed Crowder fondle a 9-year-baby that another woman was holding during a card game and saw him insert his hand inside the diaper to touch the child’s private parts. That’s when the 30-year-old woman got up and began to beat on Crowder face.
The woman admitted to police that she gave Crowder several black eyes for inappropriately touching the child, according to the police report.
Crowder is been held on a $1M bond and is charged with first-degree sexual assault and battery.

Michael McCord Crowder


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Tijuana’s Deported Veterans Support House Inauguration Set For May

Support house for deported U.S. Veterans will hold its inauguration.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 29, 2014

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – On Saturday, the Deported Veterans Support House (DVSH) will celebrate its inauguration, Hector Barajas, Director of the DVSH announced. Barajas a deported U.S. Veteran himself posted on his Facebook account that, the DVSH allows recently deported Veterans to temporarily stay at the house as they become adjusted and can cope with their deportation status. The DVSH is the first of its kind and has become known as the “Bunker.” It is used by deported Veterans as a center to stay in contact with other Veterans and as a resource center for information, aid and counseling through religious awareness, including a suicide preventive initiative for those in crisis situations. Their philosophy stems from “No Men Left Behind” acquired through military service training.
Most of the deported U.S. Veterans are stripped from their Congressional right to collect earned pensions and medical benefits once they’re deported. Those that quality for the Veterans Administration (VA) benefits must be present at a U.S. VA during an appointment for benefits, which none can be present due to their deportation status and severe penalties for returning to the U.S. illegally to claim VA benefits.
Barajas is one of those that quality for VA benefits, but is required to be in the U.S. to claim his benefits. The VA won’t set an appointment for Barajas because he can’t cross into the U.S. legally.
The VA has a Foreign Medical Program, but most deported Veterans don’t qualify because they don’t have any ratings to apply. No statistics have been released by the VA to show how many of the thousands of deported Veterans apply through the program.
On April 21, decorated war hero Army Sergeant Hector Barrios, 70, passed away in Tijuana and since he was deported had tried to get his medical benefits for a head injuring that he received while serving in Vietnam. Barrios died in poverty and never received VA benefits. Most of the Veterans have been deported for a criminal offense, whether a minor conviction.
The DVSH inauguration will be held on May 3, 2014 beginning at noon to 6:00 p.m. at:

2ndo Pizo arriva de Baja Gym
3rd st and 5 de Mayo
Calle 3cera #7592
Zona Centro, Tijuana BC Mexico

For more information, Barajas can be contacted at U.S. 626-569-5491 or at Mex. 664-504-7592, and e-mail at Also Gaba Cortes, Media Relations can be contacted at e-mail, 664-142-6703.

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Wisconsin Voter ID Law Struck Down By Federal Judge Lynn Adelman

Wisconsin’s voter ID law keeps Afro-American, Hispanics and poor from voting because they would most likely lack proper birth documents to get a state issued ID to vote, according to federal Judge Lynn Adelman.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 29, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – Another blow to the GOP (Republican) controlled Wisconsin legislature and Governor Scott Walker (R), on Tuesday U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman ruled in a 90-page ruling that the Wisconsin Voter ID Act 23 Law, which was passed in May 2011 was unconstitutional and burden minorities and poor from getting IDs to vote. Judge Adelman determined that the Republican controlled legislature wrongly passed a law that would keep minorities (Afro-American and Hispanics) and poor from getting their state issued IDs because it would be most likely they could not acquire proper birth documents to apply for a state ID.
Judge Aldelman wrote, “First, I give an overview of the relevant provisions of Act 23. Second, I address the Frank plaintiffs’ claim that Act 23 violates the Fourteenth Amendment because it imposes substantial burdens on the many eligible voters who do not currently possess photo IDs, and because such burdens are not justified by the state interests that Act 23 purports to serve. Third, I address the plaintiffs’ claim that Act 23 violates Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act because it has a disproportionate impact on the voting rights of Blacks and Latinos.”
The lawsuit was filed by the Wisconsin American Civil Liberties Union, the League of United Latin American Citizens and multiple residents of the state.
The state ID law took effect in a 2012 primary and was later declared unconstitutional by a Dane County judge in another lawsuit.
In press release, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (R) issued the following statement in response to the decision released by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin in the case of Ruthelle Frank, et al. v. Scott Walker, et al. and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of Wisconsin, et al. v. David G. Deininger, et al. “I am disappointed with the order and continue to believe Wisconsin’s law is constitutional. We will appeal,” Van Hollen stated.

Judge Lynn Adelman’s decision and order (PDF) at following link:

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Solorio, Mayor From Lazaro Cardenas Arrested For Corruption In Michoacan

Solorio tied to the Caballeros Templarios Cartel.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 28, 2014

Lázaro, Cárdenas, Michoacan, Mexico – On Monday, Mayor Arquímides Oseguera Solorio from the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas was taken in custody by law enforcement officials from the State Attorney’s Office from Michoacan. Solorio is accused of having ties with the leadership of the Caballeros Templarios Cartel and allegedly was involved in kidnappings and extortions, according to the initial investigation by state authorities and Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, the State of Michoacan Security Commissioner.
Solorio was elected as Mayor on April 13 under the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). He was taken to the Mexican federal attorney’s office of organized crime and delinquency investigation bureau for questioning concerning the alleged crimes against Solorio.

Arquímides Oseguera Solorio

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Thousands Of Native Americans And Supporters Gathered At The National Mall To Protest The Keystone XL Pipeline

An alliance made up of both Native Americans and Cowboys, including ranchers, farmers, tribal leaders and supporters gathered to push President Obama to reject or veto the Keystone XL Pipeline and protect mother earth.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 27, 2024

Washington, D.C. – On Saturday, thousands of Native Americans and supporters gathered at the Washington National Mall to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline. An alliance made of both Cowboys and Native Americans want President Barack H. Obama to the reject or veto the pipeline project.
They set-up a tipi encampment for almost a week. They also marched to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian to deliver a tipi as a gift to President Obama.
One message says, “We speak on behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. The Keystone XL Pipeline and the dirty oil that it transports creates an urgent threat to our collective future and poses the greatest immediate risk of contaminating our sacred waters, land, air, our communities and our way of life as the People of the Earth. In time, we will reconcile our differences, but for now we must come together for Mother Earth,” Chief Arvol Looking Horse stated about the pipeline controversy.
The Reject and Protect org. who organized the six day encampment, rally, march and protest released the following report, the five-day Reject and Protect encampment began with a march and opening ceremony on Earth Day, April 22. On Wednesday, members of the Cowboy and Indian Alliance met with the White House to voice their concerns about Keystone XL and tar sands expansion. On Thursday, the Alliance hosted a protest at the Lincoln Memorial where Rosebud Sioux member Wizipan Little Elk and Nebraska farmer Art Tanderup risked arrest by walking into the reflecting pool with a sign that read, “Standing in the water could get me arrested, TransCanada pollutes drinking water and nothing happens.” On Friday, the Alliance hosted an interfaith prayer ceremony outside Secretary of State John Kerry’s house, before marching through Georgetown and holding a round dance in the middle of the M St. and Wisconsin Ave. intersection.
Legendary musician Neil Young and actress Daryl Hannah were amongst the crowd of thousands who rallied on the National Mall and then marched past the Capitol building. “We need to end the age of fossil fuels and move on to something better,” Young told the crowd according to Reject and Protect.
Reject and Protect has helped shine a spotlight on the strengthening opposition to Keystone XL amongst ranchers, farmers, and Native American tribes along the pipeline route. Buoyed by the State Department’s recent delay of the project, the Cowboy and Indian Alliance has pledged to intensify their efforts to convince President Obama to “reject” the pipeline and “protect” their families, land, water, treaty rights, and climate.
The event ends on Sunday morning, but protests and awareness of the possible devastation the Keystone XL Pipeline will do to the region will continue ny the Cowboy and Indian Alliance until President Obama rejects the project and protects mother earth.

Photos courtesy of Reject and Protect org.

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Gallegos Castrellon Gets 10 Life Sentences For U.S. Consulate Worker 2010 Triple Homicide In Juarez

Castrellón received seven life terms to be served concurrently and three life terms to be served consecutively and a 20 year term to be served consecutively for money laundering.

By H. Nelson GoodsonApril 26, 2014

El Paso, Texas – On Thursday, Arturo Gallegos Castrellón, 34, aka “Benny,” “Farmero,” “51,” “Guero,” “Pecas,” “Tury,” and “86,” 35, of Chihuahua, Mexico, the Barrio Azteca Lieutenant who ordered the March 2010 murders of a U.S. Consulate employee, her husband and the husband of another U.S. Consulate employee, was sentenced to serve ten life terms in a federal prison, the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) reported. Seven life terms to be served concurrently and three life terms to be served consecutively and a 20 year term to be served consecutively for money laundering.
Castrellón and his criminal gang organization operating in both Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas were involved in 1,600 homicides. Castrellón confessed of ordering the deaths of two U.S. Consulate workers gunned down in several areas on March 13 and the deaths of 14 students in Villas de Salvárcar on January 31, 2010. He also is accused of ordering the deaths of five federal police officers from Juarez.
U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone in the Western District of Texas sentenced Castrellón to life in prison. In addition, Judge Cardone ordered Castrellón to pay $998,840 in restitution and $785,500 in forfeiture.
Castrellón was extradited to the U.S. from Mexico on June 28, 2012, and a federal jury found Castrellón guilty of six counts of murder and conspiracies to commit racketeering, narcotics trafficking, narcotics importation, murder in a foreign country and money laundering.
Federal prosecutors proved that Castrellón ordered the March 13, 2010, triple homicide in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, of U.S. Consulate employee Leslie Enriquez, her husband Arthur Redelfs, a El Paso County Sheriff’s detention officer and Jorge Salcido Ceniceros, a Mexican national working at the Consulate and married to another U.S. Consulate employee.
USDOJ reported that a total of 35 defendants were charged in the third superseding indictment and are alleged to have committed various criminal acts, including the 2010 Juarez Consulate murders, as well as racketeering, narcotics distribution and importation, retaliation against persons providing information to U.S. law enforcement, extortion, money laundering, murder and obstruction of justice. Of the 35 defendants charged, 26 have been convicted, one committed suicide before the conclusion of his trial, and two remain fugitives, including Eduardo Ravelo, an FBI Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitive.

Arturo Gallegos Castrellón

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Dancel Charged With Attempted Homicide Of 22-year-old Woman Behind D’Matrixx Salon And Spa

Dancel is facing up to 66 years in prison for attempted first-degree homicide and bail jumping.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 25, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, Jose Mari Dancel, 43, of Kenosha was charged with one felony count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide for the March 22, shooting of a 22-year-old woman behind D’Matrixx Salon and Spa, according to Milwaukee police. Dancel was taken into custody on April 19 at his Kenosha home.
If convicted, Dancel is facing up to 66 years in prison. A $500,000 cash bond was set for Dancel. He is expected back in court on May 5, for a preliminary hearing, according to court records.
Dancel was also wanted for felony bail jumping for 2012 case in Kenosha. In December 2012, Dancel was charged with sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl, pleaded not guilty and was on a $50K bail.
Dancel allegedly fired multiple gunshots at 22-year-old woman seating in a vehicle behind the D’Matrixx Salon parking lot near an alley at the 4700 block of W. Forest Home Ave. She was injured, but survived the shooting.

Jose Mari Dancel

Photo courtesy of Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office

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