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U.S. Zombie Like Drug Causes Flesh Rotting And Brain Damage To Users

The Zombie drug from Russia is also known as Krokodil or desomorphine.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 29, 2013

Phoenix, Arizona – Last week, two cases of a Zombie like drug known as Krokodil were reported to the Banner Poison Control Center in the state of Arizona. Other similar cases having been detected in the U.S.
Krokodil drug symptoms are similar to heroin, but costs multiple times cheaper making it an affordable drug to inject into the blood stream as heroin.
The drug is made from codeine and hydrocarbons mixed with either or a combination of oil, gasoline, alcohol, iodine and paint thinner including various chemicals like hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus.
It takes about an hour to cook krokodil and the high only lasts about an hour and a half.
Once injected, the drug damages blood cells and causes the flesh to begin rotting from the inside out. Krokodil can also cause brain damage and disfigurement in the body including the head. In some cases, the flesh rots severely and exposes bones. It’s known to cause sores, crocodile like scales and the skin turns green similar to gangrene.
The life expectancy of the Zombie drug users is between two to three years. Very few users survive, but show effects of disfigurement.
The homemade drug first appeared in Russian a decade ago and at least 2 million people have suffered from the side effects.


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Guerrero Gets A Six Month Stay And Avoids Deportation To Mexico

Immigration judge gave Guerrero six months to find an alternative to stay in the U.S.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 28, 2013

Los Angeles, California – Ulises Guerrero, 33, originally from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico was facing deportation on September 26, but won a stay for six months, La Opinión reported. U.S. Immigration Judge Robert E. Coughlon told Guerrero’s attorney to look for an alternative for his client to remain in the country. Guerrero’s next step would be to marry his live-in girlfriend who is the mother of Guerrero’s two children, according to La Opinión.
Guerrero had prepared a suitcase, just in case the judge would have ordered him removed from the U.S.
Guerrero came to the U.S. as a tourist in 2002 and immediately began to work. In 2008, Guerrero while working at Micro Solutions Enterprises in Van Nuys was taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after they raided the company and arrested 138 undocumented workers including Guerrero who didn’t have authorization to work and over stayed his tourist visa.
Guerrero has been living with Sandra Zamorano and had two of his children that were born in the U.S., with the youngest, Isaac being just a month old.
At least 1,400 undocumented immigrants are deported daily leaving more than 400,000 families without a mother or father as the main income wage earners annually.

A recent study by the University of California-Merced reported that by 2014 nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants will be deported. The Obama administration will deport more people compared to prior administrations dating from 1892 to 1997, according to the study.

Ulises Guerrero and Isaac

Photo courtesy of La Opinión

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Belen Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison For Triple Child Neglect House Fire Deaths

Belen was sentenced to 18 years in prison and 18 years of extended supervision for three felony counts of child neglect related to her three children who died in a blaze while they were locked inside an upper second floor bedroom.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 27, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Friday, Angelica D. Belen, 24, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and 18 years of extended supervision for three felony counts of child neglect in connection with last April’s West Allis house fire that killed three of her children. Belen had been also charged in late March with six misdemeanor counts of child neglect for two separate incidents. The misdemeanor charges were dimissed and won’t be prosecuted in the future, but those charges were read during her sentencing for child neglect.
Belen was facing up to 40 years in prison and up to $100,000 for three counts of child neglect.
The criminal complaint states, Belen admitted to police that she locked her three kids in an upper bedroom so they wouldn’t mess up her house or running the risk for neighbors to notice they were home alone. She apparently was on her first day of work and couldn’t find a babysitter. Belen decided to go to work after locking Alex and Adrian Colón ages 4 and Nayeli Colón, 5, in the bedroom, according to the complaint.
Fire investigators confirmed, that the upstairs bedroom door where the children’s burnt bodies were found was locked from the outside. The fire started after an electrical short ignited a blaze behind a wall under the bedroom. The children were trapped inside the bedroom and died of smoke inhalation and suffered severe burns, according to the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s report.
A fourth child survived, the youngest was with Belen’s estranged husband, Wilfredo Belen who took an extra dayoff to take care of the baby. Wilfredo had filed for a divorce.

Angelica D. Belen

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7-year-old Stripped From Miss Hispanic Delaware Crown For Non-Hispanic Ancestry

McKoy won the Miss Hispanic Delaware Pageant in Wilmington, Delaware in late August, but after questions were raised about her Hispanic ancestry, no prove was provided by parents.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 27, 2013

Wilmington, Delaware – On August 31, Jakiyah McKoy, 7, of Wilmington was selected as Miss Hispanic Delaware, but her reign didn’t last long after questions were raised about her Hispanic ancestry. She was chosen as the winner from seven other young contestants.
According to El Tiempo Hispano, McKoy had to at least prove she had a 25% Hispanic ethnicity to Nuestras Raices Delaware, the sponsor of the pageant.
McKoy’s mother was given opportunity to provide proof of her daughter’s ethnicity, but had failed to do so, according to Maria Perez from Nuestras Raices Delaware organization. McKoy gets her 25% Hispanic ethnicity from her grandmother who was undocumented and is now deceased. Her grandmother is originally from the province of Vega in the Dominican Republic.
Perez says, that everything was done to get any type of documentation of her grandmother’s ancestry, but she is not recorded as deceased in any state nearby. McKoy’s mother birth certificate should say where her grandmother was from and ethnicity, Perez explained.
McKoy’s mother decided to forego her burden to provide any proof about her daughter’s ethnicity and the organization disqualified McKoy for lack of prove of ethnicity.
McKoy lives with her father in Wilmington and her mother resides in Brooklyn, New York.
Meriana Ayala, the first runner-up was crowned Miss Hispanic Delaware after McKoy was disqualified, the second runner-up was Eleiana Santiago. Perez says, it’s not the first time that a contestant can’t prove her ethnicity in the pageant.
Rumors began to spread that McKoy was not Hispanic enough, but Black, which contributed to her being ousted from her reign. Those rumors are believed to have been initiated and spread by the McKoy family, according to Perez.

Jakiyah McKoy

Image courtesy of El Tiempo Hispano

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Greenfield Officer Roszak Charged With Felony After Lifting And Tossing Female Into Cell Metal Stool

Surveillance camera caught Officer Roszak lift Luke and then threw her inside her cell hitting a metal stool while using explecit language at her.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2013

Greenfield, WI – On Thursday, Greenfield Police Officer Thomas P. Roszak, 30, was charged with one felony count for misconduct while in office and using excessive authority for a July 27 incident inside the Greenfield Police Department booking section. Apparently, Amanda M. Luke, 30, was taken into custody for fleeing and eluding police. She was charged with one felony count for eluding police and a misdemeanor count for driving while her license was revoked and refusing a sobriety and control substance test.
Luke was being booked by Roszak when she began to demand to use a phone to call someone. She put her hands on Roszak’s chest and was saying, “I F..king hate you!” to the officer. Roszak then grabbed her from the torso, lifted her, carried her to her cell and then tossed her into the cell. Luke’s body hit a stationary metal stool inside the cell and Officer Roszak told Luke, “F..king bitch.” He locked the cell door and didn’t even check, if Luke had injured herself. Luke’s body later exhibited bruises.
The whole incident and verbal expletive exchange between both Luke and Roszak was caught by surveillance cameras in the booking section and cell, according to the criminal complaint.
Luke pleaded not guilty in her case and remains free on a $500 cash bond and must remain sober and must take random drug tests.
Roszak who has been suspended with pay was ordered to report for booking on Friday at the Milwaukee County jail and will be set free on a $2,500 signature bond.
An internal investigation by the Greenfield Police Department was also initiated to determine, if Roszak violated department policy.

Thomas P. Roszak and Amanda M. Luke

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Sotelo, “El Piolín” Denies Falsifying Immigration Reform Letters To Federal Legislators In 2007

Sotelo in a second segment of an interview with Al Rojo Vivo denied that he helped falsify immigration reform letters sent to federal legislators.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2013

Los Angeles, CA – On Thursday, Eddie “El Piolín” Sotelo, 42, gave his second television network interview with Carmen Dominicci from Telemundo “Al Rojo Vivo.” During his interview, Sotelo denied allegations that he falsified immigration reform letters seeking reform during a radio show campaign promotion that were sent to federal legislators during 2007. He also stated that not everyone that you come into contact have good intentions for your well being and then thanked all his supporters for their well wishes and prayers that helped him get through this difficult times.
Sotelo’s earnings and investments have nearly totaled $15 million, one reason Sotelo says, that his co-workers from Univisión Radio have made false allegations against him. Because “they want my money and envy has led to those allegations,” Sotelo said.
On Wednesday, Sotelo didn’t go into depth about a lawsuit filed against him by Alberto “Beto” Cortez for sexual harassment, physical abuse, fraud and causing emotional stress for at least three years while working with Sotelo. Cortez allegations forced Univisión Radio executives in July 22 to take Sotelo off the air permanently. Univisión apparently ended a contract with Sotelo, abruptly ending his national syndicated Spanish language radio show after working for Univisión Radio for ten years.
Sotelo said during the Telemundo interview, that he wasn’t fired because of Cortez allegations, but both Univisión Radio executives and Sotelo decided it would be better for him to leave the syndicated radio show. “It was just time to part ways,” Sotelo admitted.
Sotelo told Dominicci, that what happened to him, he wouldn’t wish it to anyone else. He also became disappointed with his former co-workers after they falsely accused him that he sexually harassed them as well. Sotelo wouldn’t go into details and didn’t named any of his former co-workers due to pending litigation.
Several weeks after Sotelo went off the air on July 22 at Univisión Radio, Cortez publicly made his allegations against Sotelo. Three weeks later, six other former co-workers from Univisión sent Sotelo a letter that they would be willing to keep their silence of what went on between them, claiming allegations he sexually harassed, committed fraud and physically abused them during their employment at Univisión. They wanted $4.9 million for not saying anything about Sotelo’s behavior while they worked with him. Sotelo allegedly groped Cortez groin, according to a lawsuit filed by his attorney.
In late August, Sotelo and his lawyers cried foul and filed a lawsuit at a Los Angeles Circuit Court claiming that Tomás Alejandro Fernández, Samuel “Cusuco” Heredia, Domingo Rodrigo Ochoa, Gerardo “Chiquirruco” Palencia, Bertha “Betusha” Velasco and Sergio “Checo” Vera were attempting to scam and extort Sotelo for $4.9 million to keep silent of what went on while working with Sotelo.
Sotelo and his attorneys submitted the letter as prove and evidence of an extortion attempt by the six defendants and their attorneys.
El Show de Piolín, which is Sotelo’s new Spanish language satellite radio show is expected to air on Sirius XM in October, according to Sotelo.
Sotelo says and makes fun that, he is the “ugliest DJ” in the radio.

Eddie “El Piolín” Sotelo

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Medrano Express Facing Consumer Complaints That It Failed To Deliver Packages Abroad

Some consumers have yet to be contacted by Medrano Express or its agents about undelivered packages abroad for over a year.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2013

Madison, WI – On Wednesday, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) announced that it “has received calls and complaints that the international shipping company, Medrano Express has failed to deliver packages to their destinations. Consumers and businesses say that they are unable to reach Medrano Express or locate their goods, and some have spent more than a year attempting to recover shipments and money from the company.”
“In late July, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) revoked the ocean transportation intermediary license of Transporte Medrano, Inc. (d/b/a Medrano Express). According to the FMC, the company is no longer authorized to provide ocean transportation services, and consumers and businesses should not tender cargo to Medrano Express or its agents for the international shipment of goods,” the DATCP reported.
Medrano Express customers who are having problems with their international shipments should file a complaint with the FMC at their website.
The FMC’s Office of Consumer Affairs and Dispute Resolution Services is currently working with Medrano Express customers (complainants) to locate their cargo or assist in the release of their cargo. Customers requesting assistance should contact FMC and provide a written request and submit a copy of the Medrano Express invoice and contact information. All FMC assistance requests and information should be e-mail or fax to or 202-275-0059.
Medrano Express and is agents in the U.S. offer a “100% delivery system” of packages to Mexico and Central and South America, according to its website. They provide shipping and delivery services from twelve states, CA, LA, FL, MA, GA, MD, IL, MN, NJ, NY, TN and TX.
But consumers and businesses using Medrano Express for delivery of their packages abroad to its recipients may no longer be a guarantee of delivery anymore, but a major headache to locate and to recover packages, according to the DATCP.

Comunicado DATCP en español

Medrano Express no entrega los bienes

MADISON – Medrano Express anuncia un sistema “100% garantizado” para la entrega de paquetes a México y América Central y del Sur, pero a los consumidores y las empresas que están esperando para que su carga llegue al destinatario, lo único que se les puede garantizar es un dolor de cabeza.

El Departamento de Agricultura, Comercio y Protección al Consumidor (DATCP) de Wisconsin ha recibido llamadas y quejas de que la empresa de transporte internacional ha fallado en entregar los paquetes a sus destinos. Los consumidores y las empresas dicen que no han podido comunicarse con Medrano Express ni localizar sus bienes, y algunos han pasado más de un año intentando recuperar sus envíos y dinero.

A finales de julio, la Comisión Federal Marítima (FMC, por sus siglas en inglés) revocó la licencia de intermediario de transporte marítimo de Transporte Medrano, Inc. (que comercia como Medrano Express). De acuerdo con la FMC, la empresa ya no tiene autorización para prestar servicios de transporte marítimo, y los consumidores y las empresas no deben entregar carga a Medrano Express o sus agentes para el transporte internacional de mercancías.

Si usted es cliente de Medrano Express y se enfrenta a problemas con el transporte internacional de su carga, puede presentar un reclamo siguiendo los pasos indicados en la página web de la FMC en

Además, usted puede comunicarse con la Oficina de Asuntos del Consumidor y Servicios de Resolución de Disputas de la FMC. Ellos están trabajando para ayudar a los consumidores a localizar su carga y ayudar con la liberación y/o entrega de los bienes. Las solicitudes de ayuda por escrito deberán incluir una copia de la factura que usted recibió de Medrano Express y su información de contacto. Mande su información por correo electrónico o por fax a o al 202-275-0059.

Para obtener información adicional, visite el Buró de Protección al Consumidor en, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame a la Línea de Protección al Consumidor al número gratuito, 1-800-422-7128.

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