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Perez Response To Sexual Harassment Dismissal Of TRO Injunction

Perez claims it was envy, political powerplays, or false statements that led to an attack on Esperanza Unida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 30, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, Robert Miranda, executive director of Esperanza Unida released a statement from its general manager Manuel “Manny” Perez. Last week, a temporary restraining order (TRO) injunction hearing resulted with a dismissal and the injunction denied against Perez.
A court comissioner determine it was a misunderstanding between Irene Agape Correa and Perez and not harassment.
Correa, 35, is the President of United Hands Across the City, a mental health clinic run at the Esperanza Unida, 611 W. National Ave. filed a TRO on August 8, which claimed that Perez on several occasions grabbed her arm and once tried to grope her while caressing her, but when another person walked in on them and Perez stopped.
Perez stated, “I know that many of you are awaiting for a public statement from me after Court Comissioner Nancy Schurm dismissed the allegations against me from Mrs. Irene Correa last week.”
“As you well know, I am not new to false allegations or envy. The Court issued its determination. As before, I will not engage in public controversy that only harms the mission that I know we all share independent of political positions or personal interest…and that is the betterment of the quality of life of the workers, an improved economy where all benefit, and a thriving comunity with great citizens and a skilled, independent workforce that takes control of their lives.
“Why is Esperanza Unida, its Exec Director, Board and myself being attacked? Simply put, because we are intent on bringing prosperity to the Milwaukee South Side, the workers, the private sector, and the overall comunity. We have the passion and resolve to achieve results in collaboration with all other organizations, including yours here at the 611 Building – that have been working for many years in the Milwaukee South Side…and we are focused on overcoming obstacles and implementing the improvements that are needed to achieve these goals in a most utilitarian manner. In just a few short months we have achieved many things, but we have a long way to go!!
“Therefore, this is really not a Press release…it is a statement of policy that I know -independent of specific / individual positions- we all share. I know that you care because you care about eliminating poverty.
So, let’s not be divided by envy, political powerplays, or false statements. Instead, let’s unite all our efforts and further drive prosperity to the Milwaukee South Side with focus on results.”

Irene Agape Correa and Manuel “Manny” Perez


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Rodriguez To Leave Milwaukee’s Telemundo 63

Torres to replace Rodriguez as anchor on Milwaukee’s Telemundo 63.

August 28, 2013

Milwaukee, WI (HNNUSA) – On Wednesday, H. Nelson Goodson from Hispanic News Network U.S.A. was interviewed by Sandra Torres and Laura Rodriguez from Telemundo 63 about Mexican Fiesta 2013 allegedly discriminating and violating the rights of festivalgoers with the aid of the Milwaukee Police Department. Fiesta told Telemundo they reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone, but will discuss the issue at their next Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation Board meeting.
Torres worked at Chicago’s Telemundo and NBC 5 as a morning producer for 2 years. She will air her first newscast tonight at 10:00 p.m. and will replace Rodriguez who announced that Friday will be her last day with Telemundo. Goodson’s interview tonight at 10 p.m. on Telemundo 63 in Milw., WI.
Rodriguez began working at Telemundo two years ago and was able to produce, do the weather, anchor news along with Carlos Vergara, and was an effective bilingual speaker and writer for the newscasts. The management at CBS 58 who owns Telemundo 63 will now have to hire two persons to do Rodriguez’s production and other abilities that made her an outstanding news anchor and professional news investigator representing the Hispanic community.
She will move to Florida where her family resides and will continue her journalistic profession.

Milwaukee Police profiling at Mexican Fiesta 2013? (Telemundo 63 news video at)

Sandra Torres, H. Nelson Goodson and Laura Rodriguez

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A.B. Quintanilla Having Double Knee Surgery

Quintanilla having knee surgery, but won’t stop him from dancing cumbia.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 28, 2013

Texas – On Wednesday, A.B. Quintanilla, a popular Tejano singer and band player who is the brother of the late Selena announced in his Facebook (FB) account, that he is having double knee surgery today. Quintanilla posted, “SUPRISE!!! Guess who’s getting double knee surgery today!! Looks like I won’t be dancing Qumbias for a little while. Wont stop me, still gotta be on the grind!!!!”
He added a photo of himself on FB seating in a hospital bed and looking sad wearing a hospital garment.

A.B. Quintanilla

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10 Wisconsin Republican Legislators Introduced English First Bill

State Representative Jacque’s bill would make English an official state language, use of English for governmental written expression, acquiring language proficiency, and use of languages for nongovernmental purposes.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 27, 2013

Madison, WI – On Friday, State Representative Andre Jacque (R-DePere) has introduced AB-340, an English first bill would require local and state governments to provide all of their documents in English. The bill was referred to the Committee on State Affairs for consideration. Jacque’s rationale for the bill, it would make immigrants learn English.
The bill also prohibits the state or local governments from restricting residents from learning other languages. The bill has some exceptions that would allow the use of another language;

● To protect the health, safety, or liberty of any citizen
● To teach or study another language
● To protect the rights of a criminal defendant or victim of a crime
● To promote trade, tourism, or commerce
● To facilitate activities relating to the compilation of any census
● To comply with the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
● To use a proper name, term of art, or phrase from a language other than English
● To comply with the constitution and laws of the United States or the constitution of this state

The bill was also sponsored by the following Republican State Representatives John Nygren, Mark Born, David Graig, Dean Kaufert, Samantha Kerkman, Stephan Nass, Alvin Ott and Dan Pridemore, including the following co-sponsors state Republican Senators Alberta Darling and Don Pridemore.
Jacque’s bill would most likely limit how bilingual elected officials, Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo-West, State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa (D-Milw.) and Milwaukee 12 District Alderman José Pérez communicate with their large Spanish speaking constituency.
Another similar English first bill in 2009 was introduced by former State Representative Marlin Schneider (D-WI Rapids), but failed when it was never considered by a majority Democrat controlled Assembly.

Andre Jacque

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Milwaukee’s Mexican Fiesta Facing Boycott For 2014


Mexican Fiesta, the Milwaukee Police Department, Latino Peace Officers Association and the City of Milwaukee facing possible legal action for alleged illegal acts by local police and Fiesta officials.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 26, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – Over the weekend, Milwaukee Police Officer Alexander C. Ayala confirmed, that the Milwaukee Police Department was using their Intelligence Center (IT) to help identify alleged gang members or affiliated members inside the Summerfest grounds during Mexican Fiesta 2013 in order to kick them out of the festival and bar them from ever attending the event. The reason according to Ayala, they want a family environment and no violence.
Multiple victims who were at the festival were singled out and identified by the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) as “past, present or future” gang members, according to Ayala’s explanation. In fact, non of those escorted out or kicked out were ever provided with any proof of the allegations brought upon them by Officer Ayala, the security volunteers of the Latino Peace Officers Association (LPOA) or MPD. Is the intelligence used from IT accurate enough to kick someone out of fiesta? What ever happened to due process?
The victims that were kicked out didn’t even get refunds and the practice to “identify” had been active for the last three years.
Were any of the people kicked out gang affiliated? So what, it’s not illegal to belong to a gang. It only becomes illegal when a gang or a member engages in criminal activity.
Mexican Fiesta should embrace the community and not discriminate its people, which it profits from to generate funds for scholarships. Also, Fiesta should be helping to steer the younger generation from gangs and should be paramount instead of making them outcasts as Officer Ayala attempts to portray.
Even Mexican Fiesta volunteers of the event were stopped inside the grounds and got their tattoos checked out first before they were allowed to continue after they showed their official Fiesta badges.
The abusive actions undertaken and the gross misconduct by LPOA, MPD and Mexican Fiesta has no doubt led to claims of civil rights violations ever witnessed in public or at a public grounds in nature as Summerfest, which the grounds are owned by the City of Milwaukee.
Ayala says, the policy in the back of the ticket authorized him and Mexican Fiesta to refuse admittance or kick anyone out. For no reason?
Many can agree with Ayala and Fiesta, but they better make sure that they have just cause to do so, simply because the U.S. Constitution or the protections afforded by the Civil Rights Act don’t stay outside the festival grounds. The fundamental rights of people and especially, the undesirables are exclusive and has no limits or boundaries in the U.S., according to the founding fathers.
Some members of the Latino community have become outraged by the use of police to violate the rights of people at Mexican Fiesta. As more people in the Latino community learn of what happened at Fiesta, they don’t agree with the festival’s discriminatory policy.
Numerous postings in Facebook (FB) are calling of a boycott of Mexican Fiesta in 2014. Others in FB posted, they will boycott the fiesta until a public apology is given for what Officer Ayala and MPD did.
But, it should go further than that, Ayala should be removed from Mexican Fiesta, including those who authorized him or appoved the use of such a discriminatory policy.
An independent internal investigation should be conducted to determine, if the officers involved violated department policy. Also, all those officers who engaged in alleged illegal acts should be fired from the department. Were the officers that ignorant that they didn’t know they were actually violating people’s rights and stood by or even engaged in the acts?
Well Mayor Tom Barrett, the Milwaukee Common Council, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn and the Fire and Police Commission have a lot of explaining to do for their lack of action in making sure people’s rights were not being violated since, the policy or police action was implemented at Mexican Fiesta in 2010.
If Police Chief Flynn authorized IT to be use to illegally profile people as gang members even thought they were not, he should step down as chief. The use of IT at a festival for the purpose of kicking people out without any just cause or even the fact that the victims didn’t commit an illegal act is unwarranted.
One thing for sure, both the Mexican Fiesta and MPD have been identified with a four letter word for their policy to profile or identify, “F..K Mexican Fiesta and Milwaukee Police,” according to postings going viral on Facebook and in the Hispanic community.
When police lose the respect of the community it has sworn to serve and protect, the department is viewed as corrupt and it’s time to clean house!
Milwaukee should not be surprised, if t-shirts expressing what is going viral on FB, “F..K Mexican Fiesta and Milwaukee Police” does become the current style to freely express dissatisfaction with MPD and Mexican Fiesta.
A sad day for all those honest, dedicated and hard working police officers to endure and brought about by what the community is labeling as a few bad cops and a discriminatory festival policy.

The current Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc. (WHSF) Board of Directors who operate the annual Mexican Fiesta are; 

● Antonio Guajardo Jr. (President)
● Gregorio Montoto (1st Vice President)
● Ricardo Ruiz (2nd Vice President)
● Arturo Martinez (Secretary) 
● Ernesto Baca (Treasurer)
● Teresa Mercado (Executive Director)
● Ray Bacalzo
● Frank Gonzales
● Woody Welch
● Marjorie Cervera
● Oscar Cervera
● Julio Maldonado
● Luis Gonzalez
● Julio Guix
● Lupe Martinez
● Ruben Burgos
● Jason Hyland
● Diana Moreno
● Asael Ruiz
● Darryl Morin

These Board members can be contacted for information regarding Mexican Fiesta 2013 or WHSF.

Milwaukee Police profiling at Mexican Fiesta 2013? (Telemundo 63 news video at)

Excercising free speech with the birds and P.O. Alexander C. Ayala

Photos: Facebook

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Five Dead And 15 Immigrants Seriously Injured In La Bestia Freight Train Car Derailment

More than 250 undocumented immigrants were riding on La Bestia freight train car when it derailed early this morning.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 25, 2013

Tabasco, Mexico – On Sunday, the state Secretary of Tabasco confirm that its Public Security Agency and the 30th Military Regiment in the area reported that 5 were reported killed and 15 undocumented immigrants have been seriously injured from 35 that were reported injured during an early Sunday La Bestia (Beast) freight train car derailment. All the immigrants are originally from Honduras. The train car derailed around 3:30 a.m. at a ranch called La Tembladera in the municipality of Huimanguillo, about 6.2 miles from Tancochapa, Veracruz, according to authorities.
The injured were flown by helicopters to hospitals in Choapas, Veracruz for medical treatment.

Bottom photo courtesy of Tabasco Hoy.

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LPOA Volunteers, Milwaukee Police And Mexican Fiesta Ban Suspected Gang Members From Annual Event 

Anyone identified (profiled) as a possible gang member, wearing colors, face tattoos or affiliated to any suspected gang by police intelligence at the Summerfest grounds is being denied entrance to the festival.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 24, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, Milwaukee Police Officer Alexander C. Ayala, an acting Latino Peace Officers Association volunteer for security at Mexican Fiesta 2013 denied entrance to a 30-year-old man and didn’t even refund his money at the festival front gates. The 30-year-old man was kicked out on Friday because he was wearing yellow and black and was apparently identified by Milwaukee police as a gang member.
Hundreds of people were wearing yellow and black at the festival, including on Saturday and they were still allowed to remain at the event.
The 30-year-old man on Saturday was wearing a t-shirt saying Texas and was entering the fiesta grounds with family members to enjoy a day of festivities when Milwaukee Police Officer Borst stopped him and told him he was not welcome to the Summerfest grounds. The incident drew attention publicly and people entering the grounds stopped to noticed the incident.
Officer Borst then talked to Officer Ayala who was called to the scene about the man. Ayala told family members that they and Mexican Fiesta had a right to refuse admittance to anyone, making reference to the back of the ticket policy. He said that police intelligence had identified the would-be festivalgoer as a gang member or affiliate and was cause enough to ban him from the festival, despite that the 30-year-old man had done nothing illegal on Friday at the grounds. He was never cited for any wrong doing at the festival.
The 30-year-old man’s mother asked Det. Ayala to identify the police intelligence source and Ayala denied the request.
Officer Ayala also threaten to kick out Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) from the festival, banned for Sunday or even get arrested for disorderly conduct for covering the incident and trying to give advice to Ayala that, what he was doing could possibly be grounds for a lawsuit by the 30-year-old man and his family. Ayala would not take the advice and would not listen to reason, since they have been practicing their alleged right to kick out, refuse admittance, ban people from the Summerfest grounds during Mexican Fiesta for the last two years. Ayala didn’t even care about a costly lawsuit resulting from Saturday’s afternoon incident.
Ayala told HNNUSA that they have been kicking people out from the festival or barred people for the last several years due to their police intelligence of identifying suspected or would-be gang members, in order to keep it a family festival.
Officer Ayala said that the 30-year-old man “was identified by the Milwaukee Police Department last night as a (gang name excluded) member…we have a right to kick out anybody out (according to the back ticket info.) and we are exercising that right…he was told not to come back and he is trespassing.”
“Gang members are not allowed in the festival…this is a family environment and we don’t want any gang members past, present or future. No gang members allowed. We had this for the last three years and this (policy) is nothing new. If you’re identified as a past (name of gang excluded) or any gang member or a current gang member, you are not allowed on the grounds. This is a family environment and we don’t want any violence, so we are not discriminating against anybody because of sex, gender, race or anything…we are not labeling, we are identifying…if you want to sue Fiesta, do it the right way, send them a lawsuit, don’t threaten me or warn me,” Ayala said.
The mother and father of the 30-year-old man say, that they will seek legal advice and possible legal action against LPOA, Mexican Fiesta and the Milwaukee Police Department for deliberately discriminating their son and violating his civil rights at the Summerfest grounds.
Apparently, Officer Ayala, Mexican Fiesta, the Milwaukee Police Department and members of the LPOA haven’t been well-trained to avoid profiling people or ban people from the Summerfest grounds because its considered public in nature, even though World Festival rents the grounds to the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Inc. who run the three-day Mexican Fiesta annually. Mexican Fiesta is the only ethnic cultural festival who rents the Summerfest grounds and actively discriminates against people who are identified or suspected of being gang affiliated by police intelligence sources at the grounds, HNNUSA found. Even Summerfest and other ethnic festivals that take place during the summer at the grounds don’t aggressively discriminate as Mexican Fiesta does.
Summerfest was previously sued by the Milwaukee Outlaws because security and police kicked out members of the Outlaws for having their Colors (vests with club logo) on. Summerfest lost the lawsuit and it was ruled that they could not simply kick out anyone because they were wearing their club logo.

MPD P.O. Alexander C. Ayala wearing white cap.


Also on Saturday, Rafael Hernández posted on Facebook (FB) that on Friday, he was escorted out of Mexican Fiesta by Milwaukee police for having tattoos in his face. On Saturday, he covered his face with “tattoo cover-up” and went back to Fiesta, but unfortunately he was again escorted out by police. No refunds were given.
Is the Milwaukee Police Department, LPOA and Mexican Fiesta ripping off people by keeping their money after being kick-out of Fiesta?
Even Mexican Fiesta volunteers of the event were stopped inside the grounds and got their tattoos checked out first before they were allowed to continue after they showed their official Fiesta badges.
FB friends send messages to South Side Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo-West and to 12th District Alderman José Pérez about the current discrimination people are facing at Fiesta by police, LPOA and Mexican Fiesta. This type of discrimination has been taking place for the last three years and how many victims were kick-out without getting a refund. According to comments made in Hernández’s FB account by friends, Fiesta and Milwaukee police are turning out to be known in a four letter word “F..k Fiesta Mexicana and police” identities, which is going viral on FB. It sure has become one bad public relation static (nightmare) used by police and Fiesta in dealing with good community relations, marketing and making money or trying to reach out to the younger generation.
Mario Reyes posted on FB “I am the coordinator for the Mexican Fiesta car show and personally know Rafael Hernández for 20 years. I can guarantee you he has never been in a gang and a matter a fact doesn’t even consume alcohol or any drugs at that! I stated this to security and they didn’t want to hear it. I also was to told by Officer Ayala that I should be prepared to receive a lot of complaints from my fellow car enthusiast, I said why he stated because he cut some of them slack just for the car show but since it was about to end and some of them were starting to go enjoy the the festival he was going to escort them out! Also my co- coordinator was pulled to the side and asked to see his tattoo on his arm when he stated he was a volunteer for Mexican Fiesta he was told we have to check yours too!”

Milwaukee Police profiling at Mexican Fiesta 2013? (Telemundo 63 news video at)

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