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WI State Representative Josh Zepnick Arrested And Cited For OWI In Greenfield

Zepnick failed sobriety tests after a traffic violation stop and was taken into custody by Greenfield police.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 30, 2015

Greenfield, WI – The Greenfield Police Department reported that Wisconsin State Representative Josh Zepnick, 47, (D) was taken into custody on Thursday night and booked for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) after he failed sobriety tests during a traffic violation stop. Zepnick admitted to police that he had been drinking.
Zepnick was stopped at the 6800 block of W. Forest Home Ave., according to police.
The Greenfield Police Department released the following news release, “Last night at about 8:20PM, officers stopped a vehicle near 68th and Forest Home Avenue for a traffic violation. The driver and lone occupant of the vehicle was 47 year old Josh Zepnick of Milwaukee. Zepnick admitted to the officer he had been drinking and failed field sobriety tests. He was subsequently arrested for Operating While Intoxicated.
“Mr. Zepnick refused a breath test and was transported to the Greenfield Police Department where he was booked and released to a responsible adult.
“Mr. Zepnick was polite and respectful during the incident and at no time did he identify himself as a member of the State Assembly.
“The OWI offense is a municipal traffic violation with an optional court date of November 18th in Greenfield Municipal Court.”
Representative Zepnick released the following statement, “…I am deeply, deeply sorry for the decision I made to drive under the influence…”
Zepnick is a candidate for Alderman in the 8th Aldermanic District and challenging incumbent Alderman Bob Donovan who is running for re-election and for Mayor of Milwaukee.


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Milwaukee Debate March Set For November Against The Racist War On Immigrants By Trump And The GOP

Anti-Republican groups in Milwaukee plan a march and rally to the Republican Presidential debates set for November 10 at the Milwaukee Theater.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 29, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, Voces de la Frontera Action (VDLFA), the political affiliate to the non-profit Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant and workers rights organization announced that a march and rally is set for November 10 to protest the anti-immigrant rhetoric by the Republican Presidential candidates. The GOP candidates running for the nomination of the Republican Party label as president will be in Milwaukee for a scheduled debate.
VDLFA, supporters and immigrants including allies are marching for justice for immigrants, a $15 minimum wage and for Black Lives Matter, according to a flyer circulating in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. The march will begin at 4:00 p.m. starting at the VDLFA office, 1027 S. 5th St. and will head to City Hall at 200 E. Wells St. The marchers will meet up with other allies at City Hall and then march to the Republican debate event at the Milwaukee Theater, 500 W. Kilbourn Ave.
The Milwaukee Theater has a capacity of 4,086 and the Republican National Committee confirmed, that the Republican debate for Milwaukee has been sold out.
The presidential candidates will debate on jobs, taxes, the national economy, domestic and international policy issues. Most of the candidates are anti-immigrant and have agreed with Donald Trump on deporting about 11M undocumented immigrants that would lead to separating families, if elected. The candidates have shown non-support for DREAMers or DAPA, which would allow their parents to legally stay in the U.S.
Trump and some of the candidates believe that children born in the U.S. to undocumented parents shouldn’t be U.S. Citizens and would like to strip their citizenship, if elected.

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Milwaukee County Board Finance Committee Approves Municipal ID For Undocumented Immigrants

An ID amendment was added to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s 2016 budget, the full County Board will vote on added amendments in early November.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 26, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, the Milwaukee County Board Finance Committee passed a municipal ID amendment to be added to Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s 2016 budget, it will benefit undocumented immigrants and others who need an ID for County services, according to some County Supervisors. The amendment was sponsored by Milwaukee County Supervisors, Marina Dimitrijevic, Peggy Romo West and Khalifa Rainey. Their claim, that undocumented immigrants, released inmates and others could use the municipal ID to seek health care, use it for prescriptions, start a bank account, obtain a library card, would be able to get discounts for museums and parks and a discount ID for Milwaukee County Transit senior bus riders and those who are disabled and ride the bus.
The full County Board will vote on added amendments to the budget on November 9.
Milwaukee Alderman José G. Pérez is proposing a similar ID amendment for City of Milwaukee residents who are undocumented immigrants and others.The municipal and city ID is the result of the Wisconsin Republican controlled legislature and Governor Scott Walker’s (R) failure to approve a state picture driving permit for undocumented immigrants to legally drive in Wisconsin.

A pro-municipal ID rally will be held on November 2 at the Mitchell Park Domes at 6:00 p.m., according to Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant rights organization.

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Adacia Avery Chambers Charged With Four Felony Counts For 2nd-degree Murder In Oklahoma

Chambers is charged with four felony counts for 2nd-degree murder and additional counts for injuring 47 other people when she plowed with her vehicle into a crowd of spectators including children watching the Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade on Saturday.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 26, 2015

Stillwater, Oklahoma – On Monday, the Stillwater Police Department filed four 2nd-degree murder charges against A dacia Avert Chambers, 25, of Stillwater in connection with last Saturday’s incident when she plowed her vehicle into a crowd of spectators including children watching the Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade. Chamber’s is facing 10 years of each count for 2nd-degree murder, if convicted. Chambers is suspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Three victims died at the scene and a 2-year-old child died later at a local hospital, according to police.
Police also reported that 47 other people were injured including 8 who were flown by Flight for Life to local hospitals. Police are waiting for test results to determine, if Chambers was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the deadly crash.

The victims’ names, ages, location and conditions are listed below. (Courtesy of the Stillwater Police Department on Oklahoma)

Victim, Name, Age, Hometown/Current Location and Condition

● Juvenile, 2, Stillwater, OK, Deceased

● Prabhakar, Nakita, 23, Edmond, OK, Deceased

● Stone, Bonnie Jean, 65, Stillwater, OK, Deceased

● Stone, Marvin Lyle, 65, Stillwater, OK, Deceased

● Bates, Sherry, 40, OU Medical – OKC, Critical

● Murphy, Kelly, 4, St Johns – Tulsa, Critical

● Rodriguez, Diana, 37, St Johns – Tulsa, Critical

● Schmitz, Leo, 60, OU Medical – OKC, Critical

● Turner, Mary Annette, 61, OU Medical – OKC, Critical

● Juvenile, 6, OU Childrens – OKC, Fair

● Juvenile, 7, OU Childrens – OKC, Fair

● Juvenile, 6, OU Medical – OKC, Fair

● Juvenile, 6, OU Medical – OKC, Fair

● Harrison, Kelly, 27, Mercy Hospital – OKC, Good

● Juvenile, 1, OU Medical – OKC, Good

● Juvenile ,12, Stillwater Medical Center, Good

● Harrison, Kimberly, 30, Stillwater Medical Center, Good

● Rodriquez, Diana, 37, Stillwater Medical Center, Good

● Zeng, Dexia, 35, Stillwater Medical Center, Good

● Atwell, Kayleigh, 20, St Johns – Tulsa, Stable

● Edwards,Steven, 55, St Francis – Tulsa, Stable

● Juvenile, 10, Treated and released

●Abai, Clement, 36, Treated and released

● Atwell, Deborah, 55, Treated and released

● Juvenile, 7, Treated and released

● Juvenile, 13, Treated and released

● Bolden, Chayton, 19, Treated and released

● Cardinal, Mary Lynn, 48, Treated and released

● Carter, Kailey Beth, 19, Treated and released

● Chintalapati, Bhardwaj, 26, Treated and released

● Edwards, Teresa Gay, 55, Treated and released

● Freeman, Carrie● 47, Treated and released

● Juvenile, 3, Treated and released

● Gray, Amanda, 24, Treated and released

● Hulbert, Adonis, 19, Treated and released

● Johnson, Taylor Lea, 18, Treated and released

● Johnson, Jenifer, 43, Treated and released

● Lind, Zhigang, 38, Treated and released

● Juvenile, 6, Treated and released

● Reynolds, Amanda, 31, Treated and released

● Schmitz, Sharon, 66, Treated and released

● Smith, Anna, 19, Treated and released

● Stanley, Kim, 58, Treated and released

● Strauch, Nicolette, 20, Treated and released

● Strawn, Katie, 46, Treated and released

● Thames, Pamela, 59, Treated and released

● Vanhooykonk, Bryan, 34, Treated and released

● Whyte, Lynn Sue, 60, Treated and released

● Witten, Kevin, 52, Treated and released

● Wu, Tao, 34, Treated and released

● Wu, Yu Ming, 62, Treated and released

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Adacia Chambers While DUI Crashed Into Homecoming Parade Crowd, Killed 3 And Injured 34

25-year-old woman driving while DUI has been taken onto custody after crashing into a local homecoming parade crowd and killed 3 people and injured 34 others.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 24, 2015

Stillwater, Oklahoma – On Saturday, Adacia Chambers, 25, was taken into custody while driving under the influence (DUI) and crashing into a crowd watching the State of Oklahoma University Homecoming Parade. Chambers is facing three felony counts for vehicular homicide while DUI and multiple counts of causing injury by vehicle while under DUI.
Police reported that three people were killed and 34 others were injured including 8 who were flown by Flight for Life to local hospitals. Police are waiting for test results to determine, if Chambers was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the deadly crash.

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Clínica Latina Serving More Than 200K Patients In 40 Years Of Affordable Health Care Service

Clínica Latina continues to provide affordable health and medical care in Milwaukee’s Southside for 40 years.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 24, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – Today, Dr. Leonardo Aponte MD announced that he and the Clínica Latina S.C. at 1238 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive, (414-645-6665) in Milwaukee has served more than 200,000 patients in a combined 40 years of affordable health and medical care service. Dr. Aponte is general practitioner, including a family medical practice and is a certified Nuclear Medicine doctor. He speaks four languages, French, German, Spanish and English.
On Saturday, Dr. Aponte in a video personally thanked the community, his medical staff, doctors and administrative workers for their dedication, support and service all these years. Dr. Aponte is working on several projects today, one of them is creating a minor surgery clinic facility to do affordable surgeries for patients saving them high cost fees otherwise charged at hospitals. The second project is to establish a resource clinic to treat drug and alcoholic addiction. Dr. Aponte says, that the first project is close to getting accomplish since, he doesn’t count on federal, state or private funds. The Clínica Latina is a full health care service provider including minor laser surgery for the last 15 years, has 9 medical staff including administrative members and is looking forward for the 41st Anniversary next year, according to Dr. Aponte.
At first, Dr. Aponte began to treat Mexican and Puerto Rican families, today the Clínica Latina has been able to treat patients from Asia, Europe, Central and South America. Everyday, we get new patients, especially younger in age, Dr. Aponte told Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA).
In brief: Dr. Aponte arrived in Milwaukee from Connecticut in 1974 after finishing his Nuclear Medicine studies. He first practice medicine at the Medical Surgical Clinic at the 2500 block of W. Lincoln Ave. from September 1974 to July 1975. While at the clinic on Lincoln Ave., Dr. Aponte noticed that Mexican families weren’t getting the medical services needed. On August 1975, Dr. Aponte was able to start his practice in a one room office at a dental facility with late Dr. John Gonis who established Dental Associates on S. 16th St. (later renamed S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive) and Ron Silverman, his partner who had an Optical practice. He practice medicine for four months at Dental Associates and then briefly moved to the 1600 block of W. Greenfield Ave. on the upper level of the Gull Pharmacy. He practiced medicine for the next 8 years at 1322 S. 16 St. and provided free medical consultation to Mexican families at the Guadalupe Church School.
Dr. Aponte was later able to open the Clínica Latina S.C. at 1238 S. Cesar E. Chavez Drive. Congratulations to Clínica Latina and its medical and administrative staff on their 40th Anniversary.

Medical and administrative staff:

● Dr. Leonardo Aponte

● Dr. Antonio Gonzalez (21 years of medical service)

● Dr. Tomas O’Conner (5 years of medical service)

● Dr. Elaine Gilbert (8 years of medical service)

● Adriana Luevano, Clinic Administrative Manager, (7 years of service)

● Cindy Nuñez, Medical Assistant, (3 years of service)

● Jorge Escamilla, Medical Assistant

● D’Andre Turner, Billing, (14 years of service)

● Rosa Villa, Accounting

● Lee Fevo, Accounting

Video: Dr. Leonardo Aponte and the Clínica Latina’s 40th Anniversary in Milwaukee

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Imprimis Pharmaceuticals Offers Less Than A Dollar Per Tablet As Alternative To Turing’s $750 Daraprim Pill

Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC is facing a backlash after raising the price of Daraprim to $750 per tablet, now Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is offering an alternative at a price of less than one dollar per tablet.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 23, 2015

San Diego, CA – On Thursday, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that it will offer a customized formulation of pyrimethamine and leucovorin to doctors to prescribe to patients as an alternative to Daraprim. Daraprim is sold by Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC for $750 per tablet and Imprimis will make it available for less than one dollar per tablet or $99.00 per one hundred tablets.
According to a news release by Imprimis, last month, Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, the sole supplier of Daraprim, increased the price of this prescription drug from $13.50 per tablet to a reported $750.00 per tablet. The FDA-approved label for Daraprim indicates that it is prescribed for toxoplasmosis and other types of infections. Toxoplasmosis can be of major concern for patients with weakened immune systems such as patients with HIV/AIDS, pregnant women and children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pyrimethamine works to block folic acid synthesis in the parasite T. gondii, the cause of toxoplasmosis, and leucovorin helps to reverse the negative effects on bone marrow caused by this mechanism of action.
Imprimis is now offering customizable compounded formulations of pyrimethamine and leucovorin in oral capsules starting as low as $99.00 for a 100 count bottle, or at a cost of under a dollar per capsule, Imprimis Pharmaceuticals reported.

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