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Hines Jr. Resigns As Milwaukee Common Council President To Take Housing Authority Job

Hines Jr. resigns after serving ten years as president of the Milwaukee Common Council.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 31, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Friday, Willie Hines Jr. announced that he will retire as an Alderman for the 15th District and as Common Council president, according to his resignation notice effective February 1. Hines Jr. had been the president of the Milwaukee Common Council for the last ten years and was first elected as alderman in 1996.
Hines Jr. will be the new associate director for the city’s Housing Authority. He will begin his new job Monday.
The Common Council is expected to elect a new president by February 11 when the meet and a special election will be held to fill his vacant seat.

Willie L. Hines Jr.


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Warren Police Officer Najor Fired For Brutally Chopping Gregory’s Hair Weaves While In Custody

Najor was fired from the Warren Police Department after she chopped off weaves from a woman in custody while in restrains as other officers watched in the booking area.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 31, 2014

Warren, Michigan – On Thursday, WXYZ dot com reported that Warren Police Officer Bernadette Najor has been fired from the department after it was learned that she brutally chopped the hair weaves of a woman in custody while other officers just watched. On November 13, Charda Gregory, 22, was arrested after she allegedly trashed a room at the Suez Motel on 8 Mile in Warren. Gregory says, she went to a party in Detroit and believed that she was drugged and then woke up at the hotel.
Police arrested Gregory for trashing the room and was sprayed with pepper gas. When she arrived at the booking area, Officer Najor can be seen shoving Gregory into a bench and then officers restrained her in a chair. In a video released by police, Officer Najor begins to chop Gregory’s hair weaves with scissors and yanks the hair from the roots causing damage and bald spots.
The officers later told their supervisors what had happened, but didn’t attempt to stop Najor from abusing Gregory. Officer Najor never filed a report of what had happened. She later claimed that Gregory wanted to commit suicide, so she cut her weaves. Investigators didn’t believe Officer Najor who was suspended at first, but was later terminated as a result of an internal investigation.
Najor was previously disciplined for lying, according to WXYZ dot com.
All charges against Gregory have been dropped.

Charda Gregory’s Warren Police released video posted at link:

Bernatte Najor and Charda Gregory

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Hoaxter Rick Dyer Released Video Of Alleged Farce Bigfoot

Dyer has admitted in previous times that Bigfoot does not exist and has made lots of money by pulling a hoax.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 31, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada – On Friday, hoaxter Rick Dyer, a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter and tracker has released a video of an enclosed Bigfoot specimen. The short YouTube video scans through the enclosed case and a specimen can be seen inside.
Dyer has been under pressure to provide scientific evidence that his alleged kills are actually Bigfoots. No scientific data or DNA testing has been released by Dyer. He probably, will never release any certified data.
Dyer wants people to pay to view a specimen that he says is the real Bigfoot. But, his prior record of pulling a hoax to make money from Bigfoot hungry believers has become real profitable for Dyer. Pulling another hoax to make money and gain notoriety is Dyer’s goal. Publicity has become the main campaign for Dyer to bring in the cash by luring myth believers to see his specimen, according to Dyer.
In previous audio recordings circulating the Internet, Dyer admitted that he had pulled a hoax in 2008 and made a ton of money from people wanting to believe that Bigfoot exists. But, Dyer admitted that Bigfoot doesn’t exist and he just wants to make money from those who need to believe, Bigfoot is real.
So far, Dyer has admitted to finding a Bigfoot body in 2008 and some “Men in Black” stole it or confiscated the specimen. It was his first hoax, according to Dyer. Today, he admits to bagging two Bigfoots, one in Texas and the other at an unknown location.
Apparently, Dyer cancelled a Bigfoot February press conference citing that scientists who examined his specimen weren’t available.

Dyer’s “See the Real body of Bigfoot” at following link:

Video where Dyer admits to hoax and Bigfoot doesn’t exist (2013) at link:

Rick Dyer

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“La Changa” Arrested For Operating A Drug Manufacturing Laboratory In A Michoacán Cave

Rodríguez was in charged of operating a synthetic drug manufacturing operation in a cave for Los Caballeros Templarios.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 31, 2014

Los Desmontes, Michoacán, Mexico – On Wednesday, Mexican Federal Police and members of the Michoacán Community Self-defense Security Forces (MCSSF) reported the arrested of Irma Castillo Rodríguez, aka, “La Changa or La Matacaballos” in connection with the manufacturing of a synthetic drug laboratory in a rural cave located in Los Desmontes. Rodríguez operated the drug laboratory for Los Caballeros Templarios Cartel and trafficked drugs in Los Desmontes township, San Juan Nuevo and Tancítaro municipalities.
Authorities confiscated about 400 kilos of cocaine.

Irma Castillo Rodríguez, aka, “La Changa or Matacaballos”

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Sheboyan 17-year-old Teen Arrested In Connection With Father’s Homicide

Police suspect teen assaulted and murdered his father during an altercation at their Sheboygan apartment.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 30, 2014

Sheboygan, WI – On Thursday, Dorian M. Torres, 17, was taken into custody at his current residence where police discovered the body of his father, NewsTMJ4 reported. The victim’s ex-wife, Shelly Lynn Torres, 42, went to police after Emilio Eduardo Torres, 41, hadn’t been seen and she was worried about him. When police arrived at Emilio’s apartment at the 2100 block of Meadowland Drive, they found his body and Torres at the scene.
Torres was taken into custody and is awaiting first-degree intentional homicide charges in the murder. Police suspect Torres assaulted his father and killed him days before his body was discovered on Thursday morning. No motive has been determined in the early stages of the murder investigation.
Torres has multiple cases pending for 2013, one felony count for burglary of a dwelling, and five misdemeanor counts for criminal trespassing, theft, possession of THC (Marijuana) and two for bail jumping, according to court records.
Torres was expected in court for a plea hearing in February.

Dorian M. Torres

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Key Jalisco Cartel Leader Arrested By Mexican Military In Guadalajara

Top leader of Nueva Generación Cartel has been arrested.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 30, 2014

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – On Thursday, Rubén Oseguera González, 23, was taken into custody at the municipality of Zapopan during a five hour early morning operation by the Mexican military in the city of Guadalajara, according to Monte Alejandro Rubido García, head of the Mexican Government National Security. González is considered one of the top leaders in charge of the Nueva Generación (New Generation) de Jalisco drug cartel. His father, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, aka, “El Mencho” is considered as one of the founders and main leaders of the La Nueva Generación Cartel along with Erick Valencia Salazar.
González was wanted for running a drug smuggling operation between South America and Mexico, in order to smuggle drugs into the U.S. The military confiscated 13 weapons exclusively used by the military, a grenade and large amounts of money.
González was taken to Mexico City to be processed by the Mexican Federal Attorney General’s Special Organized Crime Bureau.

Rubén Oseguera González

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Milwaukee County Seniority Will No Longer Be Key Factor For County-wide Bumping During Layoffs

New proposed Milwaukee County employee rules under Civil Service Rules could cut about 170 employees seniority, but will increase seniority for 330 of 500 affected.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 30, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele sent out an e-mail to all County workers about proposed changes on seniority, County-wide layoff considerations, employment protection and reimbursement for work related expenses for non-County Safety workers. Abele in the e-mail wrote, “Unfortunately some of these potential changes in the proposal have been misrepresented and I want to take the opportunity to clearly lay out what these changes would do. These changes preserve employment protections for employees, and preserve other important provisions such as sick pay, shift differential, number of vacation days and pension and health benefits. Accrued seniority will be maintained, however would be considered on a County-wide basis. The proposal also continues important provisions such as reimbursement for work related expenses like seminars, license fees, and continuing education. Most importantly, the proposal does not take away any civil service or legal rights.”
Since under the Governor Scott Walker (R) 2011 Act 10 law, County employees no longer can use a union for bargaining wage differences, but have to file grievances with the Department of Human Resources (DHR) who have recommended changes in some areas in its Crosswalk report. Seniority will no longer be used as a basis to bump another employee on a County-wide basis, except within a classification and department facing a layoff, which eliminates the placement provision, according to Abele and the DHR Crosswalk memo proposal.
The new proposal for some Milwaukee County employees under the Civil Service Rules could actually result in the elimination of seniority of about 170 employees, but will increase seniority for 330 of 500 employees that will be affected. Those part time employees facing seniority cuts will maintain their straight earned hours, since they were hired.
The Crosswalk proposal doesn’t eliminate the current differences in pay wage inequality, which some County employees with less seniority make more than those with more seniority and college degrees in some departments.
County employees will now have to get permission before they engage in extra work related expenses due to the availability of funds for reimbursements.
Abele says, “Over the last six months, HR held nine meetings to ensure open and informative exchanges with the representatives of the collective bargaining units. As a result of these conversations, HR is proposing changes that will create a more uniform workplace for all employees, while preserving provisions that are unique to certain classes of employees. These changes clear up the current system where co-workers might have different rules, based simply on when, where and how they were hired. The details of these changes are reflected in what has been called ‘the crosswalk’.
“The proposed changes would also standardize the employee grievance system, while still giving employees appropriate opportunities to grieve discipline. The changes also get rid of outdated rules that are burdensome for employees and no longer followed, but remain in the County’s Ordinances. Amongst other results, these changes would reduce the wait time for hearing grievances and would give employees a direct line to HR representatives to address workplace issues,” Abele wrote in the e-mail.
Abele wants the County Board to approve the proposed changes detailed in the Crosswalk report by next month.

Milwaukee County DHR Crosswalk report (PDF) at link:

Chris Abele

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