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Kenji Goto, Latest Japanese National Beheaded By ISIS

Photos released from an ISIS video shows that another Japanese national has been beheaded.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 31, 2015

Syria – On Saturday, ISIS released a video showing that Kenji Goto, a Japanese national and a freelance journalist has been beheaded. Photos of Goto’s cold blooded execution appeared on Twitter and other social media sites. Goto’s executioner is believed to be Muhammed Emwazi, aka, “Jihadi John.”
Goto had gone to Syria in the hope to help another Japanese national, Haruna Yukawa from getting executed, but was unsuccessful. Yukawa was beheaded. Goto himself was taken by terrorists.
ISIS killing of both Yukawa, 42, and Goto has now forced Japan to join the international community against the terrorists. Japan did not give in to the $200 million demand to free both hostages. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to bring justice for the Japanese hostages killed by the terrorists.
ISIS terrorists have marked the start of their end by executing neutral nationals from various countries forcing those nations to join the international armed forces, including the U.S. and United Kingdom’s campaign to demise the terrorists.
More bombings are expected against ISIS strongholds in Syria.

Editors note: Update

ISIS Jihadi John identified as Muhammed Emwazi born in Kuwait, raised in London, who beheaded Foley, Sotloff, Haines, Goto and 22 Syrian soldiers, the Washington Post reported on February 25, 2015.


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Traffic Violation Stop Yield $6.75M Of Cocaine In Chicago

Police in the Northwest side of Chicago pulled over driver for not using a turn signal and discovered 119 pounds of cocaine in several suitcases.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 31, 2015

Chicago, Illinois – On Friday, Juan Roberto Vázquez, 28, was taken into custody around 2:30 p.m. after a traffic violation led to a discovery of 119 pounds of cocaine worth at least $6.75M, according to Chicago police. Vázquez was seen loading several suitcases into a vehicle by police and then drove away. He failed to make a turn signal and was stopped by police.
Vázquez was taken into custody after he failed to show a driver’s license and didn’t have insurance for the vehicle. Police checked both suitcases and found 54 bricks of cocaine when tested.
Vázquez was charged with one felony count for possession of a control substance, one misdemeanor count for no driver’s license and cited for no insurance and failing to make a turn signal when turning.

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Huyke, The Conquistador Newspaper Publisher Strongly Considering To Drop HCCW Membership

Who’s Who in the Latino community claimed the HCCW continues to be a “Sell Out.”

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 30, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – Since last Saturday, many members of the Latino community have stepped up on Facebook to claim that the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin (HCCW) has always been known to “Sell Out” the Latino community for profit. The “Sell Out” label was first bestowed on the HCCW when it was headed by Maria Monreal-Cameron, the former executive director/President of the HCCW who retired and now has followed Jorge Franco, the new CEO, Chairman and President of the HCCW. The latest business contract between the HCCW and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ignited another allegation that Franco is following the legacy of Monreal-Cameron in selling out the Latino business community and even its own membership like El Conquistador Newspaper.
On Saturday, Victor Huyke, the publisher of El Conquistador Newspaper accused the HCCW of not working with fellow Latino businesses that are members of the same organization. The HCCW had announced that Visión, an upcoming newspaper would be published by its new partner, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) during the 25th HCCW Annual Banquet.
Huyke was led to believe that he was betrayed by the HCCW, according to numerous postings and comments supporting his newspaper. Apparently, the HCCW didn’t announce a contract bid to its own business memberships, including Latino businesses.
In October 27, 2004, radio host Mark Belling made a racial and derogatory slur calling Latino community voters “Wetbacks” for potential voter fraud. He was suspended for about a week from his Clear Channel, Inc. WISN radio program after the Latino community protested. Monreal-Cameron from the HCCW and other members of the community represented some of the protesters and Monreal-Cameron was able to get Clear Channel to provide a radio spot for Perfecto Rivera, a member of the HCCW and give a donation to their conference and billboard advertising too. Many members of the community realized that Belling could have been forced to get fired, but the HCCW received credit for neutralizing the protests and they just faded away until now when Robert Miranda, the Editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal rehashed the Belling racial slur and the HCCW selling out in 2004.
One question that no one has been asking today is, how much business relocation has the HCCW attracted to the Southside, especially new development, small business growth including grand openings and job growth can the HCCW take credit for?, probably not much. The HCCW is currently facing a budget deficit and Franco is working to keep the HCCW afloat, according to its members.
A local business owner on César E. Chávez Drive has even accused Franco of possibly responsible for the Forest Home Library not locating to the 1100 block of Chávez Drive. Last month, the Milwaukee Library Board of Trustees Committee decided to relocate the Forest Home Library to the Hills Building at the 900 block of W. Historic Mitchell St. Milwaukee’s Southside and the city would have been on the national scene, if the city would have picked a major development project on Chávez Drive and possibly creating the César E. Chávez Drive Library instead of a remodeling project on W. Historic Mitchell Street.
Franco has not released any statement regarding the Conquistador Newspaper, HCCW and MJS debacle. HNNUSA has attempted to reach Franco for comment, but was unsuccessful.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) contacted Huyke on Friday and confirmed that he is strongly considering to drop his membership with the HCCW and decided not to publish his discontent statement against the HCCW. But will keep his HCCW discontent statement on FB. Huyke implied that he is moving on. One thing for sure, Huyke has survived despite facing many obstacles including the current Visión newspaper HCCW issue and will continue to do so after 16 years of weekly publishing service to the Hispanic community.

The listed HCCW Board officers and members are:

Chairman, President & CEO: Jorge Franco

Vice Chair: Thomas Mason – Thomas A. Mason Co. Inc.

Treasurer: Frank Becerra – BITS & Associates LLC

Secretary: Dimas Ocampo – RC Insurance Services Inc

● Joaquin J. Altoro
Town Bank

● Tony Arteaga
Arteaga Construction Inc.

● Frank Becerra
BITS & Associates LLC

● Antonio Chavez

● Brian Ganos
Sonag Hispanic-Owned Companies

● Perfecto Rivera

● The Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales
Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP

● Thomas A. Mason
Thomas A. Mason Co. Inc.

● Roberto Monteagudo DDS
Wisconsin Smiles

● Dimas Ocampo
RC Insurance Services Inc.

● Attorney Peter Ramirez
Von Briesen & Roper SC

● Aaron Rudberg
Robert W. Baird & Co – Private Equity

● Eric S. Serrano
Strategic Employee Benefit Services

Here are just a few posted comments from Facebook (FB).

Olivia Villareal, one of the owners of El Rey Grocery Stores posted, “This would NOT be first time Mr Franco kicked a Hispanic business or Hispanic organization in the teeth! Ask him why he made the Cesar E Chavez library NOT HAPPENED ON Cesar E Chavez Drive?…El Rey is tired of lip service and no positive action from this organization for us Hispanic businesses but they’re the first to put out their hand for donations!”

Julio Maldonado, the César E. Chávez Drive BID executive posted, “I actually said the same thing to my wife while at the banquet, wow another Aqui! Then again, this move from Franco, is not surprising to me. The only business that is gained from the HCCW is that from the board themselves!…maybe it’s time to revive Hispanic Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin! He did ask me this last summer “why don’t we merge”? I laughed, as I read right through that…. He wanted our membership numbers and to say they “actually” help out small businesses! What a joke!” (Maldonado has since removed his comment from FB.)

Becky Quesada works at MATC, “Hispanic Chamber of commerce hasn’t changed. Still a backstabber.”

Raul Huertas, “It is nothing new, the what we should call left wing Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, always will contribute tho the growth of the anglos and African American business, they till this day treat us as illegals, that’s why HEW was born, to REPRESENT AND EMPOWER LATINO BASE BUSINESS, wen I operate it, the chamber look at us as their biggest threat, and Gorge Franco?, what I think, he is just living on Maria’s legacy, this events make me so sick that I even contemplating to revive HEW and show the chamber what the real LATINOS can do for their COMMUNITY, by not selling our self to the highest bidder…To all those that you don’t know what HEW stands for, it means HISPANIC ENTREPRENEURS OF WISCONSIN, we were the real deal.”

Graciela Hernández is a SOC Board member and business owner, “…I guess any collaboration with the hcc will have to be trademark so they don’t steal it like always. As a business owner hcc was of no help to me on the contrary they discourage my business. I know they are only in it for the $$$. We need to establish a true Hispanic Chamber one that is for the hispanic community not one that sells our community for the highest bid…”

Cheri LaLoca González, “The only benefit i see is that it could be in english. Being a non-spanish speaking latina there is alot ive missed however they should use an hispanic business rather than non. I feel they sold out, not sending a good message of support to our youth.”

Sylvia Ortiz is a former Milwaukee County Supervisor candidate, “Not supprised with the actions of the chamber. What the chamber did was wrong. Firstly it was your idea in the first place and to partner with non hispanic busineess when we have the el conquistador which has been here, on so many different levels, for the community. I SAY BOYCOTT. They probably figured that you would take it lying down. Smf.. They are out of touch with the hispanic community and have been for years…..I for one will not pick it up…Unfortunately to you really can’t blame the milwaukee journal sentinel the chamber had always represented that they speak for the whole hispanic community.”

Alan Eisenburg is the Editor of El Conquistador, “double cross…Hisp Chamber must be disbanded”

Update: On Friday, Victor Huyke only published a brief version of his Facebook statement to “thank everyone that has extended their support and kind words.” He didn’t explained, why the thank you notice was printed on his publication and I’m sure everyone coming upon his statement on page 5 are wondering, what is he referring too? Huyke’s latest thank you notice indicates a deal might have been struck to neutralize Huyke’s previous discontent with the HCCW and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s debacle and latest scandal.Robert Miranda from the Wisconsin Spanish Journal when contacted by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. stated, “whatever arraignment was made between HCCW and the Conquistador, Huyke at least thanked the community for getting him what he wanted. SMH”

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New Trial Ordered For Get Away Driver Involved In Four Lakewood Cop Homicides

Get away driver facing new trial in the murder of four Lakewood police officers in 2009.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 30, 2015

Tacoma, Washington – Darcus Dewayne Allen, 43, or Dorcus Allen, the get away driver allegedly involved in the murders of four Lakewood police officers on November 2009 who was convicted as an accomplice in May 2011 for four counts of first-degree of murder and sentenced to 420 years in prison will get a new trial, the Washington State Supreme Court (WSSC) ruled on January 15. Allen was charged for driving Maurice Clemmons, 37, to the Parkland coffee shop on November 29, 2009 where Clemmons allegedly walked into the shop and fatally shot four Lakewood Police Officers, Greg Richards, 42, Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, Tina Griswold, 40, and Ronald Owens, 37, while they were inside.
Clemmons and Allen the accused get away driver then fled the scene. Clemmons was killed two days later by a Seattle police officer.
Clemmons had bragged that he wanted to kill some police officers and Allen knew and drove Clemmons to the coffee shop, according to the criminal complaint.
The WSSC in a 26-page opinion ruled that the Pierce County deputy prosecutor during Allen’s trial engaged in “prejudicial misconduct” that influence a jury by repeatedly misstating the law describing how a defendant must have prior knowledge of a crime to be committed in order to be convicted by a jury and ordered a new trial. The Pierce County prosecutor’s office maintains that Allen was convicted on evidence and are confident Allen will be convicted once again. A new trial for Allen will be scheduled in 60 days.

Allen’s 26-page ruling at link (PDF):

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7 Dead And 66 Reported Injured After Gas Explosion Rips Mexican Infant Hospital Apart

At least 7 dead including four infants have been reported after gas explosion in Mexico, D.F.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 29, 2015

Mexico, D.F. – On Thursday, Mexican authorities have reported that 66 people, including infants were injured after a gas explosion ripped apart the Infant Maternity Hospital in Cuajimalpa. Medical rescue workers indicated that at least seven victims have died including four infants.
The hospital staff reported a gas leak before 6:45 a.m. and fire rescue units arrived at the scene. A half hour later around 7:10 a.m., an explosion occurred and was captured on a cell phone video by a spectator on the street.
Apparently, a gas truck from Gas Express Nieto was filling the gas system and a hose connector began to leak, which ignited and the gas exploded destroying about 70% of the hospital, according to Miguel Ángel Mancera, the Governor of Mexico, D.F.
Rescue workers throughout the day have been removing debris to locate possible missing, injured and surviving victims, according to Mancera.
Armando Ahued, the Health Secretary has confirmed that 21 of the 66 injured were infants, which seven are in critical condition, also seven adults were reported in critical condition as well.
Another version, a gas pipe was being repaired when a leak was detected, but someone connected a heater close to the gas leak and sparked an explosion. 18 victims are listed as critical condition and some might not survive, according to authorities. The dead count could increase.
According to neighbors, police blocked the streets and access to the hospital scene and kept news media away for a while until word began to spread around the neighborhood. People began to arrive at the scene looking for relatives. The hospital has a 35 bed capacity and more than 100 people and staff were at the hospital facility when the gas ignited causing kaos.
People are criticizing the fire rescue units of not evacuating the hospital in time before the explosion occurred.

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Miranda Speaks Out About El Conquistador Newspaper And The HCCW Debacle

Robert Miranda is the former Esperanza Unida, Inc. Executive Director and is the current Editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal in Milwaukee.

Posted by H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 29, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday, Robert Miranda, the Editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal (WSJ) released the following article as a courtesy from both Miranda and the WSJ for Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) to share with the community at large. On Sunday, the HNNUSA published an article about a controversial issue involving both El Conquistador Newspaper, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin (HCCW) and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that also involved a third party, Miranda.
The latest WSJ newspaper will be distributed for this week and will feature Miranda’s article about El Conquistador Newspaper and the HCCW controversy.For the full HNNUSA article go to following link: Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin Announced Partnership With The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel To Publish Visión

The following article was released by Robert Miranda and the Wisconsin Spanish Journal.

Support HCCW? Group That Got Mark “Bigot” Belling off the Hook.

By Robert Miranda, Editor Wisconsin Spanish Journal

January 28, 2015

This past weekend the Highspanic Chamber of Commerce (HCCW) held its 25th Annual Awards Banquet at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino. The love-us-fest showcased Governor Scott Walker’s award and a host of pompous débutant Highspanic wanna-bees.

The sweet smell of cheap perfume marinated the overflowing audience in an ambiance of pretentious hellos amidst the dull glow of imitation jewelry. But the evening of self-appreciation and fake greetings did not go by without a hitch. Indeed, the night’s event carried on into the following day after Jorge (or is it George) Franco, the President and CEO of HCCW, announced his partnership with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to create “Visión,” another attempt by the Hispanic group to establish a Latino publication focused on the Highspanic community and Latte Latino owned businesses—not to mention covering the presidential aspirations of Governor Scott Walker.

However, while everyone sat star-struck at the news, Franco’s announcement was not at all received well by Victor Huyke, publisher of the Conquistador, a Latino owned business and member of the HCCW. By the way, in 1999 the HCCW award Huyke HCCW Business of the Year (so much for that honor).

Anyway, the local blog, Hispanic News Network U.S.A. reports that Huyke was so pissed off about the news he went right to his Facebook page and posted some rather choice words against the HCCW. Huyke commented, “My staff and I were in shock as he (Franco) said this. When he finished speaking, we loudly left the event, letting everyone around us know our discontent.” UY QUE MALO! NO MUERDES.

The Hispanic News Network U.S.A. blog also reports that after Huyke gave his rant, a chorus of his supporters chimed in including: Jessica McBribe, a journalist who posted: “I would think the ‘Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’ would support Hispanic-owned businesses, not help non-Hispanic businesses compete against them. That’s pretty shocking, really.”

Julio Maldonado of the César E. Chávez Drive BID also quipped and posted: “I actually said the same thing to my wife while at the banquet, wow another Aqui! Then again, this move from Franco is not surprising to me. The only business that is gained from the HCCW is that from the board themselves! Maybe it’s time to revive Hispanic Entrepreneurs of Wisconsin. He did ask me this last summer: “Why don’t we merge?” I laughed, as I read right through that…. He wanted our membership numbers and to say they “actually” help out small businesses! What a joke!”

Such disdain for this Hispanic leader of a Hispanic organization.

Hmmm…Why are Huyke and his supporters attacking Hispanics? Now that I think about it, Victor Huyke and some of his supporters would say that about me in my writings. Oh! I get it. Only Huyke and his supporters can attack other Hispanics.

Well, that being said, HCCW did not react much to what Huyke had to say, which has always been the play of the HCCW whenever they acted in their own best interest.


Like when HCCW sold out our community to Clear Channel Inc. after WISN 1130 radio ultra conservative blowhard Mark “Bigot” Belling slurred our community on air calling our people a bunch of “WETBACKS.”

After weeks of demonstrations and talks to have the racist Belling removed from the air, we were just a hair away from making it happen when all of a sudden Perfecto (or is that Imperfecto) Rivera, then chairman of the board of the HCCW, announced he was getting a radio program at WISN. Shortly thereafter, the HCCW announced that Clear Channel Inc. was going to be a major sponsor of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce National convention that year in Milwaukee.

Yep! HCCW pulled off a classic betrayal and in return, Mark “Bigot” Belling was let off the hook and returned on the air continuing his bashing of Hispanics and immigrants and anything that looks brown or speaks English funny.

And this is really the point of what happened to the Conquistador publisher.

Huyke’s tirade about the HCCW betraying the Hispanic community and Hispanic owned businesses is all gobbledygook. Let’s be real, he kissed their ass expecting goodies and when they didn’t deliver the goodies they’re the bad guys again?

The hypocrisy of Victor Huyke and others like him, who go and support HCCW then turn on HCCW for not supporting the Latino community after HCCW doesn’t deliver them the goodies Huyke wanted, is a clear example of why the HCCW is still able to continue to betray our community by ignoring Latino owned businesses. Huyke and his followers/supporters should have been boycotting HCCW after HCCW sold out our community to Clear Channel and Mark “Bigot” Belling all this time. Not looking to HCCW over the years for a hand out.

The snake like activities of HCCW will continue at the expense of our community’s dignity. Latinos should continue to boycott HCCW events for selling out our people and ignoring Latino businesses.

My suggestion for what should be done now you ask? I think what needs to happen at HCCW is simple. HCCW has to move away from being controlled by individuals who think it’s their private company. Second, restructuring of the board of directors of HCCW has to happen. The board should reflect the Latino community business population, not white corporate America. Get those two things done, all else should fall in place.

Miranda is editor of the Wisconsin Spanish Journal

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Mexico’s PGR Concluded 43 Ayotzinapa Students Murdered In Iguala And Cocula

Leader of the Guerreros Unidos confessed to ordering other members to kill the students left alive after 15 were sufficed to death by municipal police after being arrested.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

January 27, 2015

Mexico, D.F. – On Tuesday, Jesús Murillo Karam, the Federal Attorney General (PGRF) and Tomás Zero de Lucio, the director of the Federal Criminal Investigation Agency announced that the latest arrest on January 15 of Felipe Rodríguez Salgado, aka, “El Terco or El Cepillo,” the cell leader of the Guerreros Unidos (GU) in Iguala, a criminal organization has resulted with additional information, which confirmed that the 43 Ayotzinapa missing students were tortured, executed and their bodies incinerated to eliminate any DNA evidence. Rodríguez Salgado’s latest confession confirmed that the Ayotzinapa missing students were murdered by members of the GU, corrupt municipal police from both Iguala and Cocula under orders of Rodríguez Salgado himself, Iguala Mayor José Luis Abarca Velázquez, his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa and Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado. Abarca Velázquez was receiving payment to protect the Guerreros Unidos in Iguala and his wife had family ties to the criminal organization. Casarrubias Salgado was a leader of the GU in the state of Guerrero. Also, Cocula Mayor César Miguel Peñaloza Santana was taken into custody for his involvement in the massacre.
If convicted of all charges, kidnapping, organized crime, corruption, torture including murder, Rodríguez Salgado, Abarca Velázquez, Pineda Villa, Casarrubias Salgado and other suspects are facing up to 140 years each in a Mexican federal prison.
According to Rodríguez Salgado, on September 26, 2014 he received a call from Chucky, who told him that he was going to be delivered some packages and to go meet the delivery at La Loma de Coyote. The packages meant that rival criminal members from Los Rojos were captured and needed to be interrogated and then eliminated, according to Rodríguez Salgado.
Rodríguez Salgado said that when the delivery of the packages arrived that there were at least 15 to 18 students already dead, which was attributed to asphyxiation when they were tortured by Iguala police and other students were still alive. He also mentioned that about 38 to 41 students were delivered, which some students had their hands tied with rope and others were handcuffed. Rodríguez Salgado noted that between 30 to 35 municipal police officers brought the students in their vehicles and then transferred to several trucks and taken to the Cocula city dump where they were killed and burned.
Rodríguez Salgado ordered Patricio Reyes Landa, aka, “El Pato” to question the students and then execute them. El Pato questioned Bernardo Flores Alcaroz, aka, “El Cochiloco,” “El Flaquito,” and Miguel Ángel Hernández Martínez, aka, “El Patilludo” who were the aliases of some students. El Pato fatally shot the students in the back of the neck, according to Rodríguez Salgado.
The rest of the students who were still alive were questioned, tortured, executed and then burned at the city dump. Rodríguez Salgado ordered for the bodies to be stripped and cellular phones were found hidden in the groin of some students. The cell phones were also burned in the fire fueled by tires, plastic bottles, gasoline and diesel.
Rodríguez Salgado on September 27 returned to the city dump after the bodies were incinerated. He received an order by Gildardo López Astudillo, aka, “El Gil” to get rid of the evidence. El Gil had received orders from Iguala Mayor Abarca Velázquez to eliminate the missing Ayotzinapa students. Astudillo had texted Casarrubias Salgado, another leader of the GU that the students detained by corrupt Iguala and Cocula municipal police were members of a rival crime group called, “Los Rojos.” Casarrubias Salgado had agreed with Mayor Abarca Velázquez to get rid of the students.
Rodríguez Salgado then ordered El Pato to buy some plastic bags to put the ashes in. The following men known as aliases, El Pato, Chequel, Wereke, Primo and Salgado filled the bags with ashes, bones and other fragments and threw them in the San Juan River where they were later recovered by Mexican authorities.
Karam said, that Rodríguez Salgado’s confession collaborated what other suspects have confessed and had identified the three students with aliases that El Pato had executed.
De Lucio says, that 99 suspects involved in the disappearance and murders of the 43 Ayotzinapa students have been detained, some have been charged, others facing charges and that 386 statements including confessions from suspects and witnesses have been documented.
The investigation is ongoing to locate additional suspects that were directly and indirectly responsible for the mass murder of the students.
So far, only one the Ayotzinapa missing students has been identified by DNA, he was identified as Alexander Mora Venancio. The DNA evidence was recovered from a head bone fragment found in a black garbage bag recovered from the San Juan River where Rodríguez Salgado said the bags were discarded. In total, about 60,000 fragments of bones and other evidence was recovered from the city dump, according to Karam.
With Rodríguez Salgado’s arrest and confession, the PGRF is concluding that most of the missing Ayotzinapa students were killed and burned in the Cocula city dump.
The parents, relatives and supporters of the missing Ayotzinapa students have continued their protests and mass marches against President Enrique Peña Nieto’s narco-goverment. They claim that Peña Nieto’s narco-goverment has covered up evidence of their own military and Federal Police involvement in the mass corruption of public officials, police and the murder of students in Guerrero.
Recently, one of the fathers of a missing Ayotzinapa student with the help of unidentified federal authorities traced the student’s cell phone to the Mexican Infantry 27 Battalion military base in Iguala indicating the military and Federal Police were also involved in the mass murder case. The Guerrero State police and Federal Police allegedly were keeping surveillance on the Raúl Isidro Burgos School in Ayotzinapa and it was the authorities that alerted the Iguala Mayor and his wife that the students were headed to Iguala.
None of the students were associated to Los Rojos and there is no evidence to indicate that some students were members of a criminal organization as the PGRF attempts to portray.
The Guerrero Governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero was forced to resigned in 2014 after the Iguala and Cocula student massacre. It was later learned that Rivero’s governorship campaign was also financed by the Guerreros Unidos and the PRD political party moved to oust Rivero from office, but he resigned. Rivero hasn’t been implicated in the student massacre yet.
Currently, Felipe Flores Velázquez, Iguala’s Secretary of Public Safety is being sought by federal Mexican authorities in connection with the student massacre.

The following video explains what happened to the 43 Ayotzinapa missing students (Spanish version), according to Mexico’s Federal Attorney’s General Office.

PGR video que explica hechos en caso Iguala:

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