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Hundreds Of People Marched And Rallied On “Not My President Day” In Milwaukee

Protesters against Trump’s advocacy for hate, racism and bigotry held a rally and a march in Milwaukee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 21, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, hundreds of people gathered at Zeidler Union Square Park to hold a rally on “Not My President Day” and then marched to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson’s (R) office at the federal courthouse. One of the speakers, Ana Dvorak, a community organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin spoked against the GOP repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act. Dvorak told the crowd that the Republicans, Trump, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, U.S. Representative Paul Ryan were playing with people’s lives by trying to repeal Obama Care, but “if we fight back, they won’t be able to kick 30M people out of the health coverage. We are the richest country in the world and if we can afford to cut millions or billions of tax dollars for the wealthy, we can afford to cover all” in health care.
Another speaker, Lus Sosa, Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) educator from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 212 spoked about education and how important is education for democracy and recognized those gathered at the event as a coalition of different groups. Sosa stated, as a group, “together we rise, together we rise, together we rise. Trump picked Betsy DeVos as Secretary of U.S. Education and the reason he did it, is because he wants to undermine our democracy. As you know public education is essential to democracy and we need to make sure that all public schools are well funded.” Sosa urged those gathered at the event to vote on Tuesday and every election forthcoming to make a difference. “We need to vote for champions for public education,” Sosa said. Sosa publicly endorsed Dr. Tony Baez for the Milwaukee Public School Board 6th District and Larry Miller for the Milwaukee Public School Board 5th District on the April 4th Spring Election.
One of the organizers, Juan who claimed that he was an undocumented immigrant spoke about immigrant rights and against Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.’s decision to join 287g ICE Program, which allows designated sheriff deputies to enforce federal immigration laws. Jorge also told the crowd to stand up against Trump’s White nationalists and neo-Nazi agenda in the U.S.
After the rally, the protesters against Trump marched to U.S. Senator Johnson’s office at the federal courthouse where various speakers from the Muslim community spoke as well as from the group PODER.
Currently, Trump is calling for 10,000 additional ICE agents to be hired and mass deportations will also include non-criminal illegal aliens that could target at least 8M undocumented immigrants in the U.S.
Also, the Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee reported that Mexican nationals are seeking dual citizenship for the their U.S. born children just in case, the parents get deported and their children can also accompany them to Mexico, so the children can be allowed to stay in Mexico as well.

Video: Hundreds participated on Monday’s “Not My President Day” march and rally in Milwaukee, WI

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Silvano Aureoles Conejo, Governor From Michoacán Abruptly Ends Interview Over Corruption And Impunity Of State Attorney General

The State of Michoacán continues with the same state of affairs and no effective plan to restore security, jobs and economic stability as promised by Governor Aureoles Conejo during his campaign for the governorship.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 16, 2017

Chicago, Illinois – On Wednesday, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, the Governor of Michoacán was in Chicago to make a presentation about the State of Michoacán at the Casa Michoacán and to engage in a dialogue with immigrants from the state residing in the Chicago area. Governor Aureoles Conejo told those Mexican nationals from the State of Michoacán that he is working to provide legal assistance for those trying to get legal status and for their rights to be respected by U.S. officials under a 10 point plan by his state government.
During a brief planned interview after the event by Raúl Ventura Ortíz from Radio Latina 5.0, Governor Aureoles Conejo became upset when he was asked about a lack of an economic and security stability plan in the state and why was he protecting or doing nothing about allegations that the Michoacán State Presecutor José Martín Godoy Castro was associated with organized crime. Governor Aureoles Conejo responded that Ventura Ortiz had misinformation provided by criminals and that he needed psychological help, which Ventura Ortiz responded that he actually had factual information. Governor Aureoles Conejo became uneasy about being questioned for his lack of installing an economic and security stability plan as he promised during his campaign before getting elected as governor, but after 16 months in office, he lacks any workable and sustainable economic plan for Michoacán.
Governor Aureoles Conejo also attempted to disrupt a video live recording being transmitted by members from Radio Latina about the interview, which has gone viral on social media.
According to Ventura Ortiz who is originally from Michoacán, the State of Michoacán is actually worst today with a proliferation of crime, drug cartels, narco-state government, murders and corruption that is plaguing the state government under Governor Aureoles Conejo. Governor Aureoles Conejo is touring the U.S. and trying to promote a positive outlook for Michoacán that is working for Mexican nationals from the state who continue to send money to families. Michoacán Mexican nationals from the U.S. send about $1,750M of money transfers to the state, which the State of Michoacán collects 25% to help offset the poverty index in the state.
But Ventura Ortiz says, the State of Michoacán is worst today with more than 54% of the poverty rate of the population under Governor Aureoles Conejo who has failed to implement an economic and security plan as promised.

Interview of Governor
Silvano Aureoles Conejo by Raúl Ventura Ortíz, video courtesy of Ernesto Nava:

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The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Alleged Christine Neumann-Ortiz From Voces de la Frontera Lied

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office released a statement alleging that the executive director for Voces de la Frontera has lied about Sheriff Clarke Jr.’s proposed intent to join 287g ICE program.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 15, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, tens of thousands of Latinos and allies marched during a “Day without Latinos, Immigrants and Refugees” to the Milwaukee County Court House from Voces de la Frontera (VDLF) Southside office in opposition to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr.’s decision to join 287g ICE program allowing deputies to be designated to enforce federal immigration laws. In a prior statement released to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) Sheriff Clarke Jr. stated, the march “means nothing to me. The rule of law will prevail.”
The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) on Wednesday, released another statement targeting Christine Neumann-Ortiz, the executive director of VDLF, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and multiple mainstream media for news reports concerning the sheriff and the 287g ICE program. Sheriff Clarke Jr. labeled the media mentioned as fake news.
The MCSO in its Facebook account also included a link to an ICE fact sheet about the recent ICE raids.
Here’s the statement released by the MCSO, “Note that Christine Neumann-Ortiz, of Voces de la Frontera, the group that supports illegal immigration and a safe haven for illegal aliens convicted of serious crimes to remain in the Milwaukee, continues to lie about what the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office is doing to assist another law enforcement agency in pursuit of dangerous criminals. She has to lie to prop up her false narrative.
An accomplice media, including the Urinal Sentinel, FAUX6, TMJ4 – all purveyors of fake news, will not tell the truth either as they have become a propaganda wing for this group that supports illegal immigration. They would never let the facts get in the way of a drive-by hit piece.
Note a list of serious crimes the illegal aliens had been convicted of in the article below, and after release they were allowed to remain in cities, including Milwaukee, to commit more crimes.
County Executive Chris Abele says allowing these criminal illegals to stay makes Milwaukee safe. Whose side is he on anyway? By the way, what is he doing in Zip Code 53206 where he said he would spend all his time on improving the lives of black people who live there? Some reporter should ask Abele how illegal immigration helps struggling black people in Milwaukee. That would be an act of journalism however, and too much to ask of the rank amateur level of media in Milwaukee.
Sheriff Clarke will always stay on the side of protecting law-abiding people.
President Trump has ordered that catch and release days are over.”What the MCSO declined to add was that it would be more likely for undocumented immigrants in Milwaukee County to fall victims of discrimination, illegal profiling, law enforcement abuse and won’t receive equal protection of the law for fear of being deported, if they report or become witnesses of a crime. Undocumented immigrants would be afraid to attend any court hearing to be able to testify against a criminal, since deputy sheriff’s are stationed at very courtroom as bailiffs.
A federal court in Arizona ruled that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpiao under 287g abused the rights of Latinos in his county, discrimination was the norm by Maricopa County deputies and profiling was used to only target Hispanics. Sheriff Arpiao was finally ousted from office.
Despite, the prior federal court ruling concerning the blatant abuses as a result of 287g, Trump has begun to advocate for it use once again by law enforcement agencies willing to join the 287g ICE program.
VDLF released the following statement about the immigrant march, On Monday, tens of thousands of people went on strike, closed their businesses, and withdrew their children from school to resist Trump’s executive orders on immigration and the resulting wave of immigration raids sweeping the country, and to stop Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s from enrolling his department in the federal 287g program, which would deputize his sheriffs to act as Immigration agents. The day’s events, known as a “Day Without Latinxs, Immigrants, and Refugees,” culminated in a massive march of tens of thousands of people from Voces de la Frontera’s offices to the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The diverse march included hundreds of Muslim community members, many of whom also struck and closed their businesses, and joined the march as a body as marchers entered downtown.
Throughout Wisconsin over 150 factories, grocery stores, bakeries, construction companies, auto dealers, restaurants, and many other types of businesses closed out of solidarity or due to worker absence, including over 120 in Milwaukee alone. Many more businesses including hotels, manufacturers, and dairies experienced decreased production due to work stoppages.
Following the march, the massive crowd rallied on the steps of the courthouse, listening to music and speeches from community leaders and elected officials including Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde, and State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa of Milwaukee.

“Today, we escalate the national and international struggle against Trump’s executive orders, which aim to expand the machinery of mass deportation and legalize discrimination based on race and religion,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera. “We came from more than 25 cities in Wisconsin to show Trump and his lapdog Sheriff Clarke that the people of Milwaukee, the people of Wisconsin, and this whole country reject the 287g program and their mass deportation plans. Today, we organized a Day Without Latinxs, Immigrants, and Refugees to use our economic power – through work stoppages, small business closures and our consumer boycotts, to defend our families and communities.”
“Latinos are the backbone of Wisconsin’s dairy industry,” said Germán Sanchez, an Omro, Wisconsin dairy worker who struck and marched with 5 coworkers. “Latinos are responsible for a large part of Wisconsin’s milk production. We work long hours in the cold and heat. We are a positive part of the community, we are family and work-oriented. We love what we do, but we are organized and ready to fight against people like Trump, Clarke, or any politician who attacks our families. We have power. Trump needs to know that if he is putting Latinos at risk, he is putting the dairy industry and the whole economy at risk.”
“This is not a struggle that has Muslims, immigrants and refugees on one side and everyone else on the other side,” said Janan Najeeb, President of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition. “This is a struggle between people that stand for brotherhood, compassion, mercy, justice and human dignity on one side and those that stand for hatred, racism, xenophobia and injustice on the other side. Scapegoating Latinos, immigrants and refugees distracts from addressing real issues and offering real solutions. This city and this country cannot live and function without Latinos, immigrants and refugees! We are physicians, scientists and engineers, we are chefs and waiters, we are farmers and farmhands, we are business owners and domestic helpers. We give life to our city and to our country, and we are not going anywhere!”

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El alguacil Clarke Jr. del condado de Milwaukee confirma, la marcha d e inmigrantes no cambiará su decisión de unirse al programa de ICE 287g

Se espera que los inmigrantes y aliados se unan en Milwaukee para una marcha en protesta de la decisión del alguacil Clarke Jr. del Condado de Milwaukee para unirse al programa de ICE 287g

Por H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

9 de febrero del 2017

Milwaukee, WI – El jueves cuando fue contactado por Hispano News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA), el alguacil David Clarke Jr. del Condado de Milwaukee dio a conocer en un breve comunicado en relación con la próxima marcha del inmigrante organizada y patrocinada por Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), organización para los derechos de inmigrantes y trabajadores en su intento por detener al alguacil Clark Jr. de unirse al programa de ICE 287g. El programa 287g ICE permitirá que los agentes del orden designados como policías locales, alguaciles y policías estatales que puedan ser entrenados para hacer cumplir las leyes federales de inmigración una vez que el gobernador de Scott Walker (R) aprueba la asociación con la Agencia Federal de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE). ¿Será que la marcha del “Día sin Latinos, Inmigrantes y Refugiados” pueda tener un efecto sobre el alguacil Clarke Jr.? El alguacil Clarke Jr. emitió el siguiente comunicado, la marcha “no significa nada para mí. El estado de leyes prevalecerá.”
De acuerdo con el alguacil Clarke Jr., el planea implementar el programa 287g ICE en la Oficina del alguacil (Sheriff) del Condado de Milwaukee. En 2012, el alguacil Clarke Jr. confirmó que la cárcel del condado ha estado en un acuerdo durante los últimos cinco años con los federales para mantener a los inmigrantes indocumentados en el marco del Programa de Asistencia al Extranjero Estado Criminal y el condado era reinburse alrededor de $135.000 en 2009. En 2008, el condado recibió al menos $60.000 bajo el programa, de acuerdo con el alguacil Clarke Jr.
En virtud del acuerdo anterior con ICE, la Oficina del alguacil del Condado de Milwaukee (Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office – MCSO) tiene que comprobar la situación jurídica y el estatus legal de todas las personas que procesan en la cárcel que sospechan que son extranjeros ilegales e informar de sus resultados a ICE.
El lunes, 13 de febrero, múltiples negocios latinos se cerrarán a permitir que sus empleados se unan a la marcha patrocinada por VDLF. Le cuesta a VDLF por patrocinar una marcha organizada entre $5K a $15K que incluye permisos y escolta policial, dependiendo del tamaño de la marcha. VDLF desde 2006 han tenido mega marchas y en ningún tiempo han arrestado ninguna persona porque son pacíficas y envían un mensaje fuerte, pero en esta ocasión parece que el alguacil Clarke Jr. le vale poco.
VDLF no ha publicado ninguna información que será su siguiente paso para tratar de detener al alguacil Clarke Jr. de que aplique el programa de ICE 287g. Lo que el ha dicho que la marcha no le importará a él.
La aplicación de Trump 287g no proteje a los indocumentados con acceso de igualdad de protección de leyes porque los indocumentados no van a denunciar crímenes por miedo que los vayan a deportar.
En breve, la Oficina del alguacil del Condado de Kenosha genera por lo menos $6M por encarcelar detenidos del ICE, que sostienen la cárcel 1K internos. Mantener a los detenidos del ICE se ha convertido en un negocio lucrativo para prisiones privadas y cárceles del condados.
El ex presidente Barack H. Obama, también conocido como el “Deporter en Jefe” deportado casi 3M de inmigrantes indocumentados dentro de 8 años. Hasta ahora, Obama mantiene el récord de cualquier otro presidente de Estados Unidos de deportar a más inmigrantes indocumentados.
¿Que significa en realidad para el sector empresarial privado? Parece que el presidente Donald Trump favorece la proliferación de prisiones corporativas privadas para retener a los detenidos como un negocio lucrativo. Trump quiere que los organismos estatales y de condados locales alrededor de los EE.UU. que implementan la 287g, para detener todo inmigrante indocumentado con antecedentes criminales.
El miércoles, Guadalupe García de Rayos, de 36 años, se convirtió en la primera inmigrante indocumentada de ser deportada en Arizona bajo la orden ejecutiva de Trump para deportar a extranjeros criminales. En 2009, De Rayos fue condenada por delito grave el robo de identidad y trabajando ilegalmente. Vivio en el área de Phoenix por 21 años y deja una hija y un hijo atrás. Ambos son ciudadanos nacidos en los Estados Unidos. De Rayos fue deportada a Nogales, México.
Obama trató de eliminar las prisiones privadas, pero fracasó. De acuerdo con un informe de 2015 por el Consejo de Asuntos Hemisféricos, prisiónes privadas de Corporaciones (PPC) generaron hasta $3B de dólares por detener presos del ICE. Se estima que 34.000 de los inmigrantes indocumentados son encarcelados diario que cuesta alrededor de $159 cada uno para sostener.
Estados pagan por la mayor parte de los costos para retener a los detenidos indocumentados de sus jurisdicciones y el gobierno federal reembolsará los estados alrededor de la mitad.
El Los Angeles Times informó en 2015, que a retener a los detenidos de ICE en una prisión privada, que cuesta entre $130 a $330 al día (por día) comparando con el uso de un brazalete de monitoreo electrónico para los detenidos de bajo riesgo en libertad condicional, que cuesta $5.00 al día ($155 por mes). Monitoreo brazalete electrónico en algunos estados también se realiza por BI Inc., una subsidiaria de la segunda más grande de PPC en el país.
En 2015, 9.300 inmigrantes indocumentados fueron puestos en libertad bajo palabra o un control. Además, 70.000 de los detenidos fueron acusados penalmente por entrada ilegal o re-entrada, lo que hizo la mitad de todos los presos federales.
PPC incluye el Grupo GEO, el sexto operación mayor de prisiones privadas, que opera 95 prisiones de los EE.UU. y en el extranjero y la Corrections Corporation of America, que opera 67 prisiones de los EE.UU., de acuerdo con un informe de 2016 por el folleto de Memphis.
¿Por que Congreso de Estados Unidos no ha aprobado una ley de reforma migratoria integral?, simplemente porque PPC han gastado más de $24 millones de dólares por año en costos de lobby para mantener las prisiones privadas en funcionamiento. Si mañana, se aprueba una ley para una reforma migratoria integral, PPC sin duda quedara fuera del negocio porque menos indocumentados detenidos estarían en las cárceles, algunos podrían argumentar.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Jr. Confirmed Immigrant March Will Not Deter Decision To Join ICE’s 287g Program

Immigrants and supporters from around Wisconsin including Milwaukee are expected to march from Milwaukee’s Southside to the Milwaukee County Court House in protest of Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke’s decision to join the 287g ICE program.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 9, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Thursday when contacted by Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA), Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. released a very brief statement concerning the upcoming immigrant march organized and sponsored by Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), an immigrant and worker rights organization in an attempt to stop Sheriff Clark Jr. from joining the 287g ICE program. The 287g ICE program will allow designated law enforcement officers, deputy sheriffs and state police to be trained to enforce federal immigration laws once Governor Scott Walker (R) approves the ICE partnership. Will the “Day Without Latinos, Immigrants and Refugees” march actually have en affect on Sheriff Clarke Jr.? Sheriff Clarke Jr. released the following statement, the march “means nothing to me. The rule of law will prevail.”
According to Sheriff Clarke Jr., he plans to implement the 287g ICE program in the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. In 2012, Sheriff Clarke Jr. did confirm that the county jail has been in an agreement for the last five years with the feds to hold illegal immigrants under the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program and the county was reinburse about $135,000 in 2009. In 2008, the county received at least $60,000 under the program, according to Sheriff Clarke Jr.
Under the above agreement, the MCSO has to check the legal status of everyone they suspect is an illegal alien and report their results to ICE. On Monday, February 13, multiple Latino businesses will close to allow their employees to join the VDLF sponsored march. The march costs VDLF at least between $5K to $15K for permits and police escort depending on the size of the march.
VDLF hasn’t released any information what will be their next step to attempt to stop Sheriff Clarke Jr. from implementing 287g ICE program, if the march fails to persuade him to change his mind. Which he already stated that the march won’t matter to him.
In brief, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office generates at least $6M in holding ICE detainees, which the jail hold 1K inmates. Holding ICE detainees has become a lucrative business for private prisons and county jails.
Former President Barack H. Obama, aka, the “Deporter in Chief” deported nearly 3M undocumented immigrants within 8-years. Up to now, Obama holds the record from any prior U.S. President for deporting more undocumented immigrants while in office.
What does it actually mean for the private corporate sector? It seems that President Donald Trump favors the proliferation of private corporate prisons to hold detainees as a lucrative business. Trump wants for local, county and state law enforcement agencies around the U.S. to implement 287g to detain all criminal undocumented immigrant’s convicted of crimes.
On Wednesday, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, became the first convicted undocumented immigrant to face deportation in Arizona under Trump’s executive order to deport criminal aliens. In 2009, De Rayos was convicted of felony identify theft and working illegally. She had live in the Phoenix area for 21 years and leaves a daughter and son behind. Both are U.S. born citizens. De Rayos was deported to Nogales, Mexico.
Obama attempted to phase out private prisons, but failed. According to a 2015 report by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, Private Prison Corporations (PPC’s) earned $3B for holding ICE detainees. An estimated 34,000 of undocumented immigrants are incarcerated daily costing about $159 each to hold.
States do pay for most of the costs to hold undocumented detainees from their jurisdictions and the federal government reimburse the states about half.
The L.A. Times reported in 2015, that to hold ICE detainees in a private prison, it costs between $130 to $330 daily (per day) compared to being place under electronic monitoring bracelet for low risk detainees, which cost $5.00 daily ($155 per month). Electronic bracelet monitoring in some states is also done by BI Inc., a subsidiary of the second largest PPC in the country.
In 2015, 9,300 undocumented immigrants were released under parole or monitoring. Also, 70,000 of detainees were charged criminally for illegal entry or re-entry, which made half of all federal prosecutions.
PPC includes the GEO Group, the 6th largest private prison operation, which operates 95 prisons in the U.S. and abroad and the Corrections Corporation of America, which operates 67 prisons in the U.S., according to a 2016 report by the Memphis Flyer.
Why hasn’t the U.S. Congress actually passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill?, simply because PPC’s have spent more than $24M per year in lobbying costs to keep private prisons in operation. If tomorrow, a comprehensive immigration reform bill would pass, PPC’s would definitely go out of business because less undocumented detainees would be in prisons, some might argue.

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Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos Ordered Deported Under Trump’s Executive Order

“La policía y la migra la misma porquería…F_ck Donald Trump” protesters chanted.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Nwtork U.S.A.

February 9, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona – On Wednesday, protesters in Phoenix blocked a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) van to stop the deportation of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 36, who was convicted for working illegally 8 years ago. In 2009, De Rayos was convicted of a felony for identity theft while working illegally, she served her sentence and reported to ICE in a regular basis.
The protest took place at the Phoenix ICE facility. De Rayos was ordered to report to the ICE facility on Wednesday where she was taken into custody under Trump’s executive order to deport criminal illegal aliens.
ICE in van convoy around 11:10 p.m. transported De Rayos to another facility for deportation. Protesters briefly blocked the van, which DE Rayos was in. De Rayos will be the first deported criminal undocumented immigrant from Phoenix under the Trump executive order. At least 7 protesters were arrested without use of force, according to Phoenix police.
De Rayos leaves behind a daughter and son.

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Milwaukee Common Council Voted 13-2 To Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

Two aldermen voted against adoption of the Milwaukee Common Council resolution sponsored by Alderman José G. Pérez opposing President Trump’s Muslim ban.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 7, 2017

Milwaukee, WI – On Tuesday, the Milwaukee Common Council on a vote of 13-2 adopted a resolution opposing President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Both Aldermen Robert “Bob” G. Donovan and Mark A. Borkowski voted against. Alderman José G. Pérez, Alderwomen Milele A. Coggs and Chantia Lewis sponsored the resolution.
Aldermen Robert Bauman, Nicolas Kovac, Ashanti Hamilton, Kalif J. Rainey, Cavalier Johnson, Russell W. Stamper II, James Bohl Jr. and T. Anthony Zielinski were added as cosponsors of the resolution.

Resolution: 102-161482






Resolution expressing the City of Milwaukee’s opposition to Presidential Executive Order 13769: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.


This resolution expresses the City of Milwaukee’s opposition to Presidential Executive Order 13769: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.



Whereas, President Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769 on January 27, 2017; and


Whereas, The Executive Order suspends the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days, after which the program will be conditionally resumed for individual countries; and


Whereas, The Executive Order suspends the entry, regardless of valid non-diplomatic visas, of alien nationals from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days, after which an updated list of prohibited countries will be determined; and


Whereas, As an immediate result of the Executive Order, individuals in possession of current visas have been detained or turned back at airports across the country, resulting in chaos, confusion, deep anxiety, and hardship; and


Whereas, The Executive Order suspends entry of refugees from Syria indefinitely, allowing exceptions on a case-by-case basis, ignoring the fact that those being denied entry are themselves victims of terrorism and are fleeing the savagery, death, and destruction of the Syrian civil war; and


Whereas, The history of the United States is that of a melting pot of cultures as depicted on the Statue of Liberty, which states, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free;” and


Whereas, Thousands of protesters have gathered at airports and other locations throughout the United States to protest the signing of the order and detention of hundreds of stranded foreign nationals; and


Whereas, Under the U.S. Immigration Act of 1965, the president may not refuse to give visas to immigrants coming to live in the United States permanently due to their nationality; and


Whereas, The Roosevelt administration’s rejection of Jews fleeing the Holocaust was one of the more shameful acts of any American president. Rather than return to such a policy targeted at a new group of persecuted people, the U.S. should continue to accept humanitarian immigration, because allowing people to escape violence is the bare minimum of moral decency; and


Whereas, Since World War II, the U.S. has accepted millions of refugees fleeing communism and totalitarianism around the world; and


Whereas, While the Executive Order references the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as why the Executive Order is necessary, the 19 terrorists who carried out the attacks were from countries not listed in the ban: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates; and


Whereas, Federal courts throughout the nation have issued emergency stays, which will stop federal officials from deporting individuals with appropriate refugee applications, holders of valid visas, and people from the seven impacted countries who have secured authorization to enter the United States; and


Whereas, The Executive Order countermands the United States’ obligations to refugees under the Geneva Conventions; and


Whereas, Milwaukee is a diverse home to thousands of immigrants from hundreds of countries; and


Whereas, Milwaukee is celebrating Black History Month to create awareness of the struggles and challenges that African Americans overcame in this country, and in so doing, remembering the hardships of all immigrants; now, therefore, be it


Resolved, By the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, that the Common Council expresses its opposition to Presidential Executive Order 13769: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States; and, be it


Further Resolved, That the Common Council urges the federal Department of Homeland Security to comply with the federal court orders as quickly as feasible and immediately permit detained individuals to have timely access to legal counsel; and, be it


Further Resolved, That the Common Council commends the hundreds of attorneys across the nation who volunteer their time and services to ensure the due process and equal protection of these refugees and legal permanent residents, and the thousands who have peacefully protested to uphold American values; and, be it


Further Resolved, That upon adoption of this resolution, the City Clerk shall mail copies of this resolution to the Office of the President of the United States and to each member of Milwaukee’s delegation to the U.S. Congress.

Update: On Tuesday, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett signs the Milwaukee Common Council resolution opposing President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban at the Milwaukee Gathers in Unity for Human Dignity event at the Carmen High School of Science and Technology.

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