Telemundo’s José Diaz-Balart Responds To Laura Ing raham’s Tasteless Mocking Of His English Translation

Diaz-Balart tells Ingraham, “We are bilingual and we are not leaving!”

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 29, 2014

Miami, FL – On Thursday, Telemundo’s host José Diaz-Balart fired back and responded to ABC’s news and radio host Laura Ingraham who criticized and made fun of his translation from Spanish to English in an interview. Diaz-Balart was interpreting for undocumented Maria Cruz Ramirez during a bilingual interview dealing with immigration on his MSNBC show. When he was asked about the portrayed mockery and bullying by Ingraham on Telemundo’s September 26 Un Nuevo Día show, Diaz-Balart responded.
Diaz-Balart stated, that “We are bilingual.. we are not leaving!” Diaz-Balart also said, “It happens to many people everyday, all the time. But you know what? We are here to contribute, to help move our families forward, to contribute to the country. And to people who are bothered by the fact that in this country there are 53M Hispanics contributing to the economy, to the culture and to this country’s infrastructure, if our names bothers them, what we all have to tell them is, “I’m bilingual, ” and you know what? We are not leaving!”
On September 23, Ingraham said during her show, “I can’t even follow what he is saying because it’s so kerky-jerky. Are we sure he is a native Spanish speaker?” She did admit on her program that it’s difficult to simultaneously translate at the same time, but that she was having fun mocking Diaz-Balart and Ramírez during her interview about immigration reform, President Obama’s broken promises for reform and DREAMers.
At one point Ingraham attempted to pronounce Ramírez’s full name in Spanish, but couldn’t because she referred to her self as a Gringa. She said, if you can’t pronounce her name in Spanish, you are such a gringo.
Ingraham proved one point, she is in the minority who can only speak English and is not like most Americans today that can speak two or more languages.
To Un Nuevo Día hosts, Ingraham was bullying Diaz-Balart, but to Hispanics in the U.S., Ingraham is just another bigot with no taste to host a national ABC program, which attempts to mock and make fun of ethnic people to get high ratings from other bigots and racists.
Bigotism and racism is still strongly embedded in a minority U.S. population today, but is gradually phasing out as people interracially coexist by marriage or share a home.

José Díaz-Balart Responds To Laura Ingraham video:

Laura Ingraham’s September 23 radio show criticizing José Diaz-Balart’s translation (mocking starts 4 minutes into program) at link:

María Cruz Ramírez MSNBC full interview with José Diaz-Balart

José Diaz-Balart and Laura Ingraham

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