Burke Five Steps Ahead Of Walker In The Battle For The Wisconsin Governorship

Democrats in Wisconsin are picking up steam as Burke takes a 5-point lead in a new poll leaving Walker behind in a tight race.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 30, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Monday, the Democrats in Wisconsin spread word that their candidate for Governor Mary Burke has gained a 5-point lead over Republican incumbent Governor Scott Walker, according to a recent poll. Both Burke and Walker have been in a tight race for the governorship and on Monday, the First Lady Michelle Obama was in Milwaukee to campaign for Burke.
Thousands of Burke’s supporters showed at the Wisconsin Center to hear Mrs. Obama speak in support of Burke. She believes that Burke can be elected and will most likely become the next governor of Wisconsin come November. Obama said, “I know we can elect Mary Burke as Governor!” She is expected to return to Wisconsin on October 7 to once again campaign for Burke.
The Republican party of Wisconsin has become worried that Burke will actually defeat Walker in November and have accused her of plagiarism, but Burke fired back and admitted that her campaign has incorporated other ideas from Democrats that haven’t been put to work. Compared to Burke’s incorporated economic development ideas for the state, the Walker administration is facing a $115M budget deficit this year for the state and a $1.7B structural deficit going into 2015.
The Right Wisconsin reported that reporters attending the Burke campaign visit of Mrs. Obama were prohibited by Burke’s aides from speaking to attendees and that the elderly and the disabled were kept on the side or behind allowing only VIP’s to get a closer glimpse of Mrs. Obama. “Mary Burke’s headline event with the First Lady Michelle Obama Monday sparked outrage and controversy after reporters were told not to talk to the crowd and VIPs were given priority seating over attendees in wheelchairs,” the Right Wisconsin posted on its website.
Mrs. Obama did attract a full house in which attendees could be heard chanting, “Mary, Mary, Mary,” which filled the Wisconsin Center campaign event.
In late August, the Legislative Physical Bureau reported that revenue collections fell by 2.0% ($281M) during the fiscal year that ended in June. Tax collections fell by 1.0% instead of the projected rise of 1.0% the Walker administration had anticipated. The 2013-2014 revenue shortfall is blamed on Walker’s tax breaks for wealthy employers.
Wisconsin is facing a $1.7B projected structural deficit for the next budget and a $115M deficit for this budget.

Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) created 4,796 jobs within 2 years and spent $203M in taxpayer monies for those jobs, the Capitol Times reported.
Walker also wants to drug test all recipients collecting unemployment benefits insurance and FoodShare (food stamps) aid to get drug tested. The feds have previously stopped Wisconsin from conducting drug tests on FoodShare recipients because it’s unconstitutional. Several states have tried to drug test, but spent millions to gain few results and none provided rehabilitation treatment for those who were found addicted to prescription and other drugs in order to continue receiving aid.

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