Carlos Hakas From L.A. Caught On Video Overturning A Food Vendor’s Cart

Hakas during a disagreement with a Latino food vendor’s cart resorted to over turn the cart destroying much of the food while his girlfriend watched.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

July 24, 2017

Los Angeles, California – A Facebook (FB) video has gone viral and it didn’t take long to identify the suspect who overturned a Latino food vendor’s cart during a disagreement over blocking a sidewalk. Carlos Hakas, 40, who was identified by FB users asked the street vendor to move his cart so he could pass and the vendor responded, but Hakas decided not to walk around the vendor’s cart and took it upon himself to overturn the cart.
In the video, which was recorded by the street vendor, Benjamin Ramirez, 24, and has been circulating on social media after his mother Imelda Reyes posted it in her FB account, which showed Hakas having an exchange of words with Ramirez, a Latino street food vendor at a city street corner, then Hakas is seen coming up to the cart and overturned it ruining much of the food and damaged the cart.
Ramirez says, that Hakas had bullied him multiple times within the last two weeks and caused about $800 in damage to his cart including loss of food. Ramirez told Fox 11 Los Angeles that he wants justice and for Hakas to pay for the damaged he cause. L.A. police are looking for Hakas who allegedly attacked another man as well.
But, it didn’t take long for Hakas and his girlfriend to get identified in social media by FB users, which his name and address including his phone were posted.

Street vendor’s video:

A Gofundme was started by Israel Carrasco for Benjamin Ramirez who had his antojito food cart damaged by Carlos Hakas in L.A.

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