Complaint Filed Against Racist Village of Greendale Police Officer Who Profiled Latina For Legal Status

Village of Greendale Police Officer Illegally Asked Latina Driver For Legal Status Over $10 Seat Belt Citation.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

June 3, 2017

WI: Village of Greendale Police officer is under investigation for questioning the legal status of Catherine Torres over a seat belt $10 citation. Torres and Voces de la Frontera on Friday filed a formal complaint against an officer who removed his name from a citation after asking for legal status of a Latina woman driver, he demanded her Social Security (SS) number and copied her SS number down for his record.
The officer who stopped Torres on Monday and cited her has not been identified. The officer in question has no authority to act like a federal immigration agent nor is authorized to enforce immigration laws under Wisconsin state law or federal law.
The cop apparently profiled Torres and intentionally removed his name from the $10 seat belt citation, so he couldn’t be identified later by Torres. The citation submitted to the Greendale Police Department for processing should have his name and badge number.
The Greendale Chief of Police Robert Malasuk has not released a statement concerning the officer’s authority to ask a Latina for her legal status.

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