Tejano Music Icon Singer Joe Bravo Hospitalized In Austin

Bravo went on Facebook with video from a hospital bed to ask for prayers from Tejano music fans shortly after being admitted to a hospital emergency room in Austin.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 26, 2016

Austin, Texas – On Thursday, Tejano music icon Joe Bravo went on his wife’s Facebook (FB) to thank his wife Judy Bravo for taking him to the Seton Northwest Hospital emergency room in the City of Austin. While in bed, Bravo asked for prayers for a quick recovery from his loyal Tejano music fans.
It was not immediately known what led Bravo to become ill, but seems to be in good spirits, according to family members.
The Joe Bravo FB video posting has reached nearly 9,000 views since noon.
Joe Bravo, is one of those Tejano all stars that includes Augustin Ramirez, Carlos Guzman, Freddie Martinez, Sunny Ozuna, Carlos Miranda and Bravo, himself who continue to play and sing Tex-Mex jams.
Wishing a quick recovery for Bravo.

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