Joseph W. Nixon High School Administration And School Board Facing Criticism For Corruption Over Cheerleading Titles

A father of a cheerleader who made it to Captain on the team, then ousted after a month to favor another teen draws allegations of unfair treatment at Joseph W. Nixon High School and the LISD School Board in Laredo.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 19, 2016

Laredo, Texas – On Wednesday, Luis Buentello, the father of a Joseph W. Nixon High School student, Alliyah D. Buentello who was awarded the title of Captain in April for the school’s cheerleading team 2017 has decided to use Facebook (FB) as a forum to expose the alleged unfair treatment of his daughter by the school’s administration and the Laredo Independent School District School Board (LISD) action to rescind his daughter’s Captain title. Buentello posted that Adriana Ramirez, the mother of another cheerleader who failed to make it as a Captain went to the school board and convinced them to take the Captain’s title from Alliyah and to redo the cheerleading Captain tryouts again. Ramirez works for the LISD.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) checked the LISD public hearings and agendas for the last two meetings and no action was taken during the full board meetings to redo the cheerleading tryouts once again.
Buentello says, that the vice-principal from Joseph W. Nixon High School contacted him on Tuesday and told him the bad news that his daughter would no longer be the cheerleading Captain for next year and must retake the tryouts again. Buentello did not mentioned the vice-principal’s reasoning to do tryouts again. The school district superintendent told Buentello that the board favored the mother’s request to redo tryouts, according to Buentello.
Buentello’s post has been shared on FB at least 18,000 times and many FB users in Laredo are alleging corruption by the school board and superintendent. Neither the Nixon High School Principal, the LISD Superintendent, the President of the LISD School Board have released any statements regarding Buentello’s allegations that left his daughter distraught and in tears over having to redo tryouts again when she won the title of cheerleading Captain fairly.
Dr. Gérardo Cruz is the Principal at Joseph W. Nixon High School, Dr. A. Marcus Nelson is the LISD Superintendent and Dr. Cecilia May Moreno is the LISD School Board President, District 5. The rest of the LISD School Board are Hector J. Noyola, District 3, Vice President; Jesus Martinez – District 2, Secretary; Jose A. Valdez – District 1,Trustee; Ricardo Garza – District 4, Trustee; Hector J. Garcia – District 6, Trustee and Jose R. Perez – District 7, Trustee.

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