School District Officer Joshua Kehm Fired After Body Slamming 12-year-old Female Student On Brick Ground

School Distirct Officer Kehm was fired on Monday, according to the San Antonio Independent School District.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 11, 2016

San Antonio, Texas – On Monday, Pedro Martínez, Superintendent from the San Antonio Independent School District announced that District Officer Joshua Kehm has been terminated effective immediately after an investigation showed that he used excessive force in detaining a 12-year-old student suspected in an altercation with another student. The Rhodes Middle School incident on March 29 was captured by a student’s cell phone video and posted on the Internet, it went viral in social media. The video showed Officer Kehm body slamming Janissa Valdez, a 6th grade student on the solid brick ground just outside of the school while other students watched.
Officer Kehm’s report was inconsistent with what the video showed. He failed to report that he used force to detain the student, according to Martínez. Kehm had been suspended with pay until he was fired.
Police in San Antonio are also investigating the incident as well and Kehm could face criminal charges pending the outcome of the investigation.

Video: SAISD Officer Joshua Kehm body slams Janissa Valdez, 12, on the brick ground

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