Black Lives Matter Blocked MSP Airport Access To Terminal Causing Delays For Christmas Holiday Travelers

Hundreds of protesters staged a mock protest inside the Mall of America to keep police from the intended target, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

December 23, 2015

Bloomington, MN – On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters staged a diversion protest at the Mall of America (MOA) causing shops to close down temporarily on the busiest day of the holiday season. At least 15 protesters were arrested, according to police. Police from several departments and State Police were at the Mall of America to control crowds.
Most of the Mall of America protesters left the mall and took a light rail to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport where they managed the shut down one terminal for at least an hour. Flights were delayed, but no cancellations were reported. Multiple streets leading to the airport were blocked by protesters. The airport was the intended target, according to protest organizers.
Black Lives Matter organized the protest and are seeking the release of police video footage of the murder of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis police. A Hennepin County grand jury failed to indict police officers involved or investigate Clark’s murder.
The Mall of America owners were able to file a restraining order in Hennepin County to keep some of the Black Lives Matter identified activists from protesting at the mall, but was unable to stop the protest and other activists including supporters.
No estimated loss of revenue by the businesses at the MOA or airport has been released by officials.

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