Empresa LM Operated By Luis Enrique Martinez Allegedly Scammed People With Larry Hernandez Dance Promotion Tickets

Known event and music alleged scammer continues to con people and dance events in Wisconsin and Illinois out of their cash.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

December 14, 2015

Waukesha, WI – It has been five years since fake dance and events promoter Luis Enrique Martinez, 42, aka, Miguel Zaragoza who currently has three active Facebook accounts with the name Empresa LM had attempted to scam people and other dance promoters in Wisconsin and Illinois. Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) first interviewed Enrique Martinez in 2011, when he was accused by the Racine Fiesta Mexicana executive director Wally “Guadalupe” Rendon of attempting to scam event organizers for thousands of dollars. Enrique Martinez denied the allegation, but Rendon said that he had to turn one of his victims away, a food vendor at the Fiesta because she paid Enrique Martinez at least $500 to $1,500 to sell food at the Fiesta and he didn’t notify Rendon or turned the contract fees to the Fiesta organizers.
The scam was caught several weeks before the event by Rendon when he noticed that multiple Mexican music groups promised by Enrique Martinez to appear at the three-day event hadn’t booked flights or hotel rooms in Racine. Several groups had only received partial deposits to appear at Fiesta. Luis Enrique Martínez from L.E.M. Marketing and Productions in Milwaukee had entered into a contract agreement to bring Bobby Pulido and at least 22 Mexican groups in a package deal to Fiesta. Martínez offered a package deal that included artists of regional Mexican music. He printed posters and then turned them over to Rendon for distribution around Southeastern Wisconsin that Pulido and the groups would be playing at the Fiesta Mexicana in Racine. Most of the main groups that Martínez had promised to bring didn’t appeared due to the cancellation of his contract, except a few, according to Rendon. Rendon had to renegotiate contracts with several groups to appear at the Fiesta.
Rendon fired Enrique Martinez from the event and since then the Fiesta has not been able to fully recover financially from the debt incurred by getting replacement groups in 2011. Last year, Rendon cancelled the three-day Fiesta citing a debt.
Today, Enrique Martinez has been accused by Reynita Guzmán on her Facebook account of being scammed by Enrique Martinez. He sold three tickets to Guzmán for $52 each for the expected Larry Hernandez performance event in November 27, 2015, sponsored by both La GranD 104.7 FM radio and Empresa LM. The event was cancelled and didn’t provide any refunds. Enrique Martinez had even attempted to sell VIP table tickets to Guzmán for $600, but Guzmán didn’t buy them, according to her FB post on Sunday. She had tried to get a refund since last month, but Enrique Martinez has not provided any refunds. Guzmán tagged Larry Hernandez, the Mexican narco ballad regional singer on Facebook to let him know about Enrique Martinez scam that included his name.
According to other event dance promoters, Enrique Martinez has allegedly scammed people for the Paulina Rubio and El Chapó performances. When contacted, Mario Arias, the manager for 97.9 FM Radio La Caliente in Milwaukee confirmed that La Empresa LM has tried to place advertising for events with La Caliente, but has been denied due to a lack of credibility to present groups at events or provide ticket refunds for cancelations of such events. 
On February 28, Enrique Martinez held a dance for Valentines Day at the Budista Temple in Milwaukee featuring Los Primos MX, but he failed to pay the group and it didn’t show. Those attending the event became upset and a brawl broke out in the VIP section where bottles of liquor were served. Police were called to control the crowd at the event. Some minors were arrested and cited for consuming alcohol. Since then, only beer is sold at the Budista Temple. Enrique Martinez failed to give refunds to those attending Los Primos MX dance.
On July 18, Enrique Martinez was held against his will, tied up, choked and beaten after scamming Saul Robles, 48, the owner of the Victory Sports Complex (VSC) in Loves Park, Illinois. Enrique Martinez had promised to present certain groups to a prior event at the VPC and they failed to showed up after Robles had paid Enrique Martinez for the bands to perform, so Robles and James Carrington, 48, held and beat Enrique Martinez that Saturday morning after he was lured to the VSC. He later escaped when he was unattended.
Police arrested Robles and charged him with aggravated battery, unlawful restraint, robbery, theft and mob action. Robles later relinquish part ownership of the VSC in order for several other partners to keep the business in operation and liquor license.

Checkout scam by Luis Enriquez Martinez in 2011: Racine Fiesta Mexicana Festivalgoers Unexpectedly Got Change Of Music Venue http://goo.gl/raR9Be

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