Ill Korea War Veteran Evicted From The Rio Grande Hotel In Laredo

The current security provider and Veteran coordinator at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel and Suites in Laredo under fire for evicting a Korean War Veteran illegally.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

November 5, 2015

Laredo, Texas – On Saturday, Larry Mann, 86, a Korean War Veteran who became ill was evicted from the Rio Grande Hotel and Suites in Laredo by Enrique Canales, the Security and Veteran Coordinator, according to Alicia Valls, a local house care provider (Palomita). Valls posted on her Facebook (FB) account that Canales evicted Mann just because he was ill. Apparently, Canales didn’t have any legal grounds or a court order to evict Mann, Valls confirmed.
The Laredo Police Department were called to the scene. The alleged illegal eviction has drawn the attention of Webb County Pct. 4 Commissioner Jaime Canales, no relation to Enrique who is originally from Kingsville, TX. Commissioner Canales in a FB comment stated that he is looking into Mann’s eviction and the Laredo Police Department is conducting an investigation of the incident and alleged eviction.
Valls says, that Canales wouldn’t allow Mann back in the hotel to get treated or be given medication by nurses. The nurses had to give Mann his medication outside of the hotel. Afterwards, she was able to take Mann to a local bus station and Mann is now in Florida with family.
Mann’s eviction has raised criticism about the questionable treatment of Veterans housed at the Rio Grande Plaza Hotel and Canales, the Veteran Coordinator.
The Rio Grande Plaza Hotel and Suites released a statement in their FB page saying, contrary to rumors spread, Mann was experiencing a medical issue and they recommended for him to go back with family in Florida and that he wasn’t evicted or clothes tossed out from the hotel. But photos posted by Valls show a different story of what happened, Mann is shown seating in a bench outside of the hotel with his clothes in a plastic white bag. Mann looked ill.
Gabriel López, the Director for the Veterans Center in Laredo told Univision Noticias Laredo that they were following the instructions from Mann’s son who told them to let him go. But on the contrary, Valls says that Mann was treated badly by Canales at the hotel and was evicted.

Univision Noticias Laredo news video clip of Larry Mann’s eviction:

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