20th Anniversary Of The Million Man March Focused On Justice, Jesus, Love And Unity

Minister Louis Farrakhan advocated for Afro-Americans to teach love for one another and to take over the education system, to rid the poison of White Supremacy education.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 10, 2015

Washington, D.C. – On Saturday, Minister Louis Farrakhan, 82, advocated for Afro-Americans to stop the killings in the inner cities, to stop the rogue police killings of Black man and called for justice or else. Farrakhan also called for unity among Afro-Americans around the nation and for Black educators to take over the education system in order to get rid of the poison of White Supremacy.
In his final address, Farrakhan told the 100”s of thousands of men, women and children attending the event to teach love for one another and to teach love for neighbors, especially the Mexican descent community.
Lastly, Farrakhan told those attending to stop shopping for Christmas this year, to stop promoting the White Santa Claus and spend their money on themselves and family instead. Farrakhan estimated that Afro-Americans spend half of their earnings per year on the Holiday, especially Christmas.
Farrakhan is looking for 10K fearless men and 10K fearless women to be trained to go into the inner cities to spread love, unity and to help stop Black on Black crime. He even mentioned former Ferguson Police Officer Darryl Wilson’s mental state to be assigned to the Black community “to have fun.”
Farrakhan wants to raise funds to buy at least 100M arces of government land for his ministry and followers to grow food and feed his nation.

Video: Justice or Else! – Million Man March 20th Anniversary https://youtu.be/MyoFZr_mEq4

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