Ralph Lauren Discontinued Use Of Thunderbird Logo On T-shirts Similar To UFW Aztec Eagle

Thunderbird logo t-shirts were discontinued after a threat to take legal action against Ralph Lauren, a $7.62B NYC fashion designer by the United Farm Workers organization for alleged Aztec eagle logo infringement.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 21, 2015

Keene, CA – The Ralph Lauren Corporation, a $7.6B NYC fashion designer no longer distributes or sales its Thunderbird design logo t-shirt similar to the United Farm Workers (UFW) organization on the fashion market. In November 2013, the UFW launched a Facebook campaign to force the Ralph Lauren Corp. to stop exploiting the UFW Aztec eagle logo and even hired attorneys to challenge the multi-millionaire fashion designer Ralph Lauren in regards to an alleged logo copy right infringement. UFW attorneys threaten to file a copy right infringement lawsuit against Ralph Lauren.
Ralph Lauren Corp. has not released any information concerning the controversy over their Thunderbird logo t-shirt and the alleged Aztec eagle copy right infringement.
Arturo S. Rodriguez, the President of the UFW organization admitted to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) while in Milwaukee, WI in July 2015 that the Ralph Lauren designer had apparently stopped making and distributing the Thunderbird logo t-shirt, but Rodriguez wouldn’t go on record officially and didn’t provide further details and asked HNNUSA to sent an e-mail to his UFW executive office requesting information. HNNUSA has attempted multiple times to contact Rodriguez via e-mail and through the UFW Facebook (FB) to get an official update and information about the controversial Aztec eagle logo copy right infringement allegation, but Rodriguez has not responded. The UFW still has its controversial Ralph Lauren Thunderbird and Aztec eagle logo issue posted on FB, but no update has been included by the UFW org.
The Ralph Lauren Corp. could not be reached for comment.
HNNUSA did a search on the fashion market and Internet to see, if the Thunderbird logo t-shirt similar to the UFW Aztec eagle was still available to consumers in the U.S., it was not available by Ralph Lauren. But, the controversial Thunderbird logo Ralph Lauren t-shirt can still be available on Amazon and several Internet websites when Googled.

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