Female Florida Felon Had 3,714 Swords, Knives And Fake Body Parts

Probation and parole officers and Hernando County Sheriff deputies discovered 3,714 swords, knives and fake body parts inside a home of a wanted female felon.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 17, 2015

Brooksville, FL – On Tuesday, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) reported that Nickcole Ellen Fay Dykema, 47, was taken into custody on a felony warrant for a probation violation. Both probation and parole officers and Hernando County Sheriff deputies served a warrant and Dykema resisted arrested. A non-lethal weapon (bean bag round) was used to subdue Dykema, but failed and they had to use a taser to take her into custody after she attempted to attack the officers with multiple swords.
The HCSO in a press release stated, that they found at least 500 swords and knives in a room and other rooms contained the same amount of weapons including fake body parts. During the confrontation inside the home, Dykema grabbed a machete or sword like weapon and almost struck Deputy Sergeant Chris Calderón in the face by just missing him inches away from his face.
Several deputies were reported injured while removing the blades and swords from Dykema’s home. “It is believed that Dykema “booby trapped” many of the bladed weapons, blankets, floors inside, and even the yard outside the residence, causing injury to our personnel when dismantling and/or removing these items,” the HCSO reported on Thursday.

Dykema was charged with

● Probation Violation (warrant), No Bond
● Property Damage/Criminal Mischief, Bond – $500
● Probation Violation (warrant), No Bond
● Probation Violation (warrant), No Bond
● Resist Officer w/o Violence
● Assault on LEO, Bond – $11,000.

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