Several Motorcycle Accidents Reported, One Fatal Over The Weekend

An affiliate or supporter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club crashed in the northwest side of the City and a second unreleated motorcycle accident involved a 26-year-old man who died on early Friday.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

September 6, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, Milwaukee police responded to a motorcycle accident around 9:00 p.m. at W. Fond du Lac Ave. and W. Mill Road where a motorcycle rider lost control and crashed into the crub. According to police, the motorcycle rider driving a Black Harley-Davidson was wearing an Outlaws Milwaukee Motorcycle Club t-shirt that read “Support your local Outlaws.”
The biker suffered a broken arm, elbow and broke one of his legs in two places, skull fractures and road rash in his body. The biker is expected to survive and will have several more surgeries, according to family members.
One Facebook comment described the injuries of the caucasian biker as, “Man …He was f__ked up…His leg was mangled..Lumps all over his head and bones sticking out of his arms..”
“The driver of the motorcycle hit the curb and suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries and was treated at a local hospital,” stated Milwaukee Police Sergeant Timothy Gauerke from the Milwaukee Police Department Chief of Police Office. He was identified as Anthony Bellanti Jr.
Bellanti was riding in the rear of a dozen riding pack of bikers, according to witnesses at the scene. The pack of riders kept going and didn’t noticed the biker that crashed. Police continue to investigate the accident.
On Friday, police reported that a 26-year-old man riding a 1996 Suzuki around 2:25 a.m. apparently ran a traffic stop light and struck a 2004 Cadillac Escalate. The biker identified as Quintell “Q” Mo Bounce Noblin was heading southbound on N. 60th St. and struck the Escalate, which was heading eastbound on W. Capitol Drive.
Q Mo Bounce Noblin was taken to a local hospital where he later died. The 46-year-old woman driving the Escalate was not injured, according to police.
Q Mo Bounce Noblin rode with the Mo Bounce Motorcycle Sports Club, at least 5 of its members including the club president have lost their lives in tragic accidents in the last two years.
On Thursday, the annual Milwaukee Bike Rally 2015 began and ends on Monday. The motorcycle bike rally draws thousands of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to the City for the four day festivities at local participating Harley-Davidson dealerships and at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Other reported motorcycle accidents in the state.

On Friday, Sery “DaGodFather” Jones was struck by a vehicle on Highway 29 and 1-94 near Elk Mound, Wisconsin. He was transported by Fight for Life to a local hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. He lost part of his left leg and is recovering. 
In an unrelated accident, Jeremiah Armstrong was reported killed in a motorcycle accident on N. 35 Street and W. Capitol  on Tuesday.

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