White Woman Brutally Beaten By Afro-Americans At A Milwaukee Northside Food Mart

Two unidentified Afro-American suspects, one female and the other male beat a White woman outside a Milwaukee Northside Food Mart.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 18, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Tuesday, a video posted on Facebook shows two Afro-American suspects, one female and the other, a male beating up a White woman outside of a Milwaukee Northside food mart at W. Locust Street and N. Teutonia Ave., according to the video posted on Facebook (FB) that has been shared. The male suspect wearing glasses sucker punched the White female victim in the face by the door and then begins to repeatedly punch her. A female accomplice wearing a red cap joins in, punches and wrestles the White woman to the ground while the male suspect stomps on her head repeatedly.
While the male suspect beats her, the following phrase is heard out load repeatedly saying, “wrong hood bitch, wrong hood bitch, wrong hood bitch.” After the beating, both suspects left while the whole brutal assault was video recorded by another person. Other people are seen in the background coming out of the food mart, but no one helps the White victim.
It is not known what triggered the brutal beating, but some comments by FB users claimed, the White woman called the male suspect the “N” word, but it can not be confirmed or heard on the video recording.
A woman on FB who saw the video recognized the male suspect as her “ex” and contacted him about the video going viral and the suspect told her that the woman told him some comments that triggered the beating, but that the victim didn’t tell him the “N” word.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. contacted Milwaukee police in regards to getting information about the incident, but police confirmed that the assault of the woman was not reported to them. Other FB users and family members of the victim who saw the video have contacted police.
The video has since been removed by the FB user who posted it.

A hate crime committed or just a brutal attack?

Video: Milwaukee White Woman Beaten By Two Afro-Americans https://youtu.be/UlD7rR9L1kU

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