13 Suspects Charged For The Brutal Beating Torture Death Of 13-year-old Samiul Alam Rajon

Prosecutors in Bangladesh have filed charges against 12 men and 1 woman for the 28 minute brutal beating torture and murder of a 13-year-old boy in the outskirts of the city of Sylhet, which was video recorded for Facebook.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 17, 2015

Sylhet, Bangladesh – On Monday, prosecutors in Sylhet filed murder charges against 12 men and a woman for the July 8 mob brutal beating death of Sheikh Md Samiul Alam Rajon, 13. Rajon was accused by the suspects of stealing a trike van and then was taken to the Kumargaon abandoned bus stop where he was brutality beaten with a steel rod by Kamrul Islam, 24, the alleged lynching mob leader. The suspects identified include, Moyna Mia, 45, a security guard, Ruhul Amin, 29, Muhit Alam, Ali Haider, 34, Ismail Hossain Ablus, 30, Lipi Begun, Feroz Ali, and Azmat Ullah. Begun is Muhit’s wife and Ablus is his brother.
Rajon’s autopsy report showed that he had 64 body, head, leg and arm injuries and died of blunt force trauma to the head that cause a fatal brain haemorrhage.
According to the criminal complaint, the suspects accused Rajon of stealing a trike van, then tortured and beat him for nearly 30 minutes as he pleaded for his life until he was eventually killed. One of the suspects video recorded Rajon’s torture while Islam beat him with a metal rod in his feet, leg joints, shoulders and head. As other suspects watched Rajon’s beating, several are seen on the video helping to tie and untie Rajon in a post. Another suspect is heard multiple times laughing at Rajon as he cried and suffered in pain. They even made fun of him and told him that they were recording a video of his beating to post it on Facebook (FB).
Police believe the suspects conspired to torture, beat and kill Rajon just to amuse themselves and post a video on FB. Authorities and the community in Sylhet discovered the cold blooded and brutal murder of an impoverished child when four of the suspects discarded Rajon’s body at a remote area. Some passers-by noticed the suspects trying to dump the body and were able to detain Muhit while the other three suspects fled.
Islam fled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to escape prosecution, but some members of the Bangladesh community in Jeddah recognized Islam and took him into custody. Islam begged for mercy and even faked his crying when he was being interviewed inside a vehicle.
Rajon’s murder has caused an outcry for justice for Rajon.

Video: Rajon’s beating torture that ended in his death https://youtu.be/WsW0Di8uwVg

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