Milwaukee Police Supervisor Sidewipes Biker On McKinley Ave. Causing Accident

An estimated 300 bikers on sport motorcycles and Harley’s invade Milwaukee County and exhibit stunt riding, wheelies, burn-outs and reckless driving along Milwaukee streets and sidewalks.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 8, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, an estimated 300 bikers from throughout Wisconsin riding sports motorcycles and Harley’s invaded Milwaukee County during the annual Miltown Throwdown event for stunt and reckless driving that ended with an accident. One biker was struck by a vehicle described as a Milwaukee Police Supervisor squad car, according to Facebook (FB) postings. The passenger was reported hurt with non-life threatening injuries. The biker-police squad incident happened along N. 6th Street and McKinley, according to police.
Some FB postings say the Police Supervisor left the scene, but in a video posted on FB shows a police sergeant stopped and is confronted by other bikers who are mad at him for striking the biker with his vehicle while other bikers are seen in the background helping the injured passenger.
Police reported, that the biker involved in the accident was cited for driving with a suspended license, trying to pass a squad on the far left lane, striking a squad car and failing to yield for an emergency vehicle. The biker cited was identified as Daniel Cuffie who ended up with a fractured hip. On the contrary, the YouTube video by Scott Herbst shows the squad car had struck the biker.
Herbst posted on FB, “…in this situation the ride was over we are heading to the freeway with a smaller group no one was going over 30 or doing any wheelies the cop pulled in front of us and started weaving back-and-forth as we made our way to I 43.”
The police sergeant might have violated police policy by swerving endangering bikers while the bikers were behind him and not speeding, but officers are saying it was to slow down bikers. A biker on a right lane avoided the squad when he noticed the sergeant came at him and almost struck him too.
Also, the sergeant might have violated a no pursuit policy, if it endangered others and in this case, bikers. Some cops are recommending bikers to get the uploaded videos removed so other bikers don’t get cited, but it seems that the cops are trying to cover-up the incident. The incident video has gone viral.
The Miltown Throwdown 8/8/2015 FB page that invited bikers to participate in the event on Saturday and had bikers posting video links, including photos has since been disabled by organizer.
The sergeant failed to set up a road block ahead and took it upon himself to act carelessly in stopping the bikers. It is not known, if the squad had a dash camera.
The group of bikers began their cruising and reckless driving at the 6100 block of W. Beloit Rd. in West Allis and headed to W. Layton Ave. and through Milwaukee neighborhood’s causing havoc and not following traffic laws, according to police and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Video: Milwaukee Police Supervisor sidewiped biker on McKinley Ave. and drops biker and passenger

Video: Milwaukee Cop gives Speech to sportbikes Miltown Throwdown 2015

Scott Herbst who took video of police squad striking biker says, bikers did nothing wrong

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