Presidential Candidate WI Governor Scott Walker Facing Proposed Driver License Bill For Undocumented

Several Wisconsin Democrats are proposing an updated version of a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for a driver license, despite Governor Walker’s anti-immigrant state policies.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 5, 2015

Milwaukee, WI – On Wednesday, two Wisconsin Democratic State Representatives JoCasta Zamarripa and Josh Zepnick, both from Milwaukee announced with the support of Voces de la Frontera (VDLF), a local LULAC Council, immigrant rights activists and members of a local clergy that they will propose an updated version of a bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver licenses in the state. Zamarripa stated that it was a safety issue and would also allow immigrants to get auto insurance as well as an economic benefit for Wisconsin. Some insurance companies in the state do give coverage to undocumented drivers without having licenses.
Zamarripa and Zepnick hope to get members of the Republican controlled legislature to co-sponsor the bill. In previous years, Republicans in both the State Assembly and Senate have failed to endorse such a bill or even get it out of committee. Governor Scott Walker (R) who is a candidate for U.S. President in 2016 has previously confirmed that he won’t support such a bill, but now that he is running for President, he is faced with being labeled anti-immigrant, if he fails to support the bill.
Wisconsin has gained a reputation as a anti-immigrant state in the Midwest, but the GOP do welcome for undocumented consumers to spend their hard earned wages in the state. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue and Governor Walker’s Office has not released any tax statistics about how much money has been generated in the suspended account from undocumented tax payers who don’t apply for a tax refund in the last 10 to 15 years. The federal IRS suspended account has generated billions of tax dollars that undocumented workers who have contributed, but didn’t apply for tax refunds since former President Ronald Reagan’s Amnesty was passed. The Congressional Budget Office released information about the IRS suspended account worth billions to Congress and the Obama administration including the U.S. Congress funneled those tax noncollectable refunds back into the economy to stabilized the recession.
The State of Illinois, California and several other states have adopted state bills that allow undocumented drivers to get a temporary license to drive.
A representative of VDLF confirmed that members of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors and members of the Milwaukee Common Council are working with groups to pass a measure that would allow undocumented residents to apply for a County/Municipal ID.
Milwaukee County used to provide County ID’s for residents.

Video: Press Conference for a proposed driver license bill for undocumented immigrants in Wisconsin

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