MCSO Mocks MPD And Milwaukee Mayor Over Video Felony Suspect Confessions Vanishing

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office took a shot at the Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett over the disappearance of hundreds to a thousand video felony suspect confessions since January.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 11, 2015

Mikwaukee, WI – It didn’t take long for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) under Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. to take a jab at Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett over a report from Watchdog dot org. confirming that the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) had lost between hundreds to a thousand felony video suspect confessions since January. The MCSO posted on its Facebook account, “How will Barrett/Flynn blame the gun, Sheriff Clarke, Gov. Walker or Republicans in legislature for this one?”
The MPD hasn’t confirmed the unprecedented loss of video confessions as evidence or the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office attempt to salvage hundreds of felony cases by offering felony suspects to plead guilty for lesser charges.
The MPD hasn’t explained how the videos were lost and if they noticed the video recording system by MediaSolv Solutions Corp. wasn’t working, why didn’t they replace it as soon as possible? Was it an inside job to delete video confessions of felony suspects or was someone paid to hack the system?
Despite the new video suspect confessions loss scandal at MPD, it will now cost the County and City of Milwaukee hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with the mishap and police investigation man hours lost in the process to prosecute suspected felons. No doubt, appeals of convicted felons will rise to challenge video confessions that no longer exists as evidence of guilt.

Update: Did Chief Flynn failed to notify Mayor Barrett and the Common Council of the recording problem when it was first learned that suspect video confessions had vanished? Mayor Barrett told media outlets that he first learned of the issue when it was recently reported by the Watchdog dot org.
Alderman Bob Donovan is calling for Chief Flynn to be fired, if he failed to notify Mayor Barrett when he first learned of the video recording failure. He wants Flynn to identify the police supervisor who did notified city officials and if he doesn’t, Chief Flynn should resign.
Donovan is now looking into whether there was a cover-up to conceal the issue by MPD and Mayor Barrett’s office.
MPD had requested funding to expand its recording space, but Mayor Barrett refused to fund it.

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