HBPA And Racine Fiesta Committee Cancels Three-day Summer Festival For 2015

Three-day Mexican and Tejano music festival in Racine County has been canceled, according to organizers.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 24, 2015

Racine, WI – On Tuesday, the Hispanic Professionals Business Association (HBOA) and Racine Fiesta Committee have decided to cancel this year’s Mexican and Tejano three-day festival, according to Wally Rendon, the executive director of the Racine Fiesta. Rendon posted on his Facebook account, “…Like several other festivals around here and other places, our funding sources began to dwindle, last year we lost one of our major sponsors so we had limited dollars to work with.
Our three-day festival last year had an attendance of less than 1000 people…So, we barely broke even in our 2014 Fiesta.
We will see what the future (2016) brings. In the meantime, please support other local Tejano festivals.”
In 2012, the Racine Fiesta, previously known as the Racine Mexican Fiesta had to cancel the summer festival after the non-profit organization were almost scammed by a fake music band promoter who promised to bring an array of groups. Days before the event, organizers discovered the scam.
In 2011, Fiesta organizers had to invest more funds than they had planned when the music venue focusing on regional Mexican music had to be change at least seven days before the August 12-14, 2011 lakefront festival. Luis Enrique Martínez from L.E.M. Marketing and Productions in Milwaukee had entered into a contract agreement to bring Bobby Pulido and at least 22 Mexican groups in a package deal to Fiesta Mexicana, but Fiesta organizers discovered that Martinez was allegedly trying to scam the organizers.

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