147 Kenyan University Students Massacred By Al-Shabaab ISIS Rebels

Somali al-Shabaab ISIS affiliate rebels are claiming the massacre was planned and executed to kill the Christian infidels.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

April 4, 2015

Carissa, Kenya – On Thursday, Somali al-Shabaab ISIS affiliate rebels stormed into the Garissa University College (GUC) and slaughtered at least 147 unarmed students during a 12 hour siege. The rebels have taken credit and stated that the massacre was planned to kill all Christian infidels before the observance of Good Friday.
Authorities say, that five armed rebels had entered the university in the morning as students headed for prayer. The rebels dressed as students, wore suicide vests and began to fatally shoot as many students as they could. All the Muslim students were released by the rebels.
The GUC has about 850 students attending, which 147 of those students were slaughtered. The college is next to the Garissa Provincial Government hospital. The nurses, interns, doctors and staff established a 6 basic life support team and were able to save many at the scene.
Police arrived within 15 minutes after the first report of the terrorists attack was sent out to authorities, according to Richard Njoroge.
Four terrorists including one foreigner were killed, three suspects believed to have coordinated the attack including a Garissa College security guard attempting to flee to Somalia were arrested. Another terrorist, Rashid Charles Mberesero from Tanzania was arrested at the college.
The mastermind of the attack was a former principal of a school in Garissa, Mohamed Mohamud, aka, “Dulyadin or Gamahered” who is being sought by Kenyan national security forces. Mohamud is accused of ordering the killing of 58 people in Mandera. The terrorist leader has been on the run since December 2014 and a reward for $20M shillings ($217K U.S.) is being offered for his arrest.
The White House released the following statement, The United States condemns in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attack against the innocent men and women of Garissa University College in eastern Kenya. We extend our deep condolences to the families and loved ones of all those killed in this heinous attack, which reportedly included the targeting of Christian students. Our thoughts and prayers also are with the many injured. The United States is providing assistance to the Kenyan Government, and we will continue to partner with them as well as with others in the region to take on the terrorist group al-Shabaab. The United States stands with the people of Kenya, who will not be intimidated by such cowardly attacks.
Pope Francis condemn the the terrorists for killings at GUC. The Vatican and Pope Francis has been targeted by ISIS terrorists.

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