WHSF, Mexican Fiesta And LULAC National Allows DREAMers To Apply For Scholarships In 2014

A recent scholarship study by HNNUSA found that major and local non-profit organizations supported immigration reform, but failed to allow DREAMers from applying for scholarships. Since then, the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation, Mexican Fiesta and LULAC National have changed their policy requirements barring DREAMers.

By H. Nelson Goodson
February 17, 2014

Milwaukee, WI – On Tuesday, Hispanic News Network U.S.A. ((HNNUSA) has learned that the Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation (WHSF), Mexican Fiesta and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) National have changed their scholarship requirement policy that used to prevent DREAMers or DACA college students from applying for scholarships. HNNUSA recently exposed the mentioned organizations and other major Hispanic non-profit organizations that prevented DREAMers from applying for scholarships. Some organizations have broken tradition from excluding DREAMers from getting scholarships and have become more giving to needy Hispanic college students regardless of status.
WHSF sponsors the annual three day Mexican Fiesta in Milwaukee and is affiliated with Wisconsin LULAC local chapters 319 and 322 and the LULAC National. WHSF says, it had given out over $1.2M in prior scholarships, but none were ever given to DREAMers until this year, 2014. About 100 scholarships are awarded every year, according to WHSF.
The recently released LULAC National Scholarship Fund Student Application now requires, an applicant must now choose by checking either, U.S. Citizen, legal permanent resident or lawfully present (DACA) student. Students can begin to apply for scholarships and the due date is March 31, 2014. WHSF also requires a student applying must be a Wisconsin resident.
HNNUSA made a difference once again and has been instrumental in helping to bring about gradual change for the betterment of our Hispanic community by paving the way for DREAMers to be included for scholarship awards and not be excluded. It is the right thing to do and non-profit organizations have realized, students regardless of legal status are our leaders of tomorrow.
¡Primero mi Gente!

For more information about WHSF, Mexican Fiesta and LULAC National Scholarships go to following link: http://alturl.com/r69nj

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