Quezada Owes $29K In Child Support, But Recently Claimed $338M Powerball Jackpot

Child support warrant for Powerball multimillionaire stayed until Monday.

By H. Nelson Goodson
March 30, 2013

Passaic, New Jersey – The Passaic County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a child support warrant against Pedro Quezada, 44, has been stayed until Monday, when he is expected to be in court on a non-payment of child support hearing. On Tuesday, Quezada collected his Powerball jackpot of $338 million, but decided to take a lump-sum payout of $152 million after state taxes.
With the new income, Quezada will finally pay the overdue $29,000 of child support payments that he owes since 2009, according to court records. On Wednesday, he closed and placed his small Apple Deli Grocery up for sale. Quezada is originally from Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. At age 17, he left the Dominican Republic with one of his aunts and ended up in Passaic. Recently, Quezada had spoken to friends about retiring soon.
Family members in the Dominican Republic expect him to move back to his native country. Quezada has five children and is currently married. He vowed to use his winnings to help out his family.

Pedro Quezada

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