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Bodies Wearing Kombo Kolombia Band Clothes Discovered In Mina Abandon Water Well

Second largest crime scene found in Nuevo León.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 28, 2013

Mina, Nuevo León, Mexico – On Sunday, some of the bodies of the 16 members of the Kombo Kolombia band have been found inside a water well in the (municipality) town of Mina. The well was found at 5:00 p.m. at the Coyote ranch by authorities with the help of a helicopter and with aid of a victim that had escaped.
Authorities say, it was with the aid of one of the members of the band that had escaped before being killed. He escaped and then got a ride from a passerby who dropped him off at a gas station. The surviving member called family members to let them know what had happened. The authorities were called afterwards.
The man told authorities that they were kidnapped by a group of men and then were beaten. They transported the kidnap victims in various vehicles.
When they arrived in Mina, the suspects took three members at a time and made them get on their knees and then shot them in the head.
The first of the bodies was brought to the surface around 11:00 p.m. and was wearing the Kombo Kolombia style of clothing.
The band members performed at a bar for a private party on Friday in the municipality of Hidalgo where most reside. They were reported missing after the performance when relatives couldn’t reach them or get an answer on their cell phones.
Authorities found most of their vehicles at the bar. A truck from Nuevo Laredo was confiscated at the crime scene in Mina by authorities believed to have been used to transport the bodies to the abandon water well.
At least 16 members of the Kombo Kolombia band and four crew members have been reported missing since Friday. Nuevo León Governor Rodrigo Medina confirmed, that the bodies found at the water well in the town of Mina are believed to be members of the band that were reported missing.
Forensic examination of the bodies is underway to determine, if in fact they’re the missing band members. The bodies taken out of the water well were wearing clothing consistent with the group’s style of performing clothes and logo, according to authorities.
This is the second largest crime scene found in the state of Nuevo León, since 20 tourist bodies were discovered several years ago.


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Illinois Governor Quinn Signs Bill Allowing Non-citizens To Apply For State Driver’s Licenses

Illinois Governor Quinn signs into law a bill allowing more than 250,000 of non-citizens to become eligible for state driver’s licenses.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 27, 2013

Chicago, Illinois – On Sunday, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) signed into law a bill allowing non-citizens to apply for state driver’s licenses. The measure will take effect in November and will allow more than 250,000 non-citizens residing in the state to apply for a legal driver’s license.
“Driving means taking responsibility for your safety and the safety of others on the road,” Governor Quinn said. “Despite the stalemate on immigration reform in Washington D.C., Illinois is moving forward. This common sense law will help everybody, regardless of their background, learn the rules of the road, pass a driving test and get insurance. As a result, our roads will be safer, we will create more access to job opportunities and our economic growth will be strengthened.”
A signing ceremony was held at the Instituto del Progress Latino in Chicago, which serves more than 14,000 participants and families (immigrants) with education, training and job placement a year.
Earlier in the month, a bipartisan group of Illinois state legislators in the House of Representatives on a margin of 65-46 passed a state license bill to allow non-citizens to become eligible for driver’s licenses. In December, a similar bill was passed by the state senate.
In November, the driver’s license law will grant more than 250,000 of non-citizens in the state of Illinois eligibility to apply for licenses. Non-citizens would have to provide proof (copy) of a one year state residency by providing a lease, a utility bill(s) or other documentation. Temperary Visitor Licenses offered to tourists legally in the U.S. will also be available to non-citizens and they can be renewed every three years, but won’t be valid as an ID to board a plane, buying a gun or voting purposes.
Last November’s surge of Hispanic voters in Illinois gave a majority to Democrats in state government. Some Republicans in the legislature had also joined Democrats in a bipartisan push to pass the measure allowing non-citizens to get licenses.
The Illinois Highway Safety Coalition reported that an estimated 80,000 accidents per year are caused by unlicensed and uninsured drivers. The total accident costs have reached about $650 million in damages, including $64 million in damages caused by non-citizens driving without licenses, according to the Saftey Coalition.
Illinois will join both the state of Washington and New Mexico in granting licenses for non-citizens.
On January 1, 2013, California granted driver’s licenses to immigrants with a federal work permit.

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Williams Charged With Double Milwaukee Southside Homicide

Second murder suspect charged with double murder.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 27, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – On Saturday, Maltese L. Williams, 18, was charged with double felony murder in the homicides of Arthur L. Robinson, 29, and Michael J. Parker, 44, at the 1100 block of S. 24th St. on January 15. A cash bail was set at $200,000 for Williams. If convicted on both murder counts, Williams is facing life in prison.
Last Wednesday, Dajuan Shaquille Collins, 19, was also charged with two felony counts of murder in the homicides of Robinson and Parker. Collins is facing two life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. A $500,000 cash bail for Collins was set and he remains in custody.
The criminal complaint stated, Maltese Williams and Collins’ girlfriend told police that Collins had fatally shot both victims.
Collins confessed that he and Williams had gone to Parker’s residence to steal drugs and money. When they arrived at Parker’s home, Parker and Williams went to the kitchen to make a transaction while Robinson slept on the couch. Then a scuffle ignited and Williams shot both men.
In contrary, Williams told police that Collins had fatally shot both men and Collins’ girlfriend told police that Collins had confessed to her that he actually shot the victims. After shooting the victims, Collins jumped out of the living room window dropping a hat and his cell, which police recovered at the crime scene and traced back to Collins.
Parker apparently fled the scene after being shot and dropped dead at the southeast corner of S. 24 and W. Scott. Police recovered his body and went into the residence where they found Robinson’s body inside.

Maltese L. Williams and Dajuan Shaquille Collins

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University of Puerto Rico Board Voted To Eliminate $800 Tuition Surcharge

Governor Garcia Padilla providing additional funding to the University of Puerto Rico system.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 27, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico – On Saturday, the Board of Directors of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) voted to eliminate the $800 tuition surcharge it initiated several years ago that sparked student protests and the resignation of the university system president. Luis Berrios Amadeo, the UPR Board President says, the Board decided to eliminate the surcharge, which takes effect on July 1. After the newly elected Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla pledged and pushed to introduce legislation to provide additional funding for the university system.
The statewide university system operates on a $1.5 billion budget shared among 11 campuses that includes more than 64,000 students and more than 5,000 faculty members.
Several years ago, the UPR Board approved an increase of $800 tuition surcharge to help offset a $70 million budget deficit.

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Lieja-Sanchez Brothers On Trial For Racketeering, Murder And Fake ID Operation In Chicago

The Lieja-Sánchez criminal organization from Chicago manufactured fake driver licenses, green cards, social security cards for illegal aliens who paid hundreds of dollars and then forced them to work for the organization to pay off their debt, according to the federal prosecutor.

By H. Nelson GoodsonJanuary 26, 2013

Chicago, IL – On Thursday, the federal racketeering, illegal alien smuggling, contract murders and fake ID operation trial of Julio Lieja-Sánchez, including Manuel Lieja-Sánchez and Gerardo Salazar-Rodriguez began. A federal jury on Thursday saw a video where U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents went undercover to buy fake ID’s in the parking of the Little Village discount mall and then went to a business owned by Elias Muñoz that provided photos for ID’s and passports. Elias is the father of Alderman Ricardo Muñoz. Elias later pled guilty for his involvement in the Lieja-Sánchez operation and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.
A wiretapped conversation will show that Julio Lieja-Sánchez gave orders to kill Freddy Ramirez-Camella, aka, “Bruno,” a once trusted insider of the Lieja-Sánchez operation that conspired with another fake ID competitor known as “Montes” in starting their own operations. In 2007, Montes was killed in Mexico by orders of the Lieja-Sànchez brothers. Julio also wanted Bruno to be kidnapped from Montes funeral in Mexico and then burned alive and chopped into little pieces.
Next week, Bruno will testify against Julio, Manuel and Gerardo. The defendants have denied their involvement in the criminal organization and homicides. But damaging federal wiretapped conversations implicated them.
Julio is one of three brothers, Manuel Lieja-Sánchez, Pedro Lieja-Sánchez and 24 other defendants who were busted in April 2007 resulting in charges that led to the dismantling of an alleged fraudulent document ring that operated in and around the Little Village Discount Mall and generated nearly $3 million in annual profits. The indictment was unsealed after their fake ID operation at the 26th Discount Mall was raided by federal agents and confiscated ID making equipment.
Video surveillance footage, wiretapped conversations and witnesses testimony during trial will show how the Lieja-Sánchez criminal organization used violence, the Latin Kings gang who were paid to protect their operation in Chicago’s Little Village area for 20 years (since 1993), according to the feds.
Montes, a rival who tried to muscle in on their operation was killed in Mexico. The Lieja-Sánchez criminal organization operated in both Mexico and Chicago.
The Mexico-based Leija-Sánchez organization was supervised by an overall leader living in Chicago, and the leadership position rotated among the three Leija-Sánchez brothers, according to an October 2007 indictment. The leader in Chicago and others allegedly ordered violent acts against competitors, rivals and others. The indictment alleged that the organization sold as many as 50 to 100 sets of fraudulent identification documents each day, charging customers approximately $200 to $300 cash per “set,” consisting of a Social Security card and either an Immigration “green card” or a state driver’s license.
Julio Leija-Sánchez and his brothers allegedly conspired to murder Guillermo Jimenez-Flores, a former member of their organization who became a fledgling rival and was allegedly shot to death in Mexico in April 2007 by co-defendant Gerardo Salazar-Rodriguez, who was paid by and conspired with the three Leija-Sánchez brothers. The same four defendants also allegedly conspired about the same time to kill a second victim in Mexico.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Calls For Arms And Partnership To Protect Public

Sheriff Clarke urges Milwaukee County residents to take up arms in order to defend and protect themselves against violent criminals until help arrives.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 25, 2013

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. has released a public safety message on the radio urging the public to take a gun public safety course to learn how to handle a gun in order to defend and protect themselves and their families. “So you defend yourself until we get there,” Clarke said, your personal safety is no longer a spectator sport and “I need you in the game.”
Clarke continues, “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”
Sheriff Clarke came short of actually asking for and creating an arm Posse of volunteers in Milwaukee County.

Sheriff Clarke audio public safety message at following link:

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

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Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!, Show Segment Hosted By Damon Hilarious

An array of stars appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! show on ABC network.

By H. Nelson Goodson
January 25, 2013

Hollywood – On Thursday, Matt Damon in revenge hosted Jimmy Kimmel Sucks! show, while Jimmy was gagged and tied up with an array of stars who showed up to mock Jimmy. All through the show, Jimmy never said a word.
Damon began with “Welcome to tonight’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!” Then he asked the audience, if they liked it and everyone cheered and applaided while Jimmy remained bound in the backdground in a wheelchair.
Damon said, he took over Jimmy’s show as a pay back for being skip from the show at least 1,205 times over a period of ten years. Due too, Jimmy always running out of time to have Damon on the show.
Some of the stars were Demi Moore, Andy Garcia (who replaced Guillermo), Jennifer Lopez, Robin Williams (who did jokes), Ben Affleck (who did cue cards), John Krasinski, Robert De Niro, Don Cheadle, Reese Witherspoon, Sally Field, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Crow (who tookover Kimmel’s band leader Cleto Escobedo III), Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman and Amy Adams.
During the show Williams before leaving and Kidman when she arrived went up to Jimmy who was tied up to a wheel chair and then sat on top of him and candidly grind on him.
It was a hilarious and unique show to watch on the ABC network. 😉

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