Holmes Charged With 24 Counts Of Murder For The July Batman Primiere Movie Massacre

Defense attorneys on Monday attempted to surpress a notebook from evidence sent to a Colorado university psychiatrist by Holmes detailing his premediated intent to murder people at the premiere Batman movie showing.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 30, 2012

Centennial, Colorado – On Monday, James Eagan Holmes, 24, aka. “The Joker” was formally charged with 24 counts of first-degree murder, including 12 counts for “universal malice manifesting extreme indefference to value of human life.” He was also charged with 116 counts, that included 58 counts of first-degree attempted murder and 58 other counts of related charges to attempted homicide in connection with the July 20 shooting massacre. Holmes allegedly shot 12 people dead at point blank and injured 58 others inside an Aurora theater showing of the latest Batman primiere movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” In addition, he was charged with possession of explosives as well. Holmes agreed to waive his upcoming preliminary hearing.
Holmes is facing multiple life sentences in prison without parole, if convicted on all counts. Prosecutors are also considering the death penalty, but have several months to decide whether they will actually impose the death penalty.
Porsecutors and police say, Holmes acted in premeditation to commit the homicides by buying a shotgun, two Glock hanguns, an AR-15 asault rifle and 6 thousand rounds of various ammunition calibers just weeks before committing the murders.
Holmes was a student at the University of Colorado-Aurora. The university confirmed, that Holmes had dropped out of his PH.D neuroscience program on June 10.
He even sent a notebook to Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist and medical director at the University of Colorado-Denver detailing his intent to kill people at the Batman movie. Defense attorney’s confirmed that Holmes was Fenton’s patient and attempted during the court hearing to surpress the notebook as evidence arguing it was privilege information between Holmes and Fenton. Arapahoe County Circuit Court Judge William Sylvester will hold another court hearing to discuss further challenges to surpress the notebook as evidence. The notebook was found at the university’s mailroom after the massacre took place and was turned over to police.
Holme’s defense lawyers are requesting a copy of the notebook from prosecutors.

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James Eagan Holmes

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