CSSS Did Not Violate City Ordinace For Distributing Alleged Dafamation Flyers Against Former Alderman Witkowiak

Second District Police Captain Rebecca L. Pixley and the Milwaukee Police Department denied request to interview both officers in the Citizens for a Stronger South Side alleged dafamation flyer incident investigation.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 30, 2012

Milwaukee – On Monday, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) confirmed that both Officers Douglas Lemke and James Bunker didn’t write a police report after investigating an alleged dafamation flyer distribution targeted at former Alderman James “N” Witkowiak, because no city ordinance violation had occurred on April 2nd. The officers while passing through the 1300 block of W. Greenfield Ave. were flagged down by a Witkowiak campaign supporter who complained that an elderly man and a 22-year-old woman were distributing dafamation flyers. The flyers were from a non-existant group called Citizens for a Stronger South Side (CSSS). The flyers were directed at Alderman Witkowiak alleging that he had forced bar owners to give him money and accused him of corruption. (CSSS flyer http://bit.ly/HSrdca)
The officers on April 2nd spent almost three hours investigating the incident. But on Monday, Anne Schwartz, Media Director for MPD confirmed that the incident was discussed with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office and they found that no city ordinance was violated in distributing a flyer from CSSS.
“We did an investigation, we discussed it with the district attorney, there was no crime committed. If there is no crime, there is no charge or citation. There was no violation of a city ordinance in this case.
“There was no police report generated from this incident because no crime was committed. This was an investigation into the disbursement of fliers, a city ordinance issue. No citations were issued,” Schwartz wrote on a reply e-mail to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA).
In addition, Captain Rebecca L. Pixley from the Second Police District Station denied a request from HNNUSA to interview both Officers Lemke and Bunker about the April 2nd incident, since they didn’t write a report. Several questions were raised by HNNUSA, did the officers actually identified the two suspects distributing the flyers, was a warrant check done on both suspects and why isn’t their identities being released by MPD? Some kind of written or logged information must have been generated in the course of the investigation concerning CSSS, but MPD says, it has none to release. A coverup by MPD?
Some allegations have been raised that the elderly man involved in the distribution of the CSSS flyers is a block watch captain in the 12th Aldermanic District. Another person of interest who appeared at the scene was Juan Carlos Ruiz, a José Pérez for Alderman campaign supporter who seemed to be in charge of the distribution of the flyers, according to Witkowiak’s supporter who witnessed Officers Lemke and Bunker questioning the suspects involved.
Ruiz later described the two suspects on a Facebook comment. Ruiz wrote, “One of the people…is a Latino retired from the NAVY after 30 years of service and also fought for the freedoms we all experience today. He is also a Block Captain in the 12th District…the other person was a 22 years old Latina woman.”
The CSSS flyer even had in its disclaimer an address, which turned out to be one of Witkowiak’s properties on W. Historic Mitchell St. The flyer was distributed with the acknowledgement of José Pérez who defeated Alderman Witkowiak on April 3rd.
Witkowiak has said, that he will pursue legal action against CSSS and those involved in distributing the defamation flyer on the 12th Aldermanic District.
On April 17, Pérez was sworned in as Alderman to the Common Council. But Pérez took office with a black cloud over his head due to the extreme dirty politics that included racism, discrimination, woman bashing, the fake CSSS group and false accusations against Witkowiak, according to residents who opposed Pérez and Sachin Chheda, the Pérez campaign manager’s dirty and sleezy politics in the last several months.

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