Milwaukee Man Sentenced To 14-years In Prison In Stabbing Case

Leon-Velazquez will spend the ten years in prison before being eligible for parole in domestic abuse stabbing case.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 28, 2012

Milwaukee – On March 30, José Luis Leon-Velazquez, 42, was sentenced to 14-years in prison for stabbing a 28-year-old woman. Leon-Velazquez must serve 6-years in prison and 8-years supervision. He was also ordered to pay $8,812.61 in restitution. Leon-Velazquez is currently doing a four year sentence for a parole violation stemming from a prior drug related conviction.
Leon-Velazquez pleaded guilty to one felony count of first-degree reckless injury, including domestic abuse repeater and use of a dangerous weapon. Leon-Velazquez stabbed the victim once during a domestic incident on September 5, 2011 in Milwaukee’s South side.
The criminal complaint states, after stabbing the victim, Leon-Velazquez drove her to the hospital and dropped her off without going into the hospital. He then went home to pack his clothes on bags and was intending to flee the city.
Police arrested Leon-Velazquez at the 1400 block of W. Washington St. He was found hidden in an upper apartment building closet and several bags were packed containing Leon-Velazquez clothes.
The 28-year-old victim survived the stabbing, but needed surgery.
Leon-Velazquez was released on parole on July 5. He was convicted on drug charges and was sentenced to five years in prison, but actually only did one year on the drug charge, according to court records.

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José Luis Leon-Velazquez

Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department

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