Recall Walker Drive Surpassed Halfway Petition Signature Total of 270,000 To Oust Wisconsin Governor

United Wisconsin and the Recall Walker Committee effort to oust Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker projecting that more than 270,000 signatures have been collected, passing the halfway mark.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 26, 2011

Milwaukee – On Saturday, Recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) projections to collect petition signatures have surpassed all expectations to get more than the minimum required signatures per day needed by organizers to meet the 540,000 mark by January 17. After the Black Friday statewide signature petition drive, recall organizers projected that most likely they have surpassed the halfway mark of the 270,000 signatures needed or will reach the halfway target total within days to force an election recall against Governor Walker.
Within the first week of the Walker recall, organizers and volunteers collected at least 105,000 to 107,000 petition signatures within four days of the initial start date (Nov. 15), exceeding all expectations.
The Committee to Recall Scott Walker and United Wisconsin were expected to collect the 9,000 minimum per day for 60 days, but have collected threefold of signatures per day and continue to gather the needed signatures to force a recall election.
The recall effort needs to get the needed 540,000 signatures by January 17. Organizers say, they are working to get at least 650,000 to 700,000 signatures.
On Monday, the Wisconsin Democratic Party will officially announce current and updated signature total for statewide Governor Scott Walker recall.
Early reports indicated and alleged that some Republican supporters were pretending to collect recall signatures for the purpose of destorying them or not turning them in to the state Government Accountability Board (GAB) had surfaced. The Wisconsin GOP has condemned the act and does not support the illegal act. Petition signers are permitted to sign once and can’t sign any other petition for the same recall.
Last week, One Wisconsin Now (OWN), a non-profit organization announced that a $10,000 reward fund has been established to help get information leading to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of a person or persons destroying or defacing petition signatures. The reward is good between, November 22 thru January 14. Under state law, anyone convicted of a felony act for intentionally destroying recall petitions could face up to three years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 or both.
Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm says, it’s a felony to get recall Governor Walker petition signatures and not turn them in to the GAB. Chisholm says, he will prosecute those who intentionally collect signatures for the purpose of destroying them or not turning them in to keep electors from exercising their right for a recall.
Governor Walker is being recall for eliminating most collective bargaining rights from most state employees. He also cut $800 million from public school funding and repealed in-state tuition for undocumented students attending state universities and colleges.
In addition to recalling Walker, a separate recall petition was also filed online to recall Rebecca Kleefisch, (R) Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor. Another 540,000 valid petition signatures are needed to recall Kleefisch as well.
A Wisconsin poll shows 6 of 10 people in the state favored recall effort to oust Republican Governor Scott Walker. Several polls by Wisconsin Public Radio and St. Norbert with a 5% margin of error indicated that this Fall about 58% favored removal from office compared to last Spring’s 47%; 38% felt Walker should stay in office compared to last Spring’s 48% and not sure was 4% compared to last Spring’s 5%.

To download recall Walker petition go to following link:

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  1. #1 by amwheelock on November 27, 2011 - 8:45 pm

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!! Yipee!! Start packing Mr. “we’re working together” and “the best of Wisconsin is yet to come” Walker!

  2. #2 by SueZQ65 on November 27, 2011 - 9:01 pm

    The signatures still need to be verified and every signature will be, that’s for sure! You may have the signatures, but very doubtful you’ll win the recall – because it’s working! But hey, why ruin your nasty little dream?

    • #3 by leron on November 29, 2011 - 7:04 am

      Please explain how “it” is working as Wisconsin continues to post the highest private sector job losses in the country, public schools are losing millions of dollars a year that will directly impact the ability of teachers to teach and students to learn, and the whole social safety net is under attack. Meanwhile the Republicans busy themselves by passing concealed carry, redrawing electoral districts to favor their party, and then trying to rewrite those new district rules to make them even better for the GOP. Your suburb may not be paying more in taxes right now, but one day that slow train will show up even out there.

  3. #4 by Daisy on November 27, 2011 - 11:16 pm

    Too bad I live in Oklahoma, or I would gladly sign the petition.

    • #5 by SueZQ65 on December 4, 2011 - 5:31 pm

      Surprised the Dems haven’t mailed you a petition yet. Seems that’s what they do around here where their fraudulent actions are coming to light.

  4. #6 by J. on November 27, 2011 - 11:39 pm

    Wisconsin has had more job losses in October than any other state. Is that ‘working’ to you Sue?

  5. #7 by Bill on November 27, 2011 - 11:59 pm

    e did it here in Ohio , I feel you in Wisconsin will also. Best of luck I’mm pulling for you .

  6. #8 by LadyLynda0712 on November 28, 2011 - 12:04 am

    Don’t bank on that, SueZQ. We mean business. Don’t underestimate the power of the people when they are unduly wronged by corrupt politicians. Enough is enough!

  7. #9 by Fiona Mackenzie on November 28, 2011 - 1:09 am

    What’s working is the people’s understanding that millions of dollars of state money has been slipped to CEOs and other members of ALEC, deliberately impoverishing the State to justify cutting or eliminating everything state government does for its taxpayers, like education and police protection and environmental protection and regulation to prevent vulturous scavenging and destroying of everything that rightly belongs to the people of Wisconsin.

  8. #10 by cj on November 28, 2011 - 2:15 am

    sorry to break it to you suzyq , but the good side will win, we will take our state back from the koch brothers and thier little puppet walker . THIS IS WISCONSIN AND ITS OURS!

  9. #11 by Wm.A.Weasel on November 28, 2011 - 2:15 am

    This is great news – but what is the source? How do we know this is real?

    To SueZQ65: If “working” means crushing the poor & middle class and giving our state to the 1%, then it’s working great. FitzKochsin lost more jobs in October than any other state.

    • #12 by leron on November 29, 2011 - 7:05 am

      The recall organizers actually released a statement tonight putting the number of signatures gathered at 300,000, more than half of those needed if they are all good, which if course they won’t all be. We are shooting to deliver an even million, just to be sure.

      • #13 by SueZQ65 on December 4, 2011 - 5:37 pm

        Statement, shmatement. The Dems lie…a lot to stay in the news.

        We shall see when we go through all the signatures to make sure they are even valid. My guess is that half are not even valid. I know the Republicans have their fine toothed combs ready to work!

      • #14 by jim reynolds on December 5, 2011 - 6:46 pm

        I’m not sure what dimension some people are floating around in but it has no relation to the real one that exists.

        You have it backwards. It is the “silent-no-more majority” who are signing the recall petitions because they have had a nose full of those who twist the facts and ignore the statistics–statistics that unequivocally indicate that Walker is taking Wisconsin down the same road to ruin that Bush dragged America. Tax cuts to the rich and corporations at the expense of the middle class even though many of the latter are deluded.

        As for “spinning and lying”, I’m no authority on the subject. I leave that to the right-wing Republicans and have enough sense to defer to the experts in that regard.

  10. #15 by bremdog on November 28, 2011 - 3:01 am

    According to Walker, “it’s working.” Walker claims his policies are working and he says he’s continuing to work to create jobs… In October, 75% of states had lower or stable unemployme­nt claims – Wisconsin’s jobless rate got worse. In fact, it lost more jobs than any other state in the nation. it working again Scotty????­?

    • #16 by Angela on November 28, 2011 - 4:29 pm

      Its working. Just like everyone in wisconsin. Right? Haha our government is so not working it should be on unemployment! Unless we’ve gotten rid of that pointless spoon feeding money wasting program also. Wisconsin: every man for himself! Yeah, its working scott. I can think of a few more good ones. Lets stop funding foster parents, nursing homes, and early education. We could afford new boats for all our republican dictators AND the kochs then! Talk about a balanced budget!

  11. #17 by lou on November 28, 2011 - 3:15 am

    I am for Walker. He is doing what needs to be done. Wisconsin was in debt from the previous administration. He is putting us back on the right track. We can’t operate our homes in a deficit how can we operate our government that way? Our government hasn’t the money to keep funding everyones insurance and to have to pay alittle bit more money towards their own retirement? Heck I have been doing that forever! To have to really work and do a good job to keep it? Isn’t that the way it was always suppose to be? I don’t need someone to speak for me, I can speak for myself with my boss. Do a great job you get your pay raises but if you suck, Im sorry you don’t deserve the job. Life is not a free ride. Give Walker a chance like we have had to give Obama a chance.

    • #18 by leron on November 29, 2011 - 7:08 am

      we’re getting pretty sick of the level of self-delusion you folks swim in every day. That’s why people come up to me on the street in threes and fours when they see that recall petition. Please remember that the unions agreed to every fiscal concession walker suggested, but he wouldn’t accept, because it would have meant leaving collective bargaining intact. Walker never once said in the campaign he would move to bust public unions. Poll after poll shows that a big majority of us Badgers want him gone for this deceit. Oh, and apparently, you wouldn’t know a structural deficit from a credit card statement.

  12. #19 by Marie Zimmermann on November 28, 2011 - 3:05 pm

    Geeze already,
    Get a clue, Lou. No voice equals no more America. Yeah I work at the VA and I’m telling you the vets are behind the movement. Checkmate. This isn’t happening because teachers gave up benes. It happened because he ductaped ther mouths. All good?

  13. #20 by jim reynolds on November 28, 2011 - 7:45 pm

    Gee whiz, Lou. You sound like a real self-made man. I’d be interested in knowing whether or not you have paid vacation time, partial or total paid employer health insurance and pensions, safe working conditions, and overtime pay if you are hourly just to name a few of the benefits initiated by unions.

    Do you have young children eight or older who aren’t working in sweatshops eight to ten hours a day?

    Whether or not you are a union member, it is the unions along with the bruises, broken bones and bloodied noses of our grandparents who fought for those standards that people like you selfishly take for granted.

    Rather than carping about those you appear to insinuate and demean as free-loaders, spend some time putting some flowers on your ancestor’s graves.

    Anyone who is receiving those benefits should be the first ones to sign the recall.

  14. #21 by leron on November 29, 2011 - 7:12 am

    I have circulated petitions for decades, including at least 15 years in Wisconsin, and I have never seen a response like I am seeing to the recall. People get out of their cars at red lights to sign. Meanwhile Walker continues to dissemble about his accomplishments and objectives – he recently claimed most school districts in the state didn’t lose staff under his new budget, which was blatantly false.

    We are Wisconsin. We like our beer and brats plentiful, our pro football teams undefeated, and our politicians to deal off the top of the deck. Walker’s upcoming ouster will hopefully be a high water mark for the post-Obama-election madness that Walker and his ilk have exploited shamelessly.

  15. #22 by SueZQ65 on December 4, 2011 - 5:35 pm

    Oh, BTW, no matter how you spin it and lie about it, IT’S STILL WORKING!!!

    Not sure why you want to go back to a $3.6 billion deficit and an unbalanced budget. The reason why so many jobs were lost is due to the union’s greed. But whatever…I’m happy we finally have a Governor with the BALLS to do the right thing and get this state moving FORWARD. Just because the Dems want to move it back to bad times, doesn’t mean it will happen.

    The silent-no-more majority will vote for Walker again. After all, he’s doing exactly what we wanted him to do when we voted for him the first time. It’ll be our pleasure to color in that Walker circle on the ballot again – if it makes it to an election. Just because you get the signatures, doesn’t guarantee you’ll get enough votes. 😉

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