Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Justified In Killing Michael Brown, The Grand Jury Expected Ruling

A Grand Jury deliberating in Clayton will release its decision that Ferguson Police Officer Wilson was justified when he fatally shot Michael Brown.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 22, 2014

Clayton, Missouri – A Grand Jury deliberating in the Michael Brown, 18, death by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson is believed to have reached a decision that Wilson was justified in killing Brown in self-defense, according to sources circulating on social networks. Wilson’s exoneration for Brown’s fatal shooting is expected to be announced at any time.
A state of emergency has been declared by the Missouri governor in anticipation with the Grand Jury decision not to criminally charge Wilson with Brown’s homicide.
The Brown family is seeking justice and has been waiting since last August for the Grand Jury’s final decision whether to proceed with legal action against Wilson.

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Nearly 5M Undocumented Immigrants Can Now Legally Register To Temperarily Stay In The U.S.

President Obama confirmed, “If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes — you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation.”

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 20, 2014

Washington, D.C. – On Thursday, President Barack H. Obama announced his executive order to allow about 5 million of undocumented parents to temporarily stay in U.S. legally of 13 million undocumented immigrants in the country. Those undocumented parents who have U.S. born children or children with legal residence status can temperarily stay in the country without fear of deportation. They must register, pass a criminal background and pay their fair share of taxes. Learning English was not a requirement for Obama’s temperary stay executive order.
Obama who gained a reputation for becoming the “Deporter in Chief” has deported the most undocumented immigrants than any former U.S. President. He warned other undocumented immigrants planning to cross illegally into the U.S. that they will easily be deported and anyone not legally in the country with criminal backgrounds would be placed on a priority list to be deported.
His executive order will also allow “high-skilled immigrants, graduates, and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy.”
Here’s the complete Obama speech and executive order breakdown for nearly 5 million undocumented parents and immigrants illegally residing in the U.S.

Video: President Barack H. Obama’s executive order announcement: http://youtu.be/6Q_Xk66gsRU

THE PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, tonight, I’d like to talk with you about immigration.

For more than 200 years, our tradition of welcoming immigrants from around the world has given us a tremendous advantage over other nations. It’s kept us youthful, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. It has shaped our character as a people with limitless possibilities –- people not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose.

But today, our immigration system is broken — and everybody knows it.

Families who enter our country the right way and play by the rules watch others flout the rules. Business owners who offer their workers good wages and benefits see the competition exploit undocumented immigrants by paying them far less. All of us take offense to anyone who reaps the rewards of living in America without taking on the responsibilities of living in America. And undocumented immigrants who desperately want to embrace those responsibilities see little option but to remain in the shadows, or risk their families being torn apart.

It’s been this way for decades. And for decades, we haven’t done much about it.

When I took office, I committed to fixing this broken immigration system. And I began by doing what I could to secure our borders. Today, we have more agents and technology deployed to secure our southern border than at any time in our history. And over the past six years, illegal border crossings have been cut by more than half. Although this summer, there was a brief spike in unaccompanied children being apprehended at our border, the number of such children is now actually lower than it’s been in nearly two years. Overall, the number of people trying to cross our border illegally is at its lowest level since the 1970s. Those are the facts.

Meanwhile, I worked with Congress on a comprehensive fix, and last year, 68 Democrats, Republicans, and independents came together to pass a bipartisan bill in the Senate. It wasn’t perfect. It was a compromise. But it reflected common sense. It would have doubled the number of border patrol agents while giving undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship if they paid a fine, started paying their taxes, and went to the back of the line. And independent experts said that it would help grow our economy and shrink our deficits.

Had the House of Representatives allowed that kind of bill a simple yes-or-no vote, it would have passed with support from both parties, and today it would be the law. But for a year and a half now, Republican leaders in the House have refused to allow that simple vote.

Now, I continue to believe that the best way to solve this problem is by working together to pass that kind of common sense law. But until that happens, there are actions I have the legal authority to take as President –- the same kinds of actions taken by Democratic and Republican presidents before me -– that will help make our immigration system more fair and more just.

Tonight, I am announcing those actions.

First, we’ll build on our progress at the border with additional resources for our law enforcement personnel so that they can stem the flow of illegal crossings, and speed the return of those who do cross over.

Second, I’ll make it easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates, and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy, as so many business leaders have proposed.

Third, we’ll take steps to deal responsibly with the millions of undocumented immigrants who already live in our country.

I want to say more about this third issue, because it generates the most passion and controversy. Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we’re also a nation of laws. Undocumented workers broke our immigration laws, and I believe that they must be held accountable -– especially those who may be dangerous. That’s why, over the past six years, deportations of criminals are up 80 percent. And that’s why we’re going to keep focusing enforcement resources on actual threats to our security. Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom who’s working hard to provide for her kids. We’ll prioritize, just like law enforcement does every day.

But even as we focus on deporting criminals, the fact is, millions of immigrants in every state, of every race and nationality still live here illegally. And let’s be honest -– tracking down, rounding up, and deporting millions of people isn’t realistic. Anyone who suggests otherwise isn’t being straight with you. It’s also not who we are as Americans. After all, most of these immigrants have been here a long time. They work hard, often in tough, low-paying jobs. They support their families. They worship at our churches. Many of their kids are American-born or spent most of their lives here, and their hopes, dreams, and patriotism are just like ours. As my predecessor, President Bush, once put it: “They are a part of American life.”

Now here’s the thing: We expect people who live in this country to play by the rules. We expect that those who cut the line will not be unfairly rewarded. So we’re going to offer the following deal: If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes — you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. That’s what this deal is.

Now, let’s be clear about what it isn’t. This deal does not apply to anyone who has come to this country recently. It does not apply to anyone who might come to America illegally in the future. It does not grant citizenship, or the right to stay here permanently, or offer the same benefits that citizens receive -– only Congress can do that. All we’re saying is we’re not going to deport you.

I know some of the critics of this action call it amnesty. Well, it’s not. Amnesty is the immigration system we have today -– millions of people who live here without paying their taxes or playing by the rules while politicians use the issue to scare people and whip up votes at election time.

That’s the real amnesty –- leaving this broken system the way it is. Mass amnesty would be unfair. Mass deportation would be both impossible and contrary to our character. What I’m describing is accountability –- a common-sense, middle-ground approach: If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. If you’re a criminal, you’ll be deported. If you plan to enter the U.S. illegally, your chances of getting caught and sent back just went up.

The actions I’m taking are not only lawful, they’re the kinds of actions taken by every single Republican President and every single Democratic President for the past half century. And to those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill.

I want to work with both parties to pass a more permanent legislative solution. And the day I sign that bill into law, the actions I take will no longer be necessary. Meanwhile, don’t let a disagreement over a single issue be a dealbreaker on every issue. That’s not how our democracy works, and Congress certainly shouldn’t shut down our government again just because we disagree on this. Americans are tired of gridlock. What our country needs from us right now is a common purpose –- a higher purpose.

Most Americans support the types of reforms I’ve talked about tonight. But I understand the disagreements held by many of you at home. Millions of us, myself included, go back generations in this country, with ancestors who put in the painstaking work to become citizens. So we don’t like the notion that anyone might get a free pass to American citizenship.

I know some worry immigration will change the very fabric of who we are, or take our jobs, or stick it to middle-class families at a time when they already feel like they’ve gotten the raw deal for over a decade. I hear these concerns. But that’s not what these steps would do. Our history and the facts show that immigrants are a net plus for our economy and our society. And I believe it’s important that all of us have this debate without impugning each other’s character.

Because for all the back and forth of Washington, we have to remember that this debate is about something bigger. It’s about who we are as a country, and who we want to be for future generations.

Are we a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law? Or are we a nation that gives them a chance to make amends, take responsibility, and give their kids a better future?

Are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents’ arms? Or are we a nation that values families, and works together to keep them together?

Are we a nation that educates the world’s best and brightest in our universities, only to send them home to create businesses in countries that compete against us? Or are we a nation that encourages them to stay and create jobs here, create businesses here, create industries right here in America?

That’s what this debate is all about. We need more than politics as usual when it comes to immigration. We need reasoned, thoughtful, compassionate debate that focuses on our hopes, not our fears. I know the politics of this issue are tough. But let me tell you why I have come to feel so strongly about it.

Over the past few years, I have seen the determination of immigrant fathers who worked two or three jobs without taking a dime from the government, and at risk any moment of losing it all, just to build a better life for their kids. I’ve seen the heartbreak and anxiety of children whose mothers might be taken away from them just because they didn’t have the right papers. I’ve seen the courage of students who, except for the circumstances of their birth, are as American as Malia or Sasha; students who bravely come out as undocumented in hopes they could make a difference in the country they love.

These people –- our neighbors, our classmates, our friends –- they did not come here in search of a free ride or an easy life. They came to work, and study, and serve in our military, and above all, contribute to America’s success.

Tomorrow, I’ll travel to Las Vegas and meet with some of these students, including a young woman named Astrid Silva. Astrid was brought to America when she was four years old. Her only possessions were a cross, her doll, and the frilly dress she had on. When she started school, she didn’t speak any English. She caught up to other kids by reading newspapers and watching PBS, and she became a good student. Her father worked in landscaping. Her mom cleaned other people’s homes. They wouldn’t let Astrid apply to a technology magnet school, not because they didn’t love her, but because they were afraid the paperwork would out her as an undocumented immigrant –- so she applied behind their back and got in. Still, she mostly lived in the shadows –- until her grandmother, who visited every year from Mexico, passed away, and she couldn’t travel to the funeral without risk of being found out and deported. It was around that time she decided to begin advocating for herself and others like her, and today, Astrid Silva is a college student working on her third degree.

Are we a nation that kicks out a striving, hopeful immigrant like Astrid, or are we a nation that finds a way to welcome her in? Scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger –- we were strangers once, too.

My fellow Americans, we are and always will be a nation of immigrants. We were strangers once, too. And whether our forebears were strangers who crossed the Atlantic, or the Pacific, or the Rio Grande, we are here only because this country welcomed them in, and taught them that to be an American is about something more than what we look like, or what our last names are, or how we worship. What makes us Americans is our shared commitment to an ideal -– that all of us are created equal, and all of us have the chance to make of our lives what we will.

That’s the country our parents and grandparents and generations before them built for us. That’s the tradition we must uphold. That’s the legacy we must leave for those who are yet to come.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless this country we love.


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Taylor Lianne Chandler Has Been A Female All Her Life And Not A Man As Reported By Tabloid

Chandler says, tabloid and other media reports that she was raised as a male are false.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 20, 2014

Washington, D.C. – Taylor Lianne Chandler, 41, who admitted being with Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps, 29, on September 30, the night that he was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) has changed her life and posted on her Facebook (FB) account that reports published by a tabloid, magazines and other media sources indicating that she previously lived as a male are false. On Wednesday, Chandler wrote on her FB page, “Two steps forward and 100 steps backwards. That is what life feels like to me right now. In a world of educated people that had all the facts of intersex and what it means and then to sell a magazine say Michael Phelps is dating a MAN. I have cried now for an hour, thrown up anything in my system till I dry heaved. I just can’t believe this is happening in 2014!”
Previously Chandler had posted, “Many of you have wondered why I was so freaked out about my relationship with Michael Phelps being exposed. Most of you were very complimentary to me how I was described in some of the first articles. A lot of you had problems with the photos of me that came out. Here is the truth.
“I knew that if him and I were photographed or seen together the media would want to know who I am. That is why I kept it so guarded. To him I said it was because I grew up with a famous father. The truth is I have been living with secrets my whole life.
“I was born intersex and named David Roy Fitch at birth. By the time I could walk and talk I made it clear I was a girl and dressed as one. In my early teens I was medically diagnosed and went on testosterone blockers, at 15 estrogen enhancers. My birth certificate was modified along with my name while I was a teenager, prior to any corrective surgery. I originally changed my name to Paige Victoria Whitney. At 16, I legally emancipated from my family. I had already left home at 15. At 18, I got in trouble twice, once for a bad check and then a DUI. At 19, I thought it would be smart to blackmail someone into giving me the money for my surgery. As soon as I received the money, I was arrested and charged with extortion. I spent 30 days in jail because I was too ashamed to tell my family what happened thinking no one knew. Even though my birth certificate and drivers license said female, they put me in a cell with 3 men and I was raped. I sued the state of Maine and got them to provide training for staff to deal with people on different spectrums of gender. They even created new facilities for housing someone with special needs. I plead and got probation for two years. I went on the talk show and tabloid TV circuit pleading my case for gender rights. After a brutal rape and a horrible trial in 1993, I went away to get my surgery and changed my name to Taylor Lianne Whitney to escape back into anonymity and have a normal life.
“For the last 20 plus years that is exactly what I have done. The problem is I have made friends that I never told and dated and married people that knew nothing of my past. If you don’t understand what intersex is, Google it. I was never a man, never lived as a man. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man. There are people that remember me as an androgynous child at times because of what was forced upon me. I have dated many celebrities before, none of which knew my past. Michael Phelps and I met on Tinder and clicked. Spending time with him was like a teenage love affair. I have never felt so comfortable and accepted in every way as I did with him. I didn’t tell him about my past until threat of the media exposing me forced me too. Yes, I was with Michael the night of the DUI, the story of the Uber and crying and me wanting to stay with him that night are true. A lot of the other things printed are lies. I am probably going to lose him because he is a brand that his team wants to protect and things since he went to rehab came to my attention that didn’t put him or our relationship in the best light. He is the first man I ever had intimacy with and felt comfortable and all woman. When he went to rehab I had to go through all this scrutiny and tabloid mess by myself.
“His team at Octagon abandoned me, whether he knows that or not, I do not know. Other then telling people I couldn’t have kids I never felt obligated to disclose any part of my past. The only reason this is news is because I was with Michael Phelps. I am Taylor Lianne Chandler; I have always been a female regardless of labels and personal opinions. I am not a transsexual and I have never identified with the moniker transgender, but intersex is certainly on the spectrum of gender along with them. I am telling my story to take the power away from the media and tabloids that want to hurt Michael and I. I will probably lose him, which hurts like hell. I might lose some of you as friends and I will have to accept that. To the men in my past, what you saw, whom you loved, is who I am regardless of labels that the media tries to throw on my back. I am sorry for not trusting and loving you enough to tell you upfront myself at the time.”
On Wednesday, Phelps completed rehab and is back home, according to Chandler. She is a former model and stunt woman. Chandler survived a fatal accident and beat all the odds to recover and walk and talk again. She was nominated for the Energizer Battery Keep Going Hal of Fame in 2006 and made it to the top 10 finalist, according to her FB page.
Since she was exposed to media scrutiny, she has gained a new life style and enhanced her professional career with TLC Interpreting & Consulting hopefully with the rich and famous as she deserves it for all the lies printed to discredit her just for tabloids and magazines to generate buck$. Shame on the tabloids and magazines for publishing lies!

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Jealous Rage By Plutarco Antonio Ruiz Led To Homicides Of Miss Honduras Mundo 2014 And Sister

Honduran authorities were led by a suspect to a clandestine grave near a river where they found the bodies of missing Miss Honduras Mundo 2014 and her sister.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 19, 2014

Santa Bárbara, Honduras – On Wednesday, the bodies of both María José Alvarado, Miss Honduras Mundo 2014 and her sister, Sofia Trinidad Alvarado, 23, were found buried in a shallow grave near the Aguagua River located by a mountain in the municipality of Arada in Santa Bárbara, according to Leandro Osorio, spokesperson for the Honduras National Criminal Investigation Agency. Osorio says, that Plutarco Antonio Ruiz, 28, Trinidad’s boyfriend has confessed to killing her over a jealousy rage after he saw her dancing with another man at his birthday party. They got into a heated argument and Ruiz took out a gun and fatally shot Trinidad. Ruiz then turned the gun on Alvarado as she tried to flee. Alvarado, Miss Honduras World 2014 was shot twice in the back.
The preliminary investigation indicated that Ruiz and an accomplice had took the bodies of both sisters in a white Toyota to an isolated the river front where they were buried. The murder weapon has been recovered and a vehicle has been seized for evidence by authorities. The white Toyota was taken to a paint and repair shop by Ruiz to clean up any evidence of blood, according to authorities.
Another accomplice, Aris Valentin Maldonado has been detained. Ruiz was taken into custody on Tuesday. Both suspects are facing homicide charges.

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McPherson And Tanner Wanted In Thailand For Stealing Body Parts From Government Medical Museums

Several American Bumfight producers were tied to missing body parts from two Bangkok hospitals with government medical museums by video surveillance camera recordings, Thai police say.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 19, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand – Ryan Edward McPherson, 31, aka, “Ryen McPherson” and Daniel Jamon Tanner, 33, both Americans are wanted in Thailand for theft of body parts from two Siriraj Hospital museums and making false statements to Royal Thai Police investigators. On Saturday, authorities in Thailand found body parts in three boxes destined to the U.S.
DHL workers in the Pathum Thani province noticed the body parts when the packages were scanned and notified police. Police found a child’s skull and severed foot sliced in three pieces in one box and on a second box they recovered a man’s heart and multiple pieces of skin with tattoos.
McPherson and Tanner were detained and then questioned by the Royal Thai Police (TRP), but were later released. They told police that the body parts were bought for $100 each at a street flea market, but couldn’t remember where. They wanted to surprise some friends in Las Vegas, Nevada, so they attempted to mail the packages to the U.S., police say.
After being released from questioning, they fled to Cambodia. Thai police has informed the U.S. Embassy that they are seeking extradition for both suspects.
The TRP is seeking for INTERPOL to send out a wanted alert in an attempt to locate McPherson and Tanner in Cambodia. The TRP will also seek the help of the FBI in the U.S. to get more information about the suspects.
Police learned that the body parts were stolen by McPherson and Tanner after reviewing video surveillance recording dated November 13 from two Bangkok hospitals with government museums showing both suspects at the museums. They were both registered at the museums as visitors on the same day that they arrived in Bangkok, according to police.
On Tuesday, police issued warrants for the two suspects. McPherson and Tanner are facing up to 7 years each in prison, if convicted and up to $500,00 Thai baht ($15,120 U.S.) in fines.
McPherson and Tanner produced the controversial Bumfights in the U.S.

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María José Alvarado, Miss Honduran World 2014 Reported Missing Along With Sister

Alvarado and sister last seen getting into a vehicle with three men.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 18, 2014

Santa Bárbara, Honduras – María José Alvarado, 19, Miss Honduras World 2014 disappeared Thursday along with her sister, Sofia Trinidad Alvarado. At least 10 people questioned in missing case, including Trinidad’s boyfriend. She was reported missing on Saturday.
Both Alvarado and Trinidad went to a birthday gathering in Santa Bárbara for Trinidad’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz. They were seen getting into a vehicle with three men.
Alvarado was replaced on Wednesday in the European pageant of Miss World scheduled for December. She was going to London for the pageant on Wednesday.
A special task force has been assigned to locate Alvarado and Trinidad, according to Honduran authorities.

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Navy Vet Fired From Drury Plaza Hotel For Exposing DHS Vehicles Parked In Garage

One hundred DHS Federal Protective Service Police vehicles were parked at the Drury Plaza Chesterfield Hotel in anticipation of the grand jury exoneration of Ferguson Police Officer Wilson who killed unarmed Michael Brown and the KKK threat to use lethal force against protesters seeking justice for the victim.

By H. Nelson Goodson
November 17, 2014

Chesterfield, Missouri – On Sunday, Mark Paffrath, 28, a navy Veteran created a Gofundme account to raise funds for a lawyer after he was fired on Saturday from the Drury Plaza Hotel in Chesterfield for posting several photos and a video on Thursday in his Facebook page of U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Protective Service Police vehicles parked at the hotel garage. On Friday, he was told by Jeff Baker, the General Manager for the Drury Plaza Hotel to remove the photos and posting, which Paffrath complied. Then on Saturday, Paffrath was fired for almost costing the Drury Hotels Company, LLC (DHC) to lose a $150,000 DHS contract with the company. Paffrath posted that Jim Bohnert, the director of security for DHC told him that he was terminated for almost costing the company a contract with DHS.
Paffrath posted on his FB, “Why are all the cops cars here…I wonder if it has to do anything with Ferguson” and added hash tags # Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace.
At least 100 DHS vehicles were parked at the Drury Plaza Hotel garage, according to the Argus News Now dot com (ANN). It also reported that Bohnert was a former U.S. Secret Service employee and a police officer. Bohnert called Paffrath a “terrorist,” according to ANN.
On Monday, Missouri Governor Jay Dixon (D) declared a state of emergency in anticipation of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s exoneration for Michael Brown’s murder.
The local Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in Missouri have distributed and circulated fliers vowing to use lethal force against any violent protester breaking the law after the grand jury discloses their decision whether to charge or exonerate Wilson for killing Brown, 18, on August 9.
The KKK Twitter account was hacked by Anonymous and exposed the identity of members from the KKK. The Liberaland posted the identities of the Klan members. ( KKK identified link at:
http://ow.ly/EpLfA )

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